RapidX 2Tango Review: Revolving Dual Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Folding into itself, as if by magic, the RapidX 2Tango is a quirky charging pad with a dog tag design that rotates out of itself into two fully capable fast wireless charging pads!
The RapidX 2Tango consists, essentially, of two 10 watt wireless charging pads joined together via a rotating hinge that lets you swivel clockwise the top charging pad around up to 180 degrees. When the 180 degree position has been reached, the hinge mechanism snaps into place, locking the top charging pad into place. 2Tango measures 15cm long, 9.5cm wide and 2cm thick and weighs 266 grams.
Being a charging pad, the RapidX 2Tango doesn't have a stand option; hence you won't be able to use the 2Tango charging pads as a stand for watching content on your phone while charging. Some wireless chargers like MyPort's wireless charger can convert from stand to pad and viceversa, giving best of both worlds. MyPort's wireless charger also works as a powerbank for charging external devices via a charging cable.
2Tango's USB-C charging port can handle up to 9V/3A; hence you can hook it up to a 27-watt power adapter, which you will have to in order to get 20 watts of wireless charging output. That said, you won't need a wall adapter since RapidX includes a RapidX branded fast charge power adapter, which matches the same color scheme of 2Tango's charging pads. 
2Tango's wall charger has an interchangeable plug that is attached to a 1.5 meter long cable that terminates into a USB-C connector. The 2Tango wireless charging pads can also be powered from the USB port of a computer, although 2Tango won't be able to provide fast charging.
The top section of 2Tango's charging pads are made of plastic with glass-like glossy finish with sub surface laser etching. Being glossy, the charging pads are slippery, although the pads feature rubbery white crosshairs that prevent devices from slipping off when charging. These white rubber crosses also symbolize the target area where devices should be positioned for charging. If you're an Apple user who likes their Apple devices, 2Tango is likely to pique your interests just off its Applesque design.
The RapidX 2Tango can output 5 watts, 7.5 watts and 10 watts and wireless charge all android and iOS devices that support wireless charging, including those that don't support fast wireless charging. If your phone (android or iPhone) doesn't support wireless fast charge, 2Tango will only output a maximum of 5 watts. 
If you have a wireless fast charge enabled iPhone, you won't be able to get the full 10 watts output because of the cap and limitation put upon iPhones by Apple. IPhones have been limited to a maximum output charge of 5 watts or 7.5W, depending on which iOS version your iPhone is running. If you have an iPhone running iOS 11.1, the maximum wireless charge has been limited to just 5 watts. 
The subsequent version - iOS 11.2 - increased the maximum wireless charging speed to 7.5 watts for iPhone; hence 2Tango will be able to output 7.5 watts to an iPhone running the latest iOS 14 version. Previous versions of iOS such as iOS 13.1 introduced a 5 watt cap for certain iPhones that only affects certain Qi certified chargers. The RapidX 2Tango is not one of those chargers affected; hence if you have the following iPhones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) running iOS13.1, you will still be able to get 7.5 watts for your iPhone.
With all these limitations imposed on iOS devices, it makes you question getting an Apple device, specially when Android offers so much more freedom. Apple's iOS also does not allow downgrading to previous versions, which happens after Apple stops signing the iOS version and Apple tends to sign off previous iOS versions almost immediately. This means, if you want to run an older version of iOS that has been signed off, you will need to buy a second-hand iPhone running that version.
Even if you buy a second hand iPhone though, Apple has still managed to make things difficult by preventing users from transferring data (contacts, photos, apps) to a second hand iPhone running an older version of iOS. Also, Apple only makes certain iOS versions available to some iPhone models and not others. Luckily, you can check this link to find out which iOS versions Apple is still signing for a particular iOS device. If you have upgraded your iOS device to the latest iOS 14 (previous version was iOS 13.7), you may be regretting it too because some Apple users are already reporting issues with wireless charging.
2Tango has the exact same elliptic shape of an army tag and looks just like one, especially from the backside. When swiveled slightly open, 2Tango looks like a pair of army dog tags, although 2Tango charging pads are permanently attached to each other. 2Tango's rear side is also made of metal, possibly polished aluminium or cupronickel (copper-nickel alloy) both of which are non-magnetic. The backside of 2Tango is actually the base of the unit and features a rubber ring around. 2Tango has a punctured hole on top, which forms the revolving mechanism that allows 2Tango to open up into two halves. The hole has a plastic ring retainer housing an led light indicator.
The 2Tango dual charging pad can output a total of 20 watts but each charging pad has been limited to just 10 watts; hence you still get 10 watts output even if you aren't using both charging pads at the same time. 2Tango is available to buy from RapidX and amazon when it becomes available. 

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