NanoDri Cool Human Body Cooler Review Undershirt Cooling Fan

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Cool Human Body Cooler is an interesting undershirt cooling fan device. It works on the same concept of blowing on a sweaty arm or having a fan blowing the sweat on the face. The Cool Human Body Cooler works the same way, evaporating the sweat; hence you have to sweat to feel the cooling effect.
Because of how the Cool Human Body Cooler works, you can actually use it all seasons hanging on your pants under a t-shirt or winter jacket to prevent the uncomfortable hot and sweaty feeling you get when hotting up inside a thick winter jacket. The Cool Human Body Cooler should also come in handy for anyone who wears full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which must be hot and suffocating to say the least!
The Cool Human Body Cooler is essentially a 5W fan that circulates the stale air that hangs under a shirt, rather than draw-in external air like conventional cooling fans do. There are three speed fan settings with a moderate sound output that is noticeable in a quiet room but it's unnoticeable while walking outside.
The Cool Human Body Cooler case is made of ABS plastic and measures 12cm tall, 8cm wide and 4cm thick. It weighs 200 grams.
The built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery inside the Cool Human Body Cooler is certified according to UN38.3 international standards. The unit has over current protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection and, it recharges via 5V/1A micro USB connection.
Full charge takes 8 hours and you can get up to 12 hours in low speed and 5 hours in high speed. You can operate the device while charging and since it runs on 5V you could hook it up to a powerbank.
There is a USB-A female port on the side of the unit, which is designed to output 5V/0.8A for charging external devices. Next to the micro USB port, there is also an led, which is a flash light. The flash light is activated by holding down the SHIFT button. The flash light can work at the same time as the fan.
The intake vents are located on the back of the casing behind the belt clip, which creates a natural gap for air to come in. No matter what you wear, the air intake vents do not get blocked. The rear of the device is also curved outwards (not flat), which allows air to come in through the sides of the cooler.
The outtake vent measures 4cm long by 4cm wide and, it is located on top of the unit so, air fires upwards. The air intake and outtake vents have a cool honeycomb pattern. The belt clip is sturdy and strong with enough give to slide into a trouser belt.
The control buttons are all located on the front of the unit and consist of two buttons (OFF and SHIFT), which make a quirky clunking noise when pressed. There is also a heatsink-like patch on the front, as well as four status leds to indicate fan spin and charging status.
The Cool Human Body Cooler does not appear to have any IP rating to protect it against dust and water ingress; hence the Cool Human Body Cooler is not water resistant.
This is worth keeping in mind if you sweat a lot or carry the unit outdoors exposed to the elements. You can buy the Cool Human body cooler from NanoDri.

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