Western Rise Everyday Kit Review AT Slim Pant & X Cotton Everyday Tee

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

With temperatures soaring as high as 40C in the London Underground, Brits are literary feeling the heat across the country! Labeled a heatwave, it is currently engulfing the UK and bringing plenty of much deserved sun, as well as heat, hot pants and shirtless male torsos!
While nakedness at the beach is socially acceptable, in the city not so much. Show a bit too much flesh and you can suddenly become the "enemy of the state". Guys in particular seem to get the brunt of bewildered stares from onlookers seemingly puzzled by the human body.
Believe it or not, public nudity is not a crime in the UK and, while you could technically go to work topless or shirtless, it's probably not a wise idea. Luckily, you don't have to chance it with your employer. With the right clothes, you can work comfortably no matter the weather and still have a job to go to the next morning!
An offering that may tickle your fancy, it's Western Rise's Everyday Kit, consisting of the AT Slim Pant and X Cotton Everyday Tee - a lovely combo of trouser and t-shirt for every occasion.

t-shirt comes in at 235 grams at the scale
In terms of all-weather performance, cotton and Merino wool outperform just about any other fabric. That said, unless cotton and merino clothing is thickly woven, it can easily break or tear. Having 100% cotton or merino would be ideal but, if you want the clothing to last there needs to be a blend compromise.
The AT Slim Pant and X Cotton Everyday Tee have the blend down to a tee, integrating rugged nylon canvas (AT cloth), cotton, polyester and spandex in the case of the X Cotton Everyday Tee, which performs similar to 100% cotton with the added benefit of polyester and spandex for durability and versatility.
The spandex material brings a "tailor-made" dimension to the X Cotton Everyday Tee that a 100% cotton t-shirt would not be able to accomplish.
The spandex really helps the X Cotton Everyday Tee to adjust comfortably to the contour of the torso. There is no rubbing sensation while wearing it, thanks to the flat seams.
The X Cotton Everyday Tee has been chemically treated with polygiene (silver chloride and titanium dioxide) particles woven within the fabric to create an antimicrobial environment (similar to nanosilver) where bacterial odors cannot thrive.
iron heat transfer lettering 
While adding chemicals to clothing takes it further from its natural state, an antimicrobial agent is needed because neither polyester or cotton are naturally antimicrobial. The X cotton Everyday tee is made of 60% cotton, 35% polyester and 5% elastane.
Both nanosilver and polygiene are great antimicrobial agents because they have low toxicity and will keep clothes smelling fresh for longer, which in turn means less washing. The main difference between the two is that polygiene doesn't wash out like nanosilver does, making polygiene a better option because it lasts longer and it's kinder to the environment too.

In contrast, the AT Slim Pant is made of AT fabric with UPF rating of 50 so, only 1/50th of the sun's UV radiation can pass through the fabric. AT fabric is made of 97% nylon and 3% spandex, which provides a canvas-like texture but with enough elasticity to make these pants comfortable to wear.

pants come in at 530 grams at the scale
That said, the spandex only has 2-way weft stretch, which means the fabric stretches only one direction (from selvedge to selvedge); hence if you stretch the fabric crosswise, it won't return to original shape like the 4-way stretch fabric of sport wear does, which can be stretched in both directions – crosswise and longwise.
The AT Slim Pant feel durable enough that they won't easily tear, which is not likely, thanks to the 280 gsm weight that makes the pants thick enough to keep warm.
A lower weight could have probably been used (i.e. in the lower 150 gsm) for hotter weather but, for everyday pants a lightweight fabric wouldn't really be ideal.
The AT Slim Pant features a YYK metal zipper with exposed corn teeth and an inner guard fly for protection when working the zipper up and down.
There are a total of five pockets, two on the backside, two front side pockets and a pocket watch which is large enough to fit a smartphone. The pockets are made with nylon 6/6 for water resistance. The pockets are secured with rivets (tiny metal studs).
Most trousers integrate these rivets to reinforce the pockets, which are a weak point and necessary to make the pockets last longer. According to history, rivets on trousers have been used as far back as the mid 1800s.
The crotch area has reinforced overcasting stitch to prevent the AT Slim Pant to rip at the crotch, which also features a 6-inch gusset for extra breadth at the crotch seam.
There is a 32 inch inseam from the crotch to the ankle so, the hems won't drag on the floor. These products were sent for free from Western Rise for an objective review. There was no monetary exchange to promote these products in any particular way. You can buy the AT Slim Pant & X Cotton Everyday Tee Everyday Kit via this affiliate link from which Gadget Explained will receive a small compensation should you make a purchase. Chec out the review of the Limitless Merino shirt, StrongCore Merino Tee and Versa Hat and AirLoft Vest and Session Sun Hoodie.

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