Phylian Oral Irrigator Y206 Review Battery Powered Water Flosser

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Water flossers can be awkward and messy to start with but are a lot easier to use than flossing or brushing with a TeePee! The Phylian oral irrigator Y206 cleans gums, gaps between teeth and hard to reach areas like the back of the mouth, eliminating the need of having to use a flosser to ensure the teeth are properly cleaned. 

Like most water flosser irrigators, the Phylian water flosser consists of three main detachable components: nozzle tip, motorized body and plastic tank reservoir for holding the water. The heaviest part is the body, weighing 177 grams. The water tank can hold up to 250ml of water and weighs 47 grams (empty). The nozzle jet tip weighs 3 grams and measures 7.5cm long. 
The Phylian flosser has a 7cm diameter base and narrow upper body (4.5cm diameter), making it easier to hold and grip even with small hands. The water flosser measures 20cm tall and weighs 227 grams in total when empty - about the weight of a smartphone - and 452 grams when filled with water.
The Phylian flosser is entirely made of plastic, including the physical buttons. The dip tube is made of rubber and, it is permanently attached to the pump motor inside the body so, it cannot be detached. The bottom end of the dip tube is attached to small plastic diffuser that filters out large particles that could jam the pump motor. The dip tube is about 9cm long.

The Phylian oral irrigator is equipped with a 1500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery, which takes 4 hours to recharge. When using the oral irrigator twice a day in Normal mode, the battery life is 1 week. The 250ml water tank is large enough for a 1 minute cleaning session in Normal mode.
There are 3 buttons located on the front of the Phylian oral irrigator. The small top button is the unlock/lock button that releases the spring loaded locking mechanism holding the nozzle tip in place. The middle (concave) button is a multi-functional button for powering on/off the unit and changing the water pressure strength. The M-engraved flat button is the mode button, which lets you toggle between Normal mode, Pulse mode and Point mode. 
The mode button changes the pulsation of the water flow from 1400 pulses per minute (ppm) to 1800 per minute depending on the mode (e.g. Normal, Point or Pulse). In Normal mode, the Phylian flosser operates at 1800ppm, delivering a strong and continuous stream of pulsating water. Pulse mode delivers 1600ppm of pulsating water, while Point mode operates at 1400ppm, delivering pulsating bursts of water every couple of seconds. Each mode is automatic and terminates when the water runs out - approximately 1 minute in Normal mode. There is no manual mode. The water flosser remembers the chosen settings before being powered off.
There is no assembly required, other than inserting the jet tip into the top of the water flosser. Once the nozzle tip is pushed in, it clicks into place securely. To detach the nozzle tip, you simply press the lock/unlock button and pull out jet tip. The water pressure ranges from 30 PSI (lowest) to 120 PSI (highest) and can be adjusted in 5 levels: 30 PSI, 52 PSI, 74 PSI, 96 PSI and 120 PSI. You can monitor each water pressure level via the vertical array of blue led lights.The horizontal white led lights on top feedback the current mode (e.g. normal, point or pulse). Below the water pressure led lights, there is a red led light for indicating charging status. When full charge is complete the red led turns solid green light..

At full power, the water pressure is very strong - a lot stronger than water jetting out of a bathroom sink tap, which is around 60 PSI. For safety, the Phylian water flosser cannot be used whilst charging. As far as maintanance, the water flosser has to be cleaned internally to keep the inner workings running smoothly and free from limescale. The cleaning procedure is a bit similar to descaling a kettle by using vinegar or bicarbonate of soda to break limescale build up.  The noise level of the Phylian oral irrigator is72dB.
As far as drawbacks, the Phylian water flosser has one main disadvantage and that is, it is not a USB rechargeable water flosser. The Phylian flosser charges via a figure 8 connector plug (similar to an electric razor/shaver), which means you can't use a smartphone charging cable . If you have an electric shaver, you may be able to use the cable with the Phylian water flosser. If you want a spare cable, you will have to buy one from a third party because the maker (Phylian Care) doesn't sell them. The included figure 8 to USB-A cable is a 1 meter long rubber cable made of thin wire (AWM 2464 26 AWG ).
The Phylian water flosser feels well made with high quality plastic and rubber o-ring gaskets that help maintain a tight seal for water pressure to operate properly. The rubber seal gaskets also prevent water splashes from getting inside the machine. The Phylian water flosser has an IPX7 water resistance so, you can technically use it while taking a shower. The charging port does come with a protective rubber cover but, it is not tethered to the water flosser, so you can very easily misplace the rubber cover or forget putting it back after charging, which is why it's probably why it is a good idea to only use the water flosser in the sink.

As far as accessories, you get a total of four classic jet tips with different color accents, which is nice as this allows you to share the water flosser with 3 other people. You can buy different types of water flosser tips too, some with tiny brushes for cleaning in between braces and cleaning the tongue. There is no storage case included but you can get a free storage case if you request it via email (see user guide for more details). You can buy the Phylian water flosser from Phylian Care and amazon

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