EOZ Icon Review True Wireless Earbuds with Stem Mic

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Inspired by the boom microphone headset design, the EOZ Icon are an iconic-looking pair of true wireless earbuds with stem design that integrates a microphone at the end of the vertical stem, which sits snugly against the side of the ear.
The EOZ Icon earbuds stem is slimline and fairly long, measuring 26mm long and 5mm thick. The end tips of the stems have chrome accents surrounding the microphone housing, which is covered with a mesh.
Being dual microphones, there is a microphone on each stem, which provide decent call quality and noise cancelling amplification to drown out enough background noise to be heard clearly in an environment with moderate noise.
The body of the EOZ Icon earbuds is round and tall, housing a 6mm graphene-coated speaker driver and a 35mAh rechargeable battery. The mid-section of the body is rubberized, providing IPX6 water resistance, as well as a substantial grippy surface against the side of the ear, helping the earbuds stay in the ears fairly well.
While the body of the Icon earbud is tall, the nozzle neck is short, making the EOZ Icon earbuds not stick out of the ears as much. The nozzle neck section has a smooth matte finish that doesn't create any discomfort inside the ear canal. The mesh on the nozzle tips is made of aluminium metal
The front side of the EOZ Icon earbuds features a reflective chrome panel with circular inner grooves modeled after a vinyl record. The front panels are only for styling as they do not contain the touch control functionality, which is located just above the small status led indicator on the stem.
The touch functionality of the EOZ Icon earbuds requires meaningful taps with a bare finger to operate. This is the opposite to other earbuds with touch controls that only require slight touches to operate and can be used with gloves, unlike the Icon touch controls which cannot be operated with gloves.
While the EOZ Icon touch controls require fairly forceful taps, the tapping pressure is minimized, thanks to the location of the touch control area, which sits within the small notch of the ear. You can control the skipping of tracks, play/pause and calls (answer/reject), although there is no volume support.
As far as sound, the EOZ Icon provide decent volume output and good bass response, thanks to the tall body of the earbuds and the silicone ear tips, which have a smaller openings than standard ear tips, which help contain the deep bass.
As standard, the EOZ Icon earbuds come with a companion charging case with a USB-C charging port located on the side, rather than on the back side like most charging cases. The EOZ Icon charging case has a rectangular shape with a flat base, which has tiny, plastic "bump feet" on each corner.
The EOZ Icon charging case feels nice when grabbing on to it, thanks to its all-round smooth matte finish, which does have a slippery quality to it.
The EOZ Icon charging case also integrates a battery indicator but, instead of tiny led lights, the battery indicator consists of a small LCD-like digital panel that displays single white dots, which flash as the battery level decreases.
The EOZ Icon lid is magnetized and snaps shut in a very reassuring way. The Icon charging case lid also has functionality built-in to it, which will power on and power off the earbuds when the earbuds are removed and put back in the charging case. The total weight of the charging case (including the earbuds) is 64 grams. Each earbud weighs 4.5 grams.
The EOZ Icon earbuds integrate a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that supports up to 10 meters of wireless range with standard A2DP bluetooth codec; hence no SBC, aptX or AAC support. The wireless is strong and stable though, without any skipping.
The earbuds batteries have small capacity so, they can only power the Icon earbuds for up to 5 hours on 50% volume and around 3.5 hours on 95% volume. The Icon charging case internal 800mAh battery provides a further 20 hours of extra charge so, you can potentially charge the earbuds four times over.
The Icon charging case takes 4.5 hours to fully charge, while the Icon earbuds take 50 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. Depending on the device you use to connect to the Icon earbuds, you maybe able to see a battery level indicator after pairing.
The underneath of the charging case lid has a preformed earbud shape design that matches the bottom, allowing the earbuds to be fully self-contained within the charging pod. Removing the earbuds out of the charging case can be a bit tricky with sweaty/chunky fingers.
Along with the EOZ Icon earbuds, there are also included different size eartips, user guide and a 22cm long charging cable with a USB-C connector on one end and a USB-A connector on the other end.

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