Quntis Laptop Monitor Lamp Pro Review Model PHX008 Version 2.0

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

When faced with sub-optimal room lighting, the Quntis Laptop Monitor Lamp Pro is a neat solution to enhance the quality of your work environment!
Quntis laptop monitor lamp Pro (model PHX008) seen pictured weighs 190 grams and has a triangular enclosure design, measuring 30cm long and 2cm across on all three sides. The Quntis laptop monitor lamp Pro has a non-detable USB power cable (74cm long) with a 2-in-1 dual metal plugs for USB-A and USB-C ports.

 The 2-in-1 dual plugs are tethered to each other via a thick rubber strip. The holding mechanism that holds the light in place consists of a plastic spring-loaded clip with rubberized clamps for clamping the light on top of the frame of the laptop screen (up to 20mm thick). 
The Quntis laptop monitor lamp Pro has a metal frame enclosure and a plastic anti-glare diffuser light panel covering the leds, which reduces led glare (on eyes and the computer screen), while softening and spreading out the light across a wider area.
The built-in clamp is made of hard plastic and tiltable so, you can tilt angle of the laptop monitor light up to 150 degrees. Being designed to work with laptops, the Quntis laptop monitor light only requires 5 watts to operate so, it can be easily powered via a laptop's USB port without the need of a wall power adapter. 
At max brigthness, the led lights produce up to 255 marketing lumens, which translates to 106 ANSI lumens. The Quntis leds have a CRI (color rendering index) of 95, which is close to the color rendering index of natural daylight and makes everything standout better than artificial lighting. 
The Quntis laptop monitor light supports four different color temperatures too (3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6500k), as well as four brightness preset levels (5%, 30%, 60% and 100%).
On board, there are four capacitive touch sensitive buttons for adjusting brightness, color temperature, power and "auto mode" mode, which automatically adjusts brigthness and color temp according to the light in the room. The Quntis laptop monitor light has a "power off memory mode" too, which automatically remembers the settings (color temperature and brightness level) you had when powering off.

The Quntis laptop monitor light has similar performance to the Quntis computer light (model PHX003D-S) and has some advantages. For one, it costs a bit less and has a more versitile clamp that is easier to clamp onto anything, including the edge of a desk. That said, the Quntis model PHX008 comes with a non-detachable clamp and power cable so, it's not as slimline as the Quntis computer light (model PHX003D-S). 
The Quntis laptop monitor light (model PHX008) includes an allen key, a sudette drawstring pouch and cable strap for cable management. You can buy the Quntis laptop monitor light model PHX008 from amazon and get 10% off using promo code GadgetExplained10. 

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