FIORA Ultimate Wireless Review Desk Charger and Motorised Car Charger

Friday, August 21, 2020

Using the CD slot opening and air vents as a car mount are clever ways to leverage off without cluttering the dashboard. Problem is though, if your car doesn't have a CD slot you only have to practical options: 1) Using an air vent and 2) Getting a car charger cradle.
If you like the idea of having as many options as possible for charging your phone, FIORA's Ultimate Wireless desk and car chargers are worth a second look because of their 15 watt wireless fast charging capabilities.
Startling off with the Ultimate Wireless car charger, it weighs 132 grams and comes with several accessories, including a windscreen suction mount that weighs 107 grams and has a thick arm with a retractable inner arm extension that can be extended to any position up to 15cm long.
In the retracted position, the windscreen suction mount arm measures 10cm long and 2cm thick. The windscreen suction mount has a rotational joint with a thumb screw that allows the arm to be rotated around up to 270 degrees. There is another thumb screw that secures the adjustment of the arm. The thumb screws have a plastic outershell with internal metal nuts for durability.
The entire windscreen suction mount contraption is made of thick hard plastic and features a hard plastic ball joint at one end and a 6cm diameter rubber suction at the other end.
The suction has a sticky gel pad and quick-release lever. Setup is easy. Simply lift the lever, press the suction into windshield firmly and lift down the lever.
The suction is very strong and holds in place even in an "oven-hot" car. That said, suction cups' Achilles heel is cold. This means, when it gets cold the suction cup is likely to fall off like most do. You also need to make sure the windshield of the car is clean to help the suction. To remove the suction mount from the windscreen, you simply grab the rubber pull tab and pull apart.
The vent clip mount weighs 23 grams and has a kickstand that can be rotated up to 90 degrees into seven secure positions, thanks to notched teeth. This kickstand provides stability to the vent clip so, it can hold the weight of the phone. The vent clip is entirely made of plastic but, it has a metal spring mechanism.
The 12V car USB fast charger measures 7cm long and 2.5cm wide and has metal connections. The 12V car charger has the standard plastic design most 12V car chargers have to fit inside a standard 12V car socket, although it will also work with 24V sockets which lorries and camper vans use.
The 12V/24V charger has two USB ports, one of which can output fast charge (5V/2.4, 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A). The second USB outputs just 2.4A. The maximum output is 5A when using both USB ports. Having a 12V/24V USB fast charger included is neat because a regular one would not be able to provide the need input charge to output fast charge.
The Ultimate Wireless car charger cradle measures 11cm tall and 7cm wide from side to side with the cradle clamps in the close position. The charging panel area measures 8cm high and 5cm wide.
The cradle has motorized silicone rubber side arms that clamp the phone into place. The bottom feet section of the cradle provides support for the bottom of the phone.
This bottom feet section is rubberized too but, it's non-motorized (only manually adjusted). The cradle arm clamps open up to a maximum width of 8.5cm and close to a minimum of 5.5cm; hence any phones that have a width less than 5.5 cm will not be compatible.
Most Qi wireless charging phones have the charging coil in the middle of the phone but, some phones have the charging coil positioned to the right side (i.e. Nokia 8 Sirocco) or towards the bottom of the phone (i.e. Razer Phone 2).
The charging area of the Ultimate Wireless car charger integrates a sensor that can detect when the phone is placed inside the cradle, activating the arms to lock the the phone in place. You can also manually open and close the cradle arms by pressing any of the two side metallic buttons. The buttons have a blue/green led built-in to provide power/charging status.
The back of the Ultimate Wireless car charger has cooling vents and two protrusions, one of which is threaded and designed to insert the ball joint from the included mount accessories. A thumb nut screw is included to secure the ball joint to the car charger so, it can rotate freely and securely.
The Ultimate Wireless car charger can receive input charge of variable voltages and currents (5V/2A, 9V/1.67A and 12V/1.5A) and can output 15 watts, 10 watts, 7.5 watts and 5 watts so, it can suit both fast wireless charging phones and non-fast wireless charging phones. The Ultimate Wireless car charger includes a meter long (unbranded) USB-A to USB-C charging lead.
The Ultimate Wireless desk charger weighs 111 grams and has an 8cm square shape with rounded edges and rounded rubber feet on each corner for stability and to prevent the desk charger from sliding around. The FIORA desk charger has a hard plastic brushed finish on the base and a slimline frame (just 1cm thick).
The charging surface area of the Ultimate Wireless desk charger is large, thanks to dual charging coils. You can position the phone sideways, landscape or portrait but you do have to keep the phone at the centre of the charging area. There is one USB-C port on one side and a status led that light up green (stand-by) or flash green/blue when there is a problem like over voltage or over current.
The Ultimate Wireless desk charger can take inputs of variable voltage and current (12V/1.5A, 9V/1.67A and 3V/2A) and can output 15 watts, 10 watts, 7.5 watts and 5 watts so, it can charge also wireless charge regular phones and Qi-enabled phones. The Ultimate Wireless desk charger includes a 90cm long USB-A to USB-C charging lead.
The Ultimate Wireless desk charger comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger that weighs 50 grams and has 2 flat pins and a brick-like design, measuring 4cm tall, 4cm deep and 2cm thick. Being Quick Charge 3.0, the wall charger provides the fastest possible charge, charging a phone up to 80% in just half and hour.

Both Ultimate Wireless chargers have an 80% wireless conversion rating, which means there is 10% conversion loss. This is normal since all wireless chargers have conversion loss during the wireless charging process.
The charging distance is less than 10mm so, the phone's protective case will have to be very thin (less than 5mm) and non-metallic so, it doesn't get in the way of the charging. The chargers have FOD (foreign object detection) certification, which means the Fiora chargers are Qi-certified. This is important because not all wireless chargers have FOD, which means the wireless charger will not shut-off when heating up uncontrollably.
unboxing desk charger
There are self closing wireless car chargers on the market too with clamps that close with the weight of the phone. While neat, a motorized automatic clamping wireless car charger is more convenient and has a wow factor too. The only thing though, since it has electronic moving parts, there is more than can go wrong.
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The name "Ultimate Wireless" is a pretty catchy brand name that makes a bold statement. Whether it's the best or not, the Ultimate Wireless chargers does work and it's backed by a one year warranty. You can buy the Ultimate Wireless chargers from amazon.

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