TIN Hifi T2 Evo Review Single Dynamic Driver IEM Aluminium Body

Friday, September 17, 2021


Machined out of aluminium with a shotshell barrel design, the TIN Hifi T2 Evo are the latest IEMs to hit the audiophile market! The T2 Evo earphones are equipped with single 10mm dynamic drivers made with carbon composite diaphrams, 93dB sensitivity and 32 ohm impedance, making them easy to drive from a smartphone.

Despite being single dynamic drivers, the Tin Hifi T2 Evo sound a lot more detailed than your average dynamic driver earphones. The T2 Evo driver tuning has a long bass extension, as well as a long treble extension, which means the drivers can pick up a higher range of treble and a lower range of bass too, including sub-bass.

The TIN Hifi T2 Evo tip the scales at 25 grams. Each earphone weighs 4.5 grams, while the audio cable weighs 16 grams. Like all bullet style earphones, the T2 Evo has a short straight nozzle neck so, it inserts straight into the ear canal, which can be an issue if your ear canals are angled. 

Fortunely for the T2 Evo, they're designed with an over-ear style cable, which wraps around the top of the ear. The cable keeps the T2 Evo earphones snugly inside the ears and, preventing them from falling out. The preformed ear hooks, which wrap around the ears are protected witth rubber sleeves. That said, the rubber sleeves on the T2 Evo cable are extremely thin so, you can slightly feel the "twistiness" of the cable when it rubs against the skin.

Speaking of cable, the included T2 Evo IEM cable doesn't tangle easily. It is made with a 200D kevlar sheath and resembles a trace chain necklace with small chain links. The cable strands aren't actually braided but twisted together. The thickest section of the cable has 4 twisted strands (8 cores) and the thinnest part (y cable split) has 2 twisted strands (4 cores). The strands are individually insulated and made of 5N OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) silver plated wire.

The T2 Evo cable integrates a barrel-style y-splitter (made of silver carbon alloy), which is located 34cm down the cable. The y-splitter hangs at chest level, which is pretty low but, the cable can be adjusted via the bead-shaped inline cable cinch, which is made of hard plastic. The longest section of the cable measures 79cm long. Total length of the T2 Evo cable is 1.13 meters long. There are two thick rubber strain reliefs reinforcing the cable joints too. One is located at the y-splitter end and the second strain relief is located at the plug end of the 3.5mm connector.

The Tin Hifi T2 Evo cable integrates a gold plated 3.5mm ribbed plug connector and MMCX connectors with barrel plugs. The 3.5mm connector has a extruded design so, it has a small bump at the base of it to stop the plug from rubbing against the audio port. The T2 Evo MMCX cable connection is very secure, although the snap-on coupling works slightly different to other MMCX IEMs such as the Tin Hifi T2000 and Shanling ME80

The T2 Evo MMCX cable connectors have an outer flange and, they don't seem to snap-on all the way into the port. This creates a small gap, which doesn't happen with the T2000 and ME80 MMCX connectors. Something else that was also noted about the T2 Evo was the audio cutting off if you slightly rotate the connectors around.

The T2 Evo MMCX connectors have blue and red markings to differentiate the left and right audio channels. Because the Tin Hifi T2 Evo uses MMCX connection, you don't have to worry about polarity orientation like you do with 2 pin type connectors. This is one of the main advantages of MMCX connectors, along with being less likely to break like 2 pin connectors, which can easily bend if you aren't careful.

The front of the T2 Evo earphones is flat and integrates blue and red crescent markings and a vent port pinhole that resemble a smiling emoji with a mono-eye. When the cable is connected to the earphones, the T2 Evo look like two large capital P letters.

The Tin Hifi T2 Evo come inside a hard cardboard box gift-like packaging and a thick removable foam insert protecting the earphones. 

As well as the earphones and cable, the Tin Hifi T2 Evo includes six sets of silicone ear tips (soft and grippy), Tin Hifi branded velcro cable management tie, a Tin Hifi branded thin suedette drawstring pouch and one set of comply foam ear tips,which are nice to use for increasing passive noise isolation and softening the higher notes. You can buy the Tin Hifi T2 Evo from Linsoul. Check out the review of KZ VX10 true wireless, Tin Hifi P1 Max Planar IEM., TRN TA2 triple driver, --Tin Hifi T3 Plus

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