Homitt Scrubber Review Spinning Power Brush

Monday, April 27, 2020

Cleaning the bathtub/shower/tile can be challenging, especially if you have neck or back problems. If you no longer want to bend over to clean the tub you should look into getting a spin scrubber like the Homitt power brush.
The Homitt power brush isn't just convenient, it also eliminates the need to bend forward and straining the neck to clean the shower.
The Homitt electric spin scrubber not only makes cleaning easier but also quicker because you can stand straight and let the power brush do all the work.
There are three main parts to the Homitt electric spin scrubber: a top section, a middle (extension) section and a bottom section. The top section (brush head assembly) houses the motor, as well as the motor shaft for attaching the brush attachments.
The middle section consists of a telescopic pipe similar to the telescopic handle pipe of a vacuum cleaner.
The bottom section of the Homitt scrubber houses the main electronics, including the power button, battery and charging port, which is located inside a concealed compartment at the base of the handle.
The battery consists of two non-replaceable, LG-branded lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that provide 7.4 voltage and 4300mAh total battery capacity (2150mAh each)
The concealed charging compartment is sealed from the outside via a thick rubber pop-up cap. The charging port consists of a small figure 8 female socket. Next to it, there is a small led that lights red (when charging) and green when the scrubber is in operation.
The Homitt electric spin scrubber has a modular design with an electric plug configuration for connecting the sections so, power can run from the bottom section, all the way to the top section where the motor shaft is located.
When assembling the Homitt power brush, the middle section extension is not required in order for the unit to work. The extension comes handy though, for extending the length of the Homitt electric spin scrubber to reach high up places and/or scrubbing the floor without bending your back.
Without the extension attachment, the Homitt electric spin scrubber measures 63cm (2ft) long. With the middle section attached, the length of the unit increases to 100cm (3ft 3 inches) long.
Since the middle section is also telescopic, it can further extend the Homitt scrubber to a total length of 114cm (3ft 9 inches) long.
The total length of the Homitt scrubber is sufficient for both short and tall people. Even someone very tall (6ft 5 inches) will have no problems using the Homitt electric spin scrubber without having to bend their back.
If you need a shorter length, you simply unclip the extension, by pressing the spring loaded button, and simply pull apart.
The brush attachments have a hard plastic frame with a clip-on retainer design so, they clip into the hard plastic shaft of the motor.
Unclipping the brush from the motor shaft does require a bit of force and since the clip-on retainer is made of plastic, it is more liable to breaking.
The brush head section can also be adjusted down via a spring loaded button to slant the head, proving a 45 degree angle inclination.
The bottom handle section has an ergonomic design with curved grooves to accommodate fingers comfortably.
The wall power adapter that is included has a figure 8 connector attached to a long 1.7 meter long cable. The power adapter outputs 9V/0.65A, which is enough to fully recharge the unit within 4 hours. Full charge provides a working time of 1 hour 30 minutes.
Regarding performance, the Homitt electric spin scrubber works similarly to a power drill, as in, it rotates to generate scrubbing power. The motor doesn't generate high speed velocity so, the motor doesn't spin as fast as a drill; hence it doesn't generate a lot of noise (~75dB of noise).
The Homitt motor is capable of 290 rotation per minute and the motor generates a lot of torque, which helps the brush attachment rotate while you are pressing the brush against a surface.
Some electric spin scrubbers aren't able to generate enough torque so, when you press down the motor literary stops, which defeats the purpose of a power brush.
The brush attachments bundled with the Homitt scrubber include an extra wide flat brush (94 grams), wide dome brush (75 grams), small flat brush (50 grams) and small corner brush (56 grams).
The Homitt brushes are fairly lightweight so, they don't add extra weight to the unit, which weighs 930 grams.
The Homitt power brush is especially good for porcelain kitchen tiles which do not clean properly with a mop. While the Homitt power brush works well for fairly stubborn stains, really stubborn stains may need soakings with a cleaner before power brushing.
You can buy the Homitt electric spin scrubber on Amazon. It comes with a 12-month warranty, a 60-day money back guarantee and, it meets safety certification from the British Standard Institution (BSI), PSE certification, Japan PSE certification and North America /Canada ETL certification.

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