Soundcore Frames Review: Bluetooth Audio Glasses With Interchangeable Frame Front

Monday, November 01, 2021


Reframe your sound is Soundcore's newest slogan for their newest audio solution - Frames - a pair of eyeglasses with speakers built-in that can be interchanged with different frame fronts to suit your mood and change up your look! Soundcore Frames consist of two main parts: the frame front eyeglasses and the bluetooth audio temples, which integrate the electronic circuitry and speakers.

There are ten frame fronts to choose from. The frame fronts are made just like regular eyeglasses with a bridge and nose pad. Some frames fronts are made of metal and others are made of plastic resin. You can get them with prescription lenses, polarized lenses, non-polarized lenses and with blue light filtering like the promenade style frame front. 


Polarized lenses have a special chemical applied to them to filter UV rays, blue light and light glare. They look like sunglasses, although not all sunglasses come polarized lenses (and that includes Soundcore Frames' festival style frame front). Check the video below on this review for a full showcase of each frame front.

The frame fronts have metal end housings designed for inserting the temples metal stem into them. The metal stems integrate a hinge mechanism to allow the temples to be folded inward like regular eyewear. The hinges can be tighten or loosen via the small screw. 


The metal connecting pieces that attach the temples to the frame front have a sturdy construction, which is a good thing since this is naturally going to be the weakest point (just like with regular eyeglasses). Detaching the temples is done by pulling. It is fairly easy with a bit of force required. This becomes relatively easy to do after doing it a few times.

Soundcore Frames temples are thick, although not so much thicker that they stand out in a weird way. In fact, most people won't know you're wearing bluetooth speaker glasses until you start playing music. The temples have Soundcore branding on the sides, as well as touch/swipe controls for controlling audio playback (skip track and play/pause only) and call functions (answer/end). 


Voice commands are supported too. Volume control is not supported. As far as the touch controls, they feel just like the touch controls on earbuds - very responsive.

The Soundcore Frame temples also integrate gold plated charging contacts and two speakers on each temple located towards the rear of the temples and protected by perforated metal grilles. There is also a two microphones (for calls) located on the temples. 


The speakers fire sound into the front and back of the ears, giving a 3D like experience. A 40 minute full charge provides 5 hours playtime at 60% volume (in normal mode) with 10 minute quick charge support, which gives you 90 minutes of playtime. There is also an "openSurround" that can be enabled from the app. This mode consumes a bit more power but makes the sound more involving.

As far as functionality, the Soundcore Frames will power on and power off (after 2 minutes) automatically. There is no way to power on the frames manually. You can reset the frames to trigger automatic pairing, which you have to do since the Frames do not re-connect automatically. Pairing works just like regular bluetooth earbuds so, you pair them to a smartphone or computer device. The bluetooth chip supports AAC and SBC audio codecs.

The Soundcore Frames are supported by the Soundcore app, which gives you access to a 9-band equalizer (EQ), sound presets, button remapping, voice command and wear detection (auto play/pause). When it comes to charging, the Soundcore Frames use a proprietary magnetic charging cable designed exclusively for the Soundcore Frames. 


The charging cable weighs 108 grams and measures 64cm long. It has a flat rubber cable with dual purpose magnetic pin connectors at one end and a USB-A connector at one end to plug into a computer or even a power bank so, you can still recharge them on the go. You will not be able to recharge them and use them at the same time because the Soundcore Frames temples have to be folded inward when charging. The magnetic pin connectors have a tiny green led that will turn off when charging is complete.

The Soundcore Frames are very comfortable to wear and you can wear them outdoors too, although there is only IPX4 water resistance. The temples have a glossy, smooth finish without rough edges. The temples measure 14cm long, 1.2cm wide and 0.8cm thick. When assembled into the frame front, the temples have outward give (~16cm) to accommodate large faces. The combined weight is around 46 grams. The interchangeable frame fronts weight around 18 grams. The audio temples alone weigh 27 grams.

Soundcore Frames include a unique hardshell glasses case with a foldable pyramid style design, which folds flat like a thin wallet. The unfolding mechanism is simple and works by straightening the folding side hinges. Once pushed outward, the side hinges stay "magically" in place without giving way until you manually push them back inward. 


The Soundcore Frames (including the temples) fit perfectly inside the sunglasses case so, you can put them inside without having to remove the temples. The sunglasses case has Soundcore carved into the leatherette exterior. It is lined with soft suedette material and closes magnetically via two magnets.The dimensions of the case are 18cm long, 8cm wide and 1cm thick when flat (6cm thick when extended).

The call experience with the Soundcore Frames is similar to talking on speakerphone, which means people can hear the voice of the caller. There is a "privacy mode" though, which can be enabled from the app to reduce the call volume. The microphones noise cancellation works really well, filtering background noise without muffling the call. The call quality feels a lot more natural than talking on a pair of true wireless earbuds. 


Considering the "open  air" design, the Frame speaker drivers deliver warm sounding audio. The bass is obviously not on the level you get with earbuds but, it is pleasant (not trebely harsh). The Soundcore Frames are sold with the audio bluetooth temples and one pair of Tour Style frame front as standard. You can buy the Soundcore Frames and additional frame fronts from Soundcore. 

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