VIEWCOMM iSpace 2 Review Small Portable Projector With Bluetooth Speaker Mode

Friday, November 26, 2021

A unique projector in many ways, VIEWCOMM iSpace 2 does it all! Lets you watch movies, listen to music, charge your phone and browse the Internet. The iSpace 2 is a native 480p projector with DLP display technology and OSRAM led bulb capable of 220 ANSI lumens and 30,000 hours runtime. It features 4-point keystone correction to adjust the image horizontally and vertically up to -40 degrees and +40 degrees.

The iSpace 2 projector also supports 1080p and 4k video but only with 480p resolution. It fuly charges in 4 hours (no quick charge support). You can connect external speakers to the iSpace 2 projector too but the internal speakers get disabled. The internal speakers are good sounding though. There are two full range 3 watt speakers, providing a total of 6 watt RMS output with plenty of volume and good sound reproduction. Good bass, clean treble and clear vocals. In bluetooth speaker mode, the battery life is 30 hours (at 50% volume).

iSpace 2 runs on Android 9.0 mobile OS and has easy to navigate menu screens. You can change time/date, sound, image quality and brigthness but, you can only access some settings (e.g. aspect ratio) when watching content. There are four aspect ratio options: 4:3, 16:9, full and over to resize the image and make it a larger square or larger rectangle. 
If you want to change the sound settings and image mode, it cannot be done while watching content. You actually have to stop watching whatever content you're watching and come off to the main menu to change image settings, which isn't as convenient.

Image settings includes four brightness modes: auto, high, medium and low. At medium brightness, you can achive 2 hours of runtime, 1.5 hours in auto brightness and 2.5 hours in low brightness. There are also four image modes: game, standard, movie and custom mode, which lets you manually adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and color temperature.

iSpace 2 comes with a total of 8GB eMMC storage space, although with the built-in apps (YouTube, iMirror, EShareServer,LocalFile, NetFlix), you only get 3.44GB space available out of the box. You can download many more apps too via the verified APP store. The iSpace 2 projector has a decent RAM size (1GB DDR4) too so, you can run multiple programs in the background without slowing down the system. When the projector is set at 2 meters distance (78 inches), it creates an image size of 165cm (1.65 meters) horizontally and 0.80 meters (35 inches) vertically. One thing to note about the iSpace 2 projector is that when your power it off and power it on again, you have to readjust focus. The minimum and maximum projection distance is 20 inches and 100 inches respectively.

There are 3 main connection ports: USB-A, USB-C and HDMI 2.1. The USB port is dual purpose. You can use it to plug in a flashdrive or phone and stream wired content via the phone, which is neat. The USB port is also able to send power out (5V/1A), which is handy turning the iSpace 2 projector into a powerbank. The HDMI port supports chromecast and there is a wireless screen mirroring facility (via TVPlay/imirror/ eShare) so, you can still broadcast your phone's content via iSpace 2, which si handy when mobile gaming.

The iSpace 2 projector does not experience overheating issues, although it naturally gets warm (like most projectors) during use. The included magnetic tripod is a really good addition. It lets you orient the iSpace 2 projector at different angles, including upright to project onto a cealing. That said, the weight of the projector may tend to tilt the projector over so, you may need to use something like a book to push against the projector and prevent it from tilting over when aiming at the cealing.

The included magnetic tripod really makes the iSpace 2 a worthwhile buy. The tripod has a premium construction made entirely of anodized solid metal, including the folding hinges and ball head joint, which features a rubberized magnetic plate that attaches to the bottom of the iSpace 2 projector in seconds. This is much quicker than screwing in a regular tripod. That said, the iSpace 2 projector still features a 1/4 inch female thread on the bottom so, you can still use a standard tripod.

The iSpace 2 tripod legs has rubber feet and can be extended at different angles. When fully extended, the tripod height is 15cm. Total height of the tripod when retracted is 18cm long (including the ball head), which is not removable. The iSpace 2 tripod also has a metal knob for tightening and loosening the ball ahead at different angles. The tripod magnetic head has a very strong magnetic connection that holds up even when shaking it.

The iSpace 2 projector operates silently, although it does have an internal fan that kicks in when the projector gets hot so, that's the only time you hear it. That said, the fan makes very little noise so, it does not disturb when watching movies. To enter bluetooth mode, you can press the power button or rotate the rotary cover in the close position. If you select to rotate the rotary cover to enter bluetooth mode, the cover must be closed all the way, which means if you have a flash drive or power cable connected you have to remove them, which is a drawback as you won't be able to charge the speaker while in bluetooth mode. You can also connect a bluetooth speaker wirelessly to the iSpace 2 projector. The internal bluetooth chip supports SBC and AAC codecs only.

The iSpace 2 projector is made entirely of plastic and a spring loaded rotary cover which springs open and close by rotating it clockwise and anti-clockwise. The bottom of the projector has vent cutouts for the air inlet/outlets, as well as a magnetic area, gold plated female tripod thread and a rubber ring to prevent the projector from sliding off a desk. The projector lens and connectivity ports are located at oppossite sides of the projector inside a shallow cutout (7cm long x 1.5cm high) When the rotary cover is rotated closed it conceals the lens and ports, which is a useful feature to minimize dust ingress. Next to the projector lens, there is a focus ring wheel to adjust the focus of the image.

There are two AAA batteries included, as well as four rubber pads and a 1 meter long super high speed USB 3.1 USB-C male to male cable which supports up to 8.1Gbps data transfer speed and can carry 10 watts of power. There is also a 50W (12V/4.2A) power brick with retractable US 2 pins. The power brick is a square-shaped (6.5cm x 6.5cm x 3cm thick) and is attached to a 1.5 meters long cable with a DC barrel make connector. The power brick weighs 207 grams. The USB-C cable weighs 46 grams. The iSpace 2 projector weighs 435 grams. The tripod weighs 202 grams. The dimensions of the iSpace 2 projector are 13cm in diameter and 4cm high. You can buy the VIEWCOMM iSpace 2 projector from Kickstarter.

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