Quik Pod Ultra Review Selfie Stick Monopod With Flip Lock Lever

Thursday, October 08, 2020

The last thing you want when filming or taking shots is getting micro-jitters, which can easily appear when shooting handheld. Tripods, gimbals and camera sliders are popular options for getting smooth shots, although these can be bulky to take and a lot more expensive than a solution such as the Quik Pod Ultra - a monopod and selfie stick rolled into one!
The Quik Pod Ultra is a super versatile camera solution for taking both smooth shots on the go and aerial footage without having to change equipment. Quik Pod Ultra is designed to be used with phones, DSLR cameras and action cameras via the included adapters.
You get an action camera mount (weighs 13 grams) with 1/4" screw fitting kit. The small adapter, which looks like mini balance board, has a rubber ball on one side designed for comfortably resting the base of the monopod on your torso. This rubber ball adapter weighs 4 grams.
Included also is a carabiner clip (10 gram), velcro strap and phone cradle adapter, which weighs 25 grams. The phone cradle has a standard 1/4"-20 female thread on the base to screw onto the 1/4"-20 male thread cold shoe that comes with the Quik Pod selfie stick. The phone cradle housing is made of hard plastic with a metal bracket on top. 
The metal bracket is spring loaded and can accommodate various phone widths up to 3.5" wide (90mm). The phone cradle adjusting mechanism has a high clamping force but, it's easy adjusted by lifting up the rubber pull tab, which also protects the phone from getting scratched from the top. 
The cradle also has foam padding to protect the bottom side of the phone. The phone cradle is branded with a Quik Pod heat transfer sticker.
The Quik Pod Ultra also comes with a 1/4"-20 cold shoe adapter, which is made of hard plastic and slides onto the top of the selfie stick, just like a shoe mount on a DSLR camera. When the cold shoe adapter is not in use, you can slide the action camera adapter. The adapters slot in securely on to the selfie stick's head and can be easily and quickly removed by pressing the side button.
The selfie stick head features a plastic polished chrome piece designed to act like a mirror when taking selfies. The included bumper adapter (weighs 3 grams) can also be attached to the back of the head for propping the selfie stick against a wall for stability. 
The selfie stick head is made of light plastic and it's non-removable but, it can be loosened via a handwheel knob, which lets you adjust the head vertically up to 180 degrees (either way). The head adjustment has notches (similar to the headband of a headphone), which make a loud clicky noise when rotating the head.
The top of the cold shoe has a grippy textured rubber pad and a stainless steel 1/4"-20 male thread with a fillister type head screw that is raised, making it easier to drive with the included metal washer. The cold shoe adapter weighs 14 grams.
There is also included a bluetooth camera shutter remote (weighs 11 grams), which is entirely made of hard plastic, including the two buttons on front and the tiny power button switch on the side. The bluetooth camera shutter remote doesn't have any Quik Pod branding so, it seems generic. 
The shutter remote is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The remote shutter has a status led and a loop for passing through the included velcro strap and, it's powered via a CR2032 coin cell battery (included). The bluetooth camera shutter remote buttons make loud clicky sounds when pressed.
The Quik Pod Ultra selfie stick comes with a protective carry pouch made of padded fabric mesh material that is lined internally with polyester material for water resistance. The selfie stick pouch has a drawstring with a single barrel cord lock, which is a spring loaded and made of plastic.
The Quik Pod Ultra selfie stick has a telescopic flip lock lever design for extending the length of the selfie stick securely. There is a total of three flip locks, letting you increase the length of the Quik Pod Ultra selfie stick in three stages. 
The flip lock mechanism is quite common in carbon fiber and aluminium tripods, which can also use a twist lock mechanism. 
Both mechanisms work well with the main difference being the profile. Twist locks have a lower profile than flip locks, which protrude a lot more; hence they can get caught into things or get stuck in a bag when trying to retrieve it.
The flip lock mechanism in the Quik Pod Ultra selfie stick works just like most flip locks. Flip open the plastic retainer, adjust the length of the lever and pull down the retainer to secure the adjustment. That's it. Both twist locks and flip locks can be prone to slowly drift down, especially when mounting something very heavy; hence it's best to stick to the rated weights. 
When retracted, the Quik Pod Ultra measures 18 inches (45 cm) long and 53 inches (135 cm) long when fully extended. With the cold shoe mounted on and the lanyard attached, the Quik Pod Ultra weighs 300 grams. You can carry up to 2 kg of weight in selfie stick mode and up to 3.5 kg in monopod mode.
The base of the Quik Pod Ultra selfie stick integrates a 1/4"-20 female thread that is designed for screwing and attaching other include accessories such as a plastic belt clip (weighs 3 grams). 
The handle of the Quik Pod Ultra is also rubberized with a tire thread pattern, which is very grippy. The domain name of Quik Pod is carved in small fonts on the underside of the handle. More Quik Pod branding can be found prominently on the body of the stick.
A tether for the GoPro is also included, which basically consists of a security short rubber piece with a loophole at both ends designed to physically attach the the action camera mount to the Quik Pod selfie stick. Buy the Quik Pod Ultra.

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