Joby Bum Bag Rainbow Review Waist Sling Backpack

Tuesday, January 04, 2022


The new Joby bag line up resurrects the colorful bold style of the 80s and 90s with a retro bum bag collection hard to miss! The Joby Bum Bag consists of 3 bags, one of which is a large neon yellow drawstring bag built inside the rear zipper of the smaller bag pouch, which measures 20cm long and 12cm high.

The yellow bag is made of thin fabric with a square grid ripstop pattern like Robic nylon so, it is strong and water resistant. The Joby yellow bag has two thin and flat drawstring cords on either side to cinch the bag up and also carry it like a backpack. The yellow bag drawstring cord is very thin though, so it isn't designed for heavy loads. It is best suited for carrying things like a small water bottle, bag of crisps, gloves and even a cycling helmet. The dimensions of the yellow bag are 33cm high and 25cm wide. There are no internal pockets.

Speaking of pockets, the yellow bag folds neatly inside the rear zipper of the pouch. The yellow bag is physically sewn to the bag pouch so, it cannot be detached. There is also a long velcro strip that is designed to grip the pouch to the yellow bag and stop it from flopping around. 


Because the yellow pouch is permanently tethered to the pouch, you cannot use them as two separate bags, which would have been better from an anti-theft point of view. This is because when wearing the yellow bag, the pouch bag sticks out noticeably, which may encourage someone to try to rip it off, especially if you're in a shopping centre or busy place like the underground.

The yellow drawstring bag/pouch combo would be perfect for a someone like a cyclist to store keys and energy bars. It is also bright yellow so ideal when riding a bicycle. The yellow drawstring bag is quick to deploy and easy to stow to convert into a large purse, sling bag (across the chest) or small shoulder handbag.

The Joby Bum Bag small pouch is also designed to be worn along with the larger bag. It has a passthrough sleeve on the backside so, you can slide it into the waist strap of the larger bum bag. It would have been neat if the small pouch came with its own waist strap though so, you could wear the small pouch standalone as a bum bag too. That said, you could use a trouser belt or any type of waist strap to attach the small pouch around the waist.

When the yellow bag is neatly folded inside the zipper compartment, you can use it to store things too. The small pouch rear compartment measures 13cm and 9cm high. The small pouch has two additional zipper compartments - a centre compartment (15cm long x 12 cm high) and a front facing zipper compartment (15cm long x 10cm high). The centre and front zippers have a large YKK 10RCG metal slider with a standard coil teeth (non-water resistant), as well as thick, bright yellow fabric cord pull tabs.

The small pouch outer shell material is made of canvas-like material and lined with ripstop-like fabric. The small Joby Bum Bag pouch middle compartment is the largest and houses a large neoprene open pocket, as well as a long, semi elastic bright yellow cord to wear the small pouch like a shoulder handbag. 


The long yellow cord attaches to the black fabric loops on either side of the main zipper. The long yellow cord measures 62cm long and has two double barrel cord locks inline to adjust the cord length to size. The cord locks are made of magnesium alloy.

The largest of the Joby bum bags can also be worn as a sling bag across the chest and standalone without the smaller pouch. The large Joby bum bag measures 34cm long and 16cm high and has three zipper compartments - rear, centre and front - as well as two bottom straps to attach something externally like a tripod or small bottle.The bottom straps integrate elastic retainers and two Duraflex ladderlocks so, you can adjust and manage the excess webbing.

The large Joby bum bag rear zipper compartment measures 18cm long and 11cm high. It has a standard metal slider and reverse coil (hidden) teeth which provides some water resistance. The middle compartment is the largest and roomiest, measuring 20cm long and 16cm high. The middle compartment opens up via an over size YKK 5RCG metal slider with standard coil teeth and integrates two thick neoprene open pockets, as well as an internal red zipper compartment (19cm long x 12cm high). 

The neoprene pockets have a small fabric sleeve with the symbols of a microphone and sun sewn on the front. These small fabric sleeves can be used as pen holders too. The middle compartment slider has a long (non-removable) pull tab with the words "Have Fun. Create" printed on.

The large Joby bum bag front facing zipper compartment is also very roomy. It has a single YKK 5RCG metal slider zipper with a U-shape opening and lined with ripstop fabric material. The front compartment has three open pockets, as well as a short red fabric cord with a snap fastener built-in to it that you can use to attach things like house keys.

The large Joby bum bag outer shell is also made of canvas-like fabric material and integrates a large reflector on the front with a rainbow effect that also appears to flash when light is shone into it - perfect when riding a bicycle at night. 


The large Joby bum bag has a robust waist strap, which integrates Joby branding, as well as an elastic retainer, a large plastic Duraflex ladderlock, large plastic D-ring and a plastic quick-release Duraflex buckle. The waist strap is made of thick webbing and can be adjusted between 24cm and 94cm to accommodate various waist sizes. The waist strap is not detachable.

Construction-wise, the Joby Bum Bag set looks well made with scratch resistant outer fabric material and large YKK zippers that should hold well over time. The bags have some natural water resistance but aren't made for rainy weather. The bags are handy and useful for carrying your gear when going into town, walking the dog, taking a stroll in the woods and hanging out with friends.

The Joby Bum Bag comes in three colorways/variants: tropical, rainbow and standard - all of which are colorful. There is no black or darker color option, which would have made the Joby Bum Bag more appealing to those who prefer stealth. The Joby Bum Bag also comes with three other accessories: a metal carabiner, screen cleaner and gorilla pod ring. The Joby Bum Bag weighs 430 grams, which breaks down to 150 grams (small bag) and 280 grams (large bag). You can buy the Joby Bum Bag from Joby's website and amazon when it comes available. Check out the review of the JOBY GorillaPod Kit with GorillaFeet Duck

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