Blincclip Review 3M Diamond Grade Self Blinking Bicycle Reflector

Monday, October 25, 2021


Having your bike lights fail on you mid ride can happen because electronics (cheap or expensive) are not full proof! Needing batteries is the biggest Achilles heel of any portable modern electronic gadget. Batteries go flat and you can forget recharging them. Not having to rely on electricity to power gadgets is a superb technological advancement that has not been realized yet but we're getting closer.

Blincclip (seen pictured) is a bicycle/helmet accessory designed to blink and reflect. It consists of a single, triangular-shaped reflector with dual-sided functionality for day use (yellow fluorescent) and night use (red). Blincclip can be attached directly to the bicycle saddle frame by hooking it onto the metal bar frame. Blincclip can also be used via the included elastic tie, giving flexibility of placement.

Blincclip has two small hole cutouts with a slit, which allows you to hook and remove Blincclip without having to undo the elastic cord. Being able to quickly detach Blincclip from the bicycle without using any special tool makes it more convenient and versatile than bolt-mounted reflectors. The only possible inconvinience maybe having to remember to remove Blincclip when locking the bike. Then again, that is something you have to do anyways when using bike lights so, it comes with the territory.

Blincclip is made of 3M Diamond Grade (4000 series) reflective sheeting - the same premium retroreflective material used for road signs and delineators (e.g. traffic cones). 3M Diamond Grade is very durable, weatherproof and doesn't require maintenance. And, it reflects more than 50% of the light it receives, making one of the most reflective materials on the market. Blincclip measures 9cm long and 6.5cm wide and weighs 4 grams.

Aside from being more reflective and versatile than a regular bicycle reflector, the ingenuity behind Blincclip self-blinking feature is the most exciting. It rocka back and forth when hooked onto the bicycle saddle, mimicking a blinking light. The self-blinking concept is neat because it is achieved without the use of circuitry and power, other than the power of your legs when riding the bicycle.

The self blinking feature does work, although how well it works depends primarily on two factors: the amount of light shone into Blincclip and the rocking motion. The brighter the light and the faster the rocking motion, the better the self-blinking illusion works. Blincclip feature isn't completely full-proof though. It relies on factors outside of your control like the amount of light directed into it and the amount of rocking motion generated. The self-blinking feature only works on the bicycle saddle. It won't wthe ork on back of a cycling helmet.

Blincclip has the same limitation as a regular reflector. It does not generate any light by itself, which means in a dark place without any light, Blincclip won't work. Because of this, Blincclip works best in addition to a regular bike flashlight or as a backup rather than a direct replacement to a flashlight. Another reason Blincclip is a great product is because it's very easy to produce. 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheet takes less energy resources to make and, it's also more reflective and produces less waste than reflective material made via glass beaded sheeting manufacturing.

The second product Blincc Cycling is planning to release is Blincc Hex (also pictured), which are thin and flexible reflective strips designed to be stuck on a bike frame, wheel rims and cycling helmet. The pre-launch samples of Blincc Hex are currently made of 610 scotchlite - same as the 3M reflective silver tape that you cut into pieces and stick onto jogger pants. The main difference is Blincc Hex reflective strips are more durable because they have a protective layer on top to prevent scratches, unlike standard reflective silver tape which doesn't. Once reflective silver tape get scratched it loses reflective performance.

Blincc Hex pre-launch samples include 4 long strips and 12 short strips. The weight is 1 gram for the longer strips. Dimensions are 1.8cm wide and 9cm long (long strips) and 5cm long (short strips). The thickness is similar to glossy print paper.

Blincc Hex is weather proof too. It can handle rain, although it's not machine washable. You can peel it off and re-stick it, although it is not recommended. Before sticking Blincc Hex onto any surface, you want to clean the surface well and use isopropryl alcohol (or similar) to remove grease. This really enhances the adhesive performance. In closing, if you ride a bicycle, seeing and being seen should be the first thoughts on your mind when hitting the road. Most motorbikers wear a full body armor, leather pants, motorcycle jacket and leather gloves to prevent from road rash when falling off the bike at high speed.Wearing a cycling helmet is the least you can do despite peer-pressure.

Cycling helmets may not be as cool as motorbike helmets but, if you ride your bicycle on the road like a motorbike, you're incredibly fragile and more vulnarable than a bike rider. Relying on a single light source isn't wise either, which is why having a backup makes sense. Not only it isn't safe to cycle at nigth without bike lights, it is also illegal - at least in the UK - to ride your bike on a public road in the dark without lights and reflectors. Both Blincclip and Blincc Hex are extremely affordable and you can buy them via Blincc Cycling online website.

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