Devola 20L Dehumidifier Review Quiet Compressor With Laundry Mode

Monday, December 28, 2020

Being the polar opposite of a humidifier, the Devola dehumidifier (pictured) does the exact opposite of a humidifier by removing moisture from the air rather than adding to it! A dehumidifier is ideal for situations where humidity in the air is naturally high like in a basement room, flooded house, lake house or shed. A dehumidifier is also useful for bathrooms, damp walls, cars and even drying clothes.
The Devola dehumidifier comes with a Laundry Mode, which turns the Devola dehumidifier into an air drying machine. There is no heating mechanism though; hence the Devola dehumidifier internal blower only blows out room temperature air.
There are two ways to transport the Devola dehumidifier by lifting the unit using the rear handle or rolling it. There are four small double caster wheels on the bottom of the unit (one on each corner) to help move the unit around, which is helpful, although the wheels slightly struggle to rotate on carpet due to the small, low profile size of the caster wheels.
The Devola dehumidifier caster wheels are non-detachable and made with thin plastic; hence they aren't heavy duty caster wheels, which are probably more suited, considering the hefty build (17kg) of the unit. The caster wheels are attached to the base of the unit via a plastic panel that is screwed-in. Aside from the caster wheels, the unit has thick plastic stump feet on the base for added stability.
The Devola 20L compressor dehumidifier plugs directly into mains electricity (220V-240V) via a nondetachable plug lead (1.80 meters long). When not in use, the plug lead tucks away neatly inside the water collection tray. The Devola compressor dehumidifier outershell is made of plastic, including the control panel on top where the air outlet and inlet vents are located.
The control panel features "beepy" touch sensitive buttons and a small LCD screen that displays the current humidity level. There are also small status leds for various functions such as the laundry mode and auto mode, which automatically adjust humidity levels, as well as a 12-hour timer that works on one hour increments.
For wet areas where there is dripping water or rain, the Devola dehumidifier is not suited because it has a zero IPX rating (IPX0); hence the unit is not splash floor nor water resistant. Facing the rear side of the unit, you find the evaporator coil grille and temperature sensor, which are protected by a filter cartridge and the meshed lid compartment that acts as a pre-filter. Water condenses on these metal coils/fins, as well as dirt, which can be very difficult to remove; hence why you are strongly advised to use the included filters to prevent damage to the unit.
The internal HEPA filter is made of a non-woven fabric like material, which is washable; hence you can reuse it multiple times. The frame of the HEPA filter is made of cardboard-like material and has a layer of foam around its perimeter to help it fit snugly. There are also pull tabs to help you easily remove the filter. The HEPA filter cartridge measures 24cm long 20cm wide and 1.5cm thick.
The Devola machine uses an R290 refrigerant compressor, which is the same type of gas propane compressor built-in to fridges and air conditioning units; hence the Devola dehumidifier R290 compressor runs at relatively low pressure (128 psig). Because of the gas compressor, you also have to let the dehumidifier sit upright for 24 hours before prior use, which is something you don't have to do with a desiccant dehumidifier. The reason for leaving a dehumidifier upright for 24 hours is the same reason as with a fridge and, that is to prevent liquid coolant getting into the compressor.
Considering the Devola dehumidifier unit uses a compressor, the noise level (40dB) is surprisingly quiet and one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market. In fact, it is quiet as a desiccant dehumidifier, which also has a fan noise level of around 40 decibels (dB). The Devola dehumidifier is capable of removing 20 litres of water from the air per day, which is almost 1 litre of water per hour. That said, the water collection tray can only collect 4 litres of water so, you have to manually empty the tray.
The Devola dehumidifier will make an audible beep, flash an led light and stop running once the float valve rises to the top. The float valve mechanism works similarly to the ballcock of a toilet cistern. When the water tray is full of water, it becomes fairly heavy but, it's still easy to remove, thanks to the sliding mechanism, which smoothly glides the water tray outward. The water tray also comes with a plastic lid to prevent water spilling over when removing the water tray from the unit.
If you want the dehumidifier to continuously collect water uninterrupted, you can attach the included pvc hose into the recessed drain stem located inside the water collection tray. The continuously drain feature, along with the fact that the Devola dehumidifier can operate down to 5 degrees Celsius, makes it very convenient to continuously dehumidify an unoccupied flat or building without having to visit everyday. Space-wise, the Devola 20 litre dehumidifier measures 39cm wide, 63cm tall and 28cm deep.
If the temperature is likely to be above freezing (1-2 degrees C), you should probably consider a desiccant dehumidifier as they work more effectively and efficiently in colder weather. Another thing about continuously draining is to mount the unit at higher level than the drainage hose to facilitate drainage since condensation cannot travel uphill. The pvc rubber hose weighs 115 grams and measures 1 meter long and has an external diameter of 15mm and and 10mm inner diameter.
Aside from the control panel, there is an RGB led ring indicator on the front of the Devola dehumidifier unit, which is handy for telling the current humidity level from a distance. Blue indicates humidity less than 45%, which is ideal especially if you're asthmatic. 
Green means humidity level is between 45% and 65%. Red means humidity is above 65%, which is not ideal because mold, mildew and dust mites thrive under these conditions. Other safety features lockable control panel and tilt function. You can buy the Devola 20L dehumidifier from amazon. Check out the review of the Devola glass panel heater. Check out the review of the Devola desk fan.

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