Dierya DK61 PRO Review Gateron Hot Swap 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Monday, March 07, 2022

The Dierya DK61 Pro is a compact 60% mechanical keyboard packed with a ton of useful features, including removable switches, dual connectivity (cable+wireless) and customizable RGB lights. The Dierya DK61 Pro keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.1 multipoint connectivity for up to 3 different devices connected at the same time.  

The DK61 Pro has a solid build with very little rattling and no flex, thanks to the steel plate. The keyboard casing is made of hard plastic, while the keycaps are the same double shot PBT keycaps you get with the DK63 keyboard. The keycaps are durable, produce a nice deep sound and have permanent legends. 

On the base of the DK61 Pro keyboard, there are four thick rubber feet and a tiny switch to toggle between wired and bluetooth mode. There are no feet risers for height adjustment but the front of the keyboard is naturally angled. The top row of keys measures 5cm high, while the bottom row of keys measures 3cm high. The weight is 609 grams, which is similar in weight to the DK63 and about 35 grams lighter than the DK61E board (645 grams). The dimensions of the DK61 Pro are 29cm long and 10cm wide.

There are several onboard controls built-in to the DK61 Pro keyboard so, you can turn off the backlighting (FN+] ), adjust brightness (FN+P and FN+[ ) and change lighting effects (FN+ \ ). You can also access multimedia keys (play/payse, volume etc), change to Mac layout mode and switch between 4 user profiles. The onboard key commands can be found on the included user guide. 
The Kemove desktop software can be downloaded via Kemove's website download page and worth downloading as you get many more options to customize the keyboard. The software gives you access to macros (record/play), key re-assignment, combination key creation, mouse button controls and advanced RGB customization with dozens more of light effects to choose from. Kemove's software is truly and really feature packed, although the interface isn't the most intuitive; hence it isn't super user friendly. 

The onboard lighting effects you get with the DK61 Pro include a solid rainbow color mode and WASD mode, which you don't get with the DK61E keyboard or DK63 keyboard. WASD mode illuminate the W, A, S, and D keys on the keyboard only, which is useful since the DK61 Pro keyboard doesn't have navigation arrow keys built-in. There are also 9 single solid color options to choose from directly from the keyboard. The DK61E and DK63 keyboards do not have single color options but, you can get these keyboards with a white casing and white keycaps, which allow the RGB lighting effects to be more luminescent and vibrant. The DK61 Pro is only available in black with black keycaps.

Despite the same battery capacity (1900mAh), the DK61 Pro has a longer runtime, thanks to the efficiency of the bluetooth chip. The DK61 Pro keyboard is able to average around 8 hours of battery life without the RGB lights turned on (3-4 hours with RGBs). This is a lot longer than the 6.5 hours battery life you get with the DK63 and DK61 keyboards. The DK61 Pro charging time is still the same - about 8 hours. The DK61 Pro keyboard does not support quick charge and does not integrate overcharge/overcurrent protection, which means you will damage it if you use a fast charger. The safest wattage this keyboard can accept is 5 watts so, you can charge it via a USB port of a computer or 5 watt powerbank.
The DK61 Pro keyboard comes with a a US layout as default. This means, some keys have different functions when configuring the keyboard to be used as a UK keyboard. Luckily, this isn't too much of an issue since you can change the input language in Windows to use both UK English and US English as input languages and the, switch as necessary. Aesthetically, the DK61 Pro is very similar to the DK61E keyboard, with the main difference being that the DK61E has no bluetooth and no customizable RGB lighting. The DK61 Pro keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac computers but the software is only supported by Windows operating systems.

Accessories include a metal keycap, key switch puller, two spare switches (brown and red) and a stiff fabric detachable charging cable (1.3 meters) with rubberized right angle USB-C plug and reversible USB-A connector (straight rubberized plug). The spare red switch included has been added as a sample so, you can test it out.

You can buy the DK61 Pro keyboard from amazon and get 50% off using promo code DIERYAPRO. The DK61 Pro is available with different Gateron optical switches, including Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, Gateron Optical Red and Gateron Optical Black. There is no price different between the switches other than the performance. 
The blue switches have 55GF actuation force with a clicky tactile feedback when pressed. The brown ones are also tactile and have same actuation force (55GF) as the blue switches but without the "clickyness". The Gateron black and red switches are both linear, meaning they are quieter to type on. The only real difference between the black and red switches is the heavier actuation force (60GF) for the black switches compared to 45GF for the red switches. If you're a heavy typist, go for the black switches. If you're a touch typist, go for red switches.

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