Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds Review Super Low Latency Gaming Earbuds

Thursday, October 28, 2021


Black Shark are an unforgettable brand name with a pair of striking earbuds - the Lucifer T1 - ready to haunt the true wireless market! The Lucifer T1 (BS-T1) has a unique style. The charging case weighs 34 grams and has an heptagon shape (seven sides) with a canopy style lid, which has a tinted smoke semi-transparent finish to allow the earbuds green led lights to shine through like a pair of a squinting green eyes. The dimensions of the charging case are 6cm long, 4.5cm wide and 2.5cm high.

The Lucifier T1 charging case has a 480mAh internal battery that takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and can hold 28 hours of extra charge. There is no quick charge support. The Lucifer T1 earbuds charging time is 1.5 hours with a battery life of 7 hours (3.5 hours per earbud at 50% volume). 


The Lucidifer T1 earbuds have considerably less runtime than standard true wireless earbuds but, it is comparable to aptX low latency gaming headphones. Long battery life is not the strongest point of any low latency bluetooth device so, in this regard the Lucifer T1 earbuds sacrifices a bit of battery life for less delay (55ms), which is a trade-off most gamers are willing to take.

The Lucifier T1 earbuds use bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. The bluetooth chip does not support multipoint pairing connection but supports AAC (hi-res) codec. The earbuds can be paired whilst sitting inside the charging case and, you can switch between earbuds for stereo and mono listening. There is no interruptions when switching between earbuds, other than a 4 second re-connection delay. When storing the earbuds back in the case, the lid has to be shut in order to disconnect the bluetooth connection.

The Black Shark Lucifier T1 earbuds are made of plastic with matte and glossy accents along the 2.5cm long stem, which is thick and v-shaped. While there is no rubber wingtips, the plastic body is grippy and lightweight (5 grams per earbud) so, the earbuds stay securely in the ears.That said, the earbud nozzle is short and stocky; hence the earbuds rest outside the ear canal rather than inside the ear canal like regular in-ear earbuds. You can use the Lucifier T1 for jogging, although the sweat resistant rating is only IPX4.

The touch control area is located at the top, front side of the stem and, it's very responsive (not overly sensitive), requiring only a light touch to operate. The Lucifer T1 earbuds have very large status led indicators but, they do not blink during audio playback. 

Touch controls include play/pause, calls (answer/end/reject), listening mode (normal/game mode), skip to previous track, skip to next track and voice assistant. Volume control is not supported from the earbuds. There is no mobile app support either so, touch controls cannot be remapped. When switching between normal and game mode, you will hear a voice prompt clearly announcing the listening mode.

The microphone for calls isn't located at the tip of the stem like on most stem style earbuds. It is located on the outer front side of the stem at the bottom. The call quality is good for indoor calls. 

The microphones have very little noise filtering; hence background noise gets leaked into the call, although you can still maintain an adequate call conversation when using them outdoors. The audio quality is very good, thanks to 10mm dynamic drivers, which are optimized for gaming and provide very good bass immersion and details in the higher tones.

The Lucifier T1 earbuds come packaged inside a hard cardboard box with a closed-cell removable foam insert. An unbranded short charging cable is included (USB-A to USB-C) and standard bowl-shaped silicone ear tips. As far as compatibility, the Lucifer T1 are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. They're not compatible with the Playstation 4 (PS4) console. You can buy the Black Shark Lucifier T1 wireless earbuds from and get 10% of using code O3S2C2A5. The discounted price is the same as the Black Friday. Check out the review of Black Shark's Mako M1 gaming mouse.

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