Aukey T10 Review Key Series Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A feature you don't typically get with true wireless earbuds is a charging case that supports Qi wireless charging, which is really convenient if you don't like cables getting in the way while charging!
The Aukey T10 charging case supports Qi wireless charging and, it doesn't have the traditional slippery glossy plastic finish most charging cases come with. Instead, the Aukey T10 charging case has a soft rubbery finish and comes with a nifty carousel lid opening system.
The T10 charging case has a carousel lid mechanism that requires rotating an inner lid until the earbuds are exposed. The carousel mechanism works well, although it's not as quick as the lid hinge mechanism that lets you flip open the case and snap it shut with one hand.
The opening on the charging case is large enough to slide your thumb and index finger and take out the earbuds. Provided that your fingers aren't too chunky, taking the earbuds out of the charging case is straight forward and, it's aided by the rubber earwings around the earbuds. The earbuds have an IPx5 water resistance, which is okay for light sweat/rain. If you do sweat a lot or like to run in the rain with earbuds, you should look into the Aukey EP-B60 earbuds which have an IPx6 water resistance rating.
The half rotating part of the charging case lid is rubberized, while the outer part of the lid has a smooth, subtle rubbery hard plastic finish. The Aukey T10 charging case, by itself, weighs 52 grams and has a 7cm diameter with a 3cm height. The charging case is bulky but, it has a smooth rounded shape that makes it easy to slip in and out of a pocket.
The USB-C charging port is located on the rear of the charging case, while the battery led indicators are located on opposite front side. The base of the charging case has a smooth finish without any rubber feet or anti-skid material since the base of the charging case integrates the Qi wireless charging coil.
The Aukey T10 earbuds have a hard plastic construction with a subtle rubber coating finish on top that does not easily mark, which is a plus if you dislike fingerprint smudges. The front panel and perimeter of the T10 earbuds is beveled and features a chrome ring indent with the Aukey logo chrome etching in the centre.
The Aukey T10 rubber earwings are removable and do a superb job of locking the earbuds securely in the ears despite their weight (6 grams each). The T10 earbuds are on the bulky side so, they do stick out of the ears noticeably.
The front panels have very responsive touch sensitivity that only requires light touches and long presses to control the audio playback, including volume (up/down), play/pause and skipping of tracks (previous/next).
You can also accept calls by tapping once on the earbuds during an incoming call. The Aukey T10 earbuds integrate a bluetooth 5.0 chip with strong, stable wireless range and AAC and SBC codec support. There is no aptX support, which for android devices means less audio lag when streaming content or mobile games.
If you have an iOS device, AAC makes the streaming and listening experience better but not for Android, even though AAC is supported by Android. If you stream via AAC on an Android device, you will experience a lot of lag and poor battery life.
The Aukey T10 earbuds, at least, support SBC, which is better than standard bluetooth and not too far off from aptX in terns of sound quality. If aptX hi-res audio is a must and don't mind cables, you should look to the Aukey EP-B80 wireless earbuds. These earbuds support both aptX and aptX LL (low latency), which really makes a noticeable difference when playing games like Overwatch.
Speaking of sound, the 6mm graphene drivers inside the Aukey T10 earbuds are good sounding and sensitive with a max volume output of 88dB, which does not distort at max volume. The bass response is sharp without overpowering the treble and midrange, which is also very prominent. If you like your earbuds really loud though, you will find this in the Key Series B33 neckband version.
There is no activate noise cancellation but, the Aukey T10 earbuds use omnidirectional MEMS type microphones, one in each earpiece. While sound is picked up from all directions, MEMS microphones perform better than regular electret omnidirectional microphones because of the noise reduction filtering, which does a good at minimizing sound in the background during a call.

As far as battery performance, the Aukey T10 charging case 400mAh battery takes 3 hours to fully charge via wired connection and 5 hours via a Qi wireless charger (not included). There is no fast charging support and the Aukey T10 charging case only supports 5W wireless chargers. Once fully charged, the charging case can provide up to 17 hours of additional power to recharge both earbuds 2 times over. The earbuds can provide up to 6 hours playtime (3 hours each) on 60% volume.
Bluetooth pairing is seamless, requiring only to pair one earbud. The earbuds also automatically power on after taking them out of the charging case, making the process even more convenient. There is no manual power off or power on function from the earbuds so, the earbuds are powered off by putting them back into the charging case. The earbuds do support quick charge so, from a 15 minute charge you get 1 hour of playtime.
You can alternate earbuds so, you can use one earbud while keeping the other earbud in the charging case. When going from mono listening to stereo listening (two earbuds), there is a 4 second re-connection delay. The left earbud cannot be used independently as it needs the right earbud to work.
Accessories include three pairs of different size silicone eartips, three pairs of different size silicone earwings, and a quality Aukey branded 50cm long USB-A to USB-C charging cable with rubberized plug connectors. You can buy the Key Series T10 earbuds on amazon. Check out the review of the Aukey EP-N5 ANC earbuds

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