Thinksound in20 Review Wired Wooden Earbuds

Thursday, March 18, 2021

In today's world of fast moving wireless, being able to manually plug in a cable is very reassuring and satisfying too! The headphone jack is, probably, the last bastion of hope for the wired world remainers who still appreciate the concept of "plug and play".
The in20 earbuds are the latest wired audio solution in the Thinksound line up, which is based on the first-gen Thinksound earbuds - the Thinksound TS03 - which were released 5 years ago and Thinksound no longer sells on their website. Design wise, the in20 earbuds, retaining the same design aesthetics as the original Thinksound TS03, styling a 2.5cm long bullet shell casing body.
The rear end of the earbud is made of wood, while the front end of the earbud is made of aluminum baffle. It's interesting that Thinksound refers to it as "aluminium baffle" because gun silencers use a baffle stack suppressor to reduce the sound when firing a bullet. It seems Thinksound has attached the aluminum section to drive the sound and use the wood section as the sound acoustic chamber for housing the single 8mm dynamic drivers.
The shell enclosure of the Thinksound in20 earbuds is actually 100% wood rather than a combination of wood/metal, which would make the earbuds sound very different to the unique resonance (i.e. sound timbre) produced by wooden earbuds. 
Thinksound in20 earbuds deliver good stereo imaging and wide soundstage with an elevated bass and treble over the vocal tones (midrange). The wood housing of the in20 earbuds has a tiny vent hole on the back of it to help the bass response.

The Thinksound in20 earbuds wired cable integrate an inline remote with a good sounding microphone as standard. The remote lets you control three basic functions (play/pause/voice assistant). Volume control, track skipping nor calls are supported by the inline remote. 
The inline remote/microphone is made of the same aluminium alloy as the baffle section, which is basically the nozzle neck of the earbud. Both the inline remote, y-splitter and the earbuds are reinforced with rubber strain reliefs.
The inline remote/microphone is located on the right earbud cable and, it's extremely lightweight; hence it doesn't cause the right earbud to unplug from the ear, which can sometimes happens with a weighty inline remote. The inline remote is located 17cm down the cable; hence the microphone hangs about collar bone level. 
The Thinksound in20 earbuds are worn straight down, although you could potentially loop the cable around the ears. There is no cinch but, you do get a shirt clip for cable management. The cable has a thick rubber sheath and, it's the heaviest component, giving the Thinksound in20 earbuds a total weight of 14 grams.
The in20 earbuds inline remote button is made of rubber, while the microphone pinhole is located on the back of the remote. Further down the Kevlar rubber-sheathed cable (40cm), there is a long y-splitter made of aluminium alloy with Thinksound branding on one side. The 3.5mm gold plated connector, which is attached to a an angled rubber plug, looks like a luger pistol. The total length of the Thinksound in20 cable is 1.2 meters long.
The included silicone ear tips are thin and super soft, not hard like most standard bowl-shaped silicone eartips. That said, because of the thinness of the silicone eartips, they aren't as isolating, although you do get foam eartips included too, which are always good to have when using in-ear earphones as they provide a more snug seal inside the ear canal. 
Both the silicone and foam ear tips have the same wide bore diameter as the nozzle; hence "low rumbling bass" is able to pass through without being congested by narrow bore ear tips, which also tend to increase sibilance artificially. A Thinksound branded drawstring pouch is included and made of velvety like fabric material. You can buy the in20 wood earbuds from Thinksound.

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