PuroGamer Review Volume Limited Headphones With Boom Mic

Monday, March 16, 2020

Eighty-five decibels is considered the maximum sound level you can expose the ear drums safely without damaging the hearing.
The easiest way to damage the ear drums is, probably, listening to music at max volume while wearing headphones. This is, especially, a concern for any parent with young children who spend a lot of time on a tablet, consuming media.
Regardless of age though, listening to music and playing video games with the volume turned all the way up is not the healthiest thing to do for the longevity of the hearing. So, before running into issues, it is not a bad idea protecting the ears with a pair of volume limiting headphones such as the PuroGamer.
Volume limiting in headphones is a very simple technology. In a nutshell, a resistor(s) is added to the headphone circuitry to limit the volume output. While the idea is simple, its implementation can sometimes degrade the sound quality by making the headset too quiet. The volume limiting implementation on the PuroGamer headset works well though, delivering a reasonably good sound while limiting the volume sound level to 85 decibels (dB).
The design of the PuroGamer earpads is circular with a 5.5cm inner diameter and 9.5cm outer diameter, which should be large enough to fully envelop most ears comfortably. The earpad foam padding is 2cm thick, which provides good cushioning and isolation.
The earcup inner depth measures 1.5cm high, which means the ears will be very close to the speaker drivers. From a sound perspective, a shallow inner cup brings the sound closer to the ears, which is nice although, it can be an issue for those with large, protruding ears, which may rub against the drivers, particularly since there is only a thin layer of fabric covering the speaker drivers.
Puro etched on top of the headband
The PuroGamer headband measures 4cm wide and 2cm thick and, it has a very sturdy construction, which is much more sturdy than ordinary headphones headbands. It is thickly padded with hard closed cell foam. Both the headband and earcups are covered with protein leather (a.k.a. artificial leather).
Being made of hard closed cell foam, the headband padding is not as squishy as the foam padding in the earcups, which is soft and bouncy. While there is some springiness to the headband, because of its hardness it doesn't particularly feel as comfortable to wear for marathon gaming sessions. The clamping force of the headset is also reasonably tight too.
It does help though, that the PuroGamer headset weighs just 346 grams, making it lightweight enough to minimize any possible hot spot on the center of the top of the head and around the jaw line and ears. While hard headbands won't be everyone's cup of tea, the likely end-user of the PuroGamer headset will be a young person. Parents looking for ways to deter long-listening/playing sessions may find the hard headband of the PuroGamer headset an attractive feature.
The anodized metal swivel mechanism on the sides of the PuroGamer ear-cups insert all the way inside the headband, reinforcing its inner frame. The swivel mechanism tilts up and down but only slightly, creating a firmer fit.
The PuroGamer headset cable measures 140 cm long and, it's mostly made with a braided sleeve, while the y-split lower section of the cable has rubber sleeves.
There are thick strain reliefs at the joints between the headphone earcup and inline remote, which should help minimize premature wear and tear.
The plastic inline remote is located 42cm up the headphone cable, which is built-in to the left earcup. Depending on the height of your torso, the inline remote will dangle above or beneath the navel. There is no clip on the back of the remote so, you cannot clip it to a shirt.
The inline remote measures 7cm, 3cm wide and 1cm thick and, it has a high gloss finish on both sides with two grooved switches on one side and a small volume knob dial on the other side. The front panel of the inline remote has a status blue led and white markings for the microphone and volume.
The included boom microphone has a standard 3.5mm connector that attaches to the bottom of the left earcup. The boom microphone has a twist-lock mechanism so, you twist it clockwise to close and twist it counter-clockwise to unlock.
The PuroGamer boom microphone measures 12cm long and weighs 9 grams so, it doesn't add any sizable weight to the headset. There is no foam cover on the boom microphone but, the omnidirectional microphone has noise cancellation, which minimizes background noise so, you can be heard clearly.
The circular front panels on the earcups are made of textured plastic with circular grooves, similar to the grooves on a vinyl record. The circular front panels also integrate a circular blue led light on the outer edge. The microphone also has a blue led on its tip.
The split-end cable of the PuroGamer headset integrates two different types of connectors, one of which is a USB-A connector, which also transmits power to light up the led of the headset.
The second connector is a 3.5mm straight plug connector that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone port of a Windows computer, Mac computer or any other machine that uses a USB or 3.5 mm connection such as the Nintendo Switch. As far as mobile gaming, the PuroGamer headset won't work with a smartphone though.
The PuroGamer headset is plug and play, meaning there is no software drivers needed to be installed and, the PuroGamer headset only requires one connection in order to function. The headset will not work if you insert both the 3.5mm connector and USB-A connector at the same time.
The PuroGamer earcups house 50mm graphene speaker drivers with 32 ohm (low impedance), which deliver rich sound with multi-directional audio via 7.1 virtual surround sound. The volume limiting feature levels out the audio but does it without affecting the full range so, the treble, mid-range and bass can come through.
Along with the detachable boom microphone accessory, the PuroGamer headset by Puro Sound Labs comes with a silky soft drawstring pouch to store the headphones. Buy it on Amazon. Check out the review of the PuroQuiets headphones

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