Mujjo Full Grain Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case Review

Monday, March 30, 2020

Those looking long and hard for an iPhone 11 Pro leather case with a "wow" factor should look to the slate green full grain leather by Mujjo - the luxury leather accessories manufacturer.
measures 142mm long, 67mm wide, 6mm thick
The Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro full leather case looks stylish, feels great in the hand and, it provides all-round protection for the back and sides of the phone, including the front of the phone, thanks to an over the top protective lip/bezel that rises 1mm above the edge of the phone screen.
weighs 25 grams
The small sleeve pocket on the front is designed to hold up to three bank credit/debit cards or anything that has the same dimensions as a credit card. While the card holder pocket can fit two credit cards, the pocket is still snug enough to store just one credit card without it falling out.
Most phone protective cases don't integrate a bank card pocket, which is an extremely convenient feature to have since most purchases,these days, are done via a debit card without the need to reach to the wallet for cash. The downside though, bank cards do make the Mujjo leather case slightly thicker so, wireless charging performance is slightly affected.

Fits the new 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro
Bank cards don't actually impede wireless charging transfer to an iPhone 11 Pro phone, nor does the full leather and microfiber fabric the Mujjo case is made from. That said, it's worth noting Apple's disclaimer, which says some bank cards and security passes with RFID chips may become damaged when placed between an iPhone and a wireless charger.
The Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro slate green case is made of premium full-grain leather, which is real leather hide that has not been altered or sanded down like other various types of leather such as top grain leather, which is sanded down to conceal imperfections. By sanding down the grain of the leather, it is no longer as strong as full grain leather, which is natural cow hide leather.
In terns of quality, full grain leather comes first, followed by top grain leather and genuine leather, which can be made of cowhide or other animal’s hide, including pig, horse and goat. Genuine leather is often adulterated with chemicals, sanding and embossing.
Full grain leather items are exclusively made of unadulterated cowhide, which is the best quality form of leather you can get. The Mujjo full leather case is vegetable tanned, using natural materials (no chemicals).
The Mujjo case is half covered in full leather, including the top, sides and buttons. The other half (underside) of the Mujjo full leather case is lined with microfiber cloth that has a soft finish.
The square-looking cut out, which measures 30mm high by 29mm wide, is designed to accommodate the iPhone 11 Pro triple‑camera system enclosure, which consists of a 12MP ultra wide camera with 13mm focal length, ƒ/2.4 aperture and 120-degree field of view; a 12MP wide camera with 26mm focal length, ƒ/1.8 aperture and; a telephoto camera with 52mm focal length and f/2.0 aperture. Buy the Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro full leather case via Amazon

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