Beldray Climate Cube Review Cooling Fan That Blows Hot Air

Thursday, July 22, 2021

A device full of hot air, the Beldray Climate Cube is a cooling fan that blows hot air, quite literary, via a nifty revolving mechanism that switches from air cooling to heating fan in seconds! The Beldray Climate Cube uses an air circulator fan, which is essentially a computer CPU cooling fan located at the very rear of the unit to allow the filter element and heater element to swivel into position at the front of the unit.
The cooling fan consists of a plastic fan blade and a 12 volt DC brushless motor, which is more durable, reliable and more energy efficient than a brushed motor. The Climate Cube DC fan model is TD9025HS, which is a 70mm 12V DC fan with a life span of approximately 100,000 hours, 2.76 watts of power and 30 CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is the airflow rating (i.e. how much air the fan is capable of moving). The higher the CFM, the more air the fan can move.

The TD9025HS fan also has 2 ball bearings, which means the fan motor shaft is mounted on 2 ball bearings. Some CPU fans use 1 ball bearing or none at all. The advantage of a 2 ball fan is lower wear and reduced noise, around 25dB at max speed (2500 RPM), which is quieter than a sleeve bearing fan. Like most CPU fans, the Climate Cube is equipped with a physical power switch located on the rear of the unit, next to the 1.5 meter long power cord.

Both the filter and heating elements use a dual hinge mechanism that allows the heater and filter to swivel right in front of the fan, as well as retract neatly to the sides. The swivel mechanism is controlled mechanically via a dial on top that is physically connected to the dual hinge. Turn the dial at the 9 o'clock position and the ceramic heating element flips open for heating mode. Turn the dial at 3 o'clock and the filter element flips open for cooling mode. The dual hinge mechanism is rudimentary but it effectively prevents the filter and heater from opening at the same time.

The control dial can also be turned at the 12 o'clock position for blower mode, which is just the fan blowing air without the filter or heater elements. The water tank sits right above the fan and when water is poured into the tank, it is evaporated via a small pad into the path of the blowing fan to generate cool air. The water needs to be freezing cold in order to notice any cooling effect though. The user guide says the water tank is removable, although it is not clear how this would be done since there is no apparent way to do this.

The Beldray Climate Cube uses a climate controller, which accurately controls the temperature and, it's also designed to cool down the heating element by keeping the fan blowing for 30 seconds. The heating element completely cools down within 15 minutes. The blue filter is held in place via two metal tensions built-in to the side of the filter housing and, it's made of fibre paper, which is the same type of cellulose material used to produce paperboard and paper. The filter is strong and durable and designed to be re-used by washing under running water.

The filter has a mesh construction with large holes so, the Climate Cube filter isn't a HEPA type filter that would catch pollutants and allergens (e.g. dust particles). That said, unless the blowing fan has a powerful 24V motor (10W/4000 RPM) most personal blowing fans, including the Climate Cube don't use Hepa filters because Hepa filters have a higher air resistance, which makes blowing air through a Hepa filter more difficult.

The motor isn't powerful enough to push air through a Hepa filter. This is worth knowing if you plan to fit an aftermarket Hepa filter into the Climate Cube. Beldray does sell replacement filters for the Climate Cube, although the included filter should easily last a couple of years or more, depending on use. Because the filter is removable, you can potentially use any third party filter that matches the Climate Cube stock filter dimensions, which are 8cm long, 8.5cm wide and 2 cm thick. The filter weighs 23 grams.

Removing the filter is straightforward. You simply remove the single star head screw holding the grill vent and then, pull the filter from the fabric pull tab attached to it. The filter is fitted snugly so, you do have to pull with some force, being careful not to break the pull tab. The Climate Cube is entirely made of plastic, including the circular shaped (9cm diameter) rear guard with honeycomb perforations. The Climate Cube also has a front guard, which is the removable grill vent, which protects the square shaped opening of the unit (8.5cm wide and 9cm high). The grill opening measures 12cm wide and 12cm high; hence a perfect square.

The user control buttons are located on top, including the mentioned control dial, which switches between the heater and filter element. There is also two touch sensitive buttons, which make a loud beeping sound when pressed. Each button has two status leds each. The button on the left activates the heater and the button on the right operates the fan speed (low and high). During heater mode, the heating element can be turned off and you can also disable heater mode by simply switching to blower mode or cooling mode. The heating element cannot be switched on during blower mode and cooling mode. When switching between filter and heater mode, you will also hear an audible beep.

Behind the heater/blower dial, there is a removable plastic cap for pouring water into the water tank. The cap is fitted with an o-ring rubber gasket to prevent water from the tank spilling out. On top of the unit, there is a sturdy carry handle that measures 18.5cm long and 10cm high when set upright. The Beldray Climate Cube measures 16cm deep, 16.5cm long and 17cm high and weighs 1.4kg. The control dial measures 4cm in diameter.

There is no oscillation feature built-in but, you can adjust the blowing angle by tilting the front grill vents. The heating ceramic element has a 500 watt rating. Being a heating device, the Beldray Climate Cube is equipped with a safety cut-out feature that automatically switches the unit off when it overheats. Both the blower and heater functions are designed for personal use on a desk; hence they aren't designed for room use. You can buy the Beldray Climate Cube from amazon.

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