Aukey Basix Pro PB-WL03 Review Fast Charging Wireless Powerbank With Kickstand

Thursday, April 22, 2021

One of the most convenient inventions after mains electricity, dry cell power makes it possible to take mains electricity on the go and use it to power and recharge electrical devices. The vast majority of power banks integrate dry cell batteries, including the Aukey Basix Pro PB-WL03, which is the latest generation of portable battery power that supports simultaneous charging for up to 3 devices, as well as fast wireless charging up to 10 watts.

The Basix Pro PB-WL03 power bank is designed to automatically turn off wireless charging mode when a Qi-enabled device is not detected. Wired charging is the fastest, being able to output 18 watts when charging a single device. When charging 3 devices at the same time, the output charge gets split.

There are two USB-C ports, one it's for charging the power bank via Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 fast charge (5V/3A or 9V/2A). You will need to use a PD fast charger though, and one is not included.The USB-C output port is also PD fast charging, capable of 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. 

The USB-A port is capable of 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A, which is fast charge, although the USB-A port only supports Quick Charge (QC) 3.0. This means, if your fast charging phone does not support Quick Charge it will not fast charge via the USB-A port.

The Basix Pro PB-WL03 wireless power bank integrates two pop up stands, one on the front and the other on the rear. The front facing pop up stand is designed to hold a phone, just like a phone holder so, you can wireless charge the device while watching movies or video chatting. The front pop up stand is made of plastic and, it's small measuring 3cm long and 1.3cm wide. 

The pop up stand is rubberized too, allowing the phone to remain secure on the pop up stand without slipping off. In the centre of the wireless charging area, there is also a tiny rubber ring that is designed to prevent the phone from sliding off the power bank.

The rear pop up stand on the Basix Pro PB-WL03 power bank is designed as a kickstand to keep the power bank up on its side. The rear kickstand is also made of plastic and, it integrates a small plastic hinge and snapping clip that allows the kickstand to extend out securely into place up to 45 degrees. Thanks to the kickstand, you can wireless charge a phone vertically or flat against a surface. The horizontal position does give you more flexibility because you can position the phone across the wireless charging area without worrying about orientation.

The kickstand is able to hold the weight of both the power bank and phone, although a centre position would have given the kickstand more stability and prevent the power bank from tipping over on its side. Overall, the kickstand feature works well once you have it setup and, it's steady enough to be used as a phone stand.The kickstand measures 5cm long and 1.4cm wide and, it's easy to pull out with one finger. When not needed, you simply push it back in until the kickstand snaps into place. The kickstand is leveled with the base of the powerbank so, it doesn't create a bump.
The Basix Pro PB-WL03 wireless power bank integrates a small led display that shows battery level numerically (from 0 to 99), making it much easier to tell the exact level of battery charge remaining. There is also a battery status indicator designed to feedback the wireless charging status and wireless charging speed. For instance, the led will show solid orange led during 5 watt charging and pulsing orange led, during fast charging.

The status led will also blink orange and red when the wireless charging transmitter detects a non-conductive metallic surface such as a magnetic car mount metal plate stuck on the back of the phone. When metal is detected, the phone will not charge. Not all wireless chargers have this detection built-in, which is pretty dangerous because a metal surface will cause the wireless charger to overheat, shortening the lifespan of the charger.

Another neat feature built-in to the Basix Pro PB-WL03, it's low power mode, which is designed for low current device such as bluetooth headphones or a smart watch. This feature does not kick in automatically. It is manually enabled and disabled by long pressing the power button for 4 seconds. Low power mode only works when the power bank is not being recharged so, it gets disabled automatically. In normal wired and wireless mode, there is passthrough charging though; hence you can charge the power bank from an electrical outlet and charge devices at the same time. Fast charging is not supported when the power bank is being recharged.

When wireless charging mode is activated, it automatically begins wireless charging at low power (5W). If your phone supports fast wireless (7.5 watts or 10 watts) and aren't charging any other device, the powerbank will automatically increase to fast wireless charge within 15 seconds. If a USB ports are in use during wireless charging mode, the USB port gets automatically limited to 5W but will resume fast charging automatically when wireless charging mode is no longer active.

The Basix Pro PB-WL03 cannot be recharged via wireless. Depending on the fast charger you use, charging the power bank will take anywhere from 6 hours (via a 9V/2A charger) and 11 hours via a 5V/3A charger. The Basix Pro PB-WL03 housing is entirely made of matte plastic with a glossy ring around the perimeter of the power bank for styling. The Basix Pro PB-WL03 weighs 350 grams and measures 15.5cm long, 2cm thick and 7.5cm wide. Included also is a 20cm long USB-A to USB-C charging cable. You can buy the Basix Pro PB-WL03 20,000 mAh version from amazon. There is also a 10,000 mAh version available.

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