Aukey KM-G12 Keyboard With KM-P2 Extended Mouse Pad Review

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Just like the extended display function in a computer, which basically increases the desktop display size of your monitor, Aukey's KM-P2 extended mousepad also helps to increase your mouse desktop space so, you can roam it freely on the desk! The KM-P2 is, essentially, an oversize mouse pad that gives you all the space you'll ever need to move a mouse around. Having an extended mousemat has another benefit too and that is, you can use it like a dinner placemat to protect your desk from scratches, spillages, food stains, etc. 
The Aukey KM-P2 has a grippy, non-slip rubber base with a soft cloth surface that is also water resistant so, liquids will bead off the pad, making cleaning spillages easier. The perimeter edges of the KM-P2 mouse pad have been stitched in a zig zag pattern to stop the fabric fraying. The KM-P2 mouse pad feels like it's made of neoprene - the same synthetic rubber material as surfing body suits - but, the KM-P2 mouse pad is actually made of natural rubber.
Generally, synthetic rubber has a better performance when it comes to abrasion resistance but natural rubber is stronger, more flexible and more resistant against heat, making the KM-P2 mouse pad safer. Because the KM-P2 mouse pad is made of natural rubber, should it catch fire, it will melt rather than go up in flames like plastic does. This is, actually, worth keeping in mind because such a large mouth pad could be a potential fire hazard. Another plus about this mouse pad, it's that it doesn't have a strong "chemical" smell to it.
When buying the KM-P2 mouse pad, it will arrive rolled up like a Swiss roll, although the pad will lie perfectly flat after unrolling without the edges curling up. The mat weighs 560 grams. The KM-P2 mouse pad measures 4mm thick, 80 cm long and 30cm wide; hence the KM-P2 mouse pad has a rectangular shape rather than a square. 
Being 4mm thick, the KM-P2 mouse pad has a nice, comfortable cushioning feel that isn't overly spongy to cause mouse tracking issues. In fact, the KM-P2 has a surprising dampening effect too so, it decreases the impact noise when typing on a mechanical keyboard.
Speaking of mechanical keyboards, the one you see pictured it's Aukey's KM-G12 - a 104 key wired mechanical keyboard with customizable RGB backlight and anti-ghosting full n-key rollover (NKRO). Full NKRO means you can press an unlimited amount of keys on the keyboard at the same time, very useful when playing keyboard-only games (e.g.Tales of Maj’Eyal and Iron Snout) which can require up to 10 simultaneous key presses.
The Aukey KM-G12 uses non-swappable blue switches, made by Aukey, which is worth knowing since you can also get blue switches from other manufacturers such as MX Cherry, Kailh and Outemu. In fact, Aukey's KM-G3 keyboard uses Outemu blue switches. Aukey's blue switches are just as clicky though and, each switch led can be individually customized so, you can have any color you want per key switch from a single solid color or cycling color effect (up to 12 colours and 5 patterns).
The Aukey KM-G12 also stands out from other keyboards, thanks to the led strip along the mid-frame of the keyboard, which looks like a halo ring sandwiched between the aluminium top side of the keyboard and the plastic base, which has rubber feet. There are also two height adjusting rubber feet for elevating the front side of the keyboard. 
Dimensions are 43cm long, 13cm wide and 4cm high. Weight is 890 grams (without the cable) so, it's about the same weight as most keyboards. The Aukey KM-G12 key switches have 4mm actuation travel with 1.9mm pretravel; hence you don't have to bottom out to register a keypress.
The Aukey KM-G12 comes with downloadable software, although you can adjust brightness and change RGB colors from the keyboard itself via the FN function key, which also gives you access to full media control (volume, mute, stop, track skipping, etc). The rubber cable is fixed in the middle of the keyboard and measures 1.2 meters long. It is attached to USB-A connector with a long plug.
There is no USB pass through port on this keyboard, although most keyboards don't have it. A USB pass through port is useful for minimizing the number of cables trailing across the desk because it allows you to plug another peripheral into the keyboard (e.g. mouse). 
A plastic keycap removal tool is included to remove the double-shot-molded ABS keycaps, which have an inward depression for dexterity. You can buy the KM-G12 keyboard and KM-P2 extended mouse mat from Amazon.

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