Edifier MS50A Review Stereo Paired Bluetooth Wifi Speaker AirPlay Spotify Compatible

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Aesthetically pleasing and good sounding, the new Edifier MS50A tick more than one box! In fact, the MS50A can be stereo paired with a second speaker for a cool 80 watts total RMS!

The Edifier MS50A speaker has a square barrel design, measuring 14.5cm long, 14.5cm deep and 21cm high and 2.1 kg in weight. The MS50A enclosure is made of walnut veneer and covered with a detachable plastic cloth grille. The top and bottom faceplate is made of matte plastic. The top plate integrates a touch control glossy plastic ring that activates via swipe gestures for controlling volume and skipping of tracks. When reaching max volume, you will hear an audible beep to alert you. In the centre of the touch control ring, there is a clicky physical power button with status led ring built-in. 

The bottom base integrates five anti vibration isolation pads (2mm high), as well as a large deep cutout enclosure housing a female figure-8 port and a long groove for routing the power cord cable neatly underneath the speaker. The isolation pads are on the thin side (2mm) and better if they were thicker to provide some bottom clearance and longevity so, you won't have to replace the isolation pads too prematurely. 

Hardware include a bluetooth 5.0 chip that supports absolute bluetooth volume and AAC codec, as well as a 2-way speaker system which features a woofer (4-inch) and tweeter (19mm silk tweeter). The woofer is capable of 25 watts and handles the mid-bass; while the tweeter outputs 15 watts and handles the treble. The total RMS power for the Edifier MS50A unit is 40 watts. The sound signature is warm sounding; hence the sound isn't clinical/detailed. The midrange and bass are more forward than the treble. The sound quality is very good but being a small self-contained unit, the soundstage isn't very wide.

The Edifier MS50A speaker features a "TWS mode", which allows you to sync two Edifier MS50A speakers together for proper stereo sound separation. The Edifier MS50A speaker is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay and Spotify. With Alexa and AirPlay support, you can control the MS50A speaker with your voice and stream AirPlay content from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the Edifier MS50A speaker. 
Spotify support lets you play high-quality Spotify music (at 320kbps) via the Spotify app. If you have Spotify Connect setup, you won't even need to use the Spotify app, as you are able to send music over WiFi to the Edifier MS50A speaker directly from Spotify's servers. This means, you can use your phone for other things like browsing and making/taking calls without stopping the audio and also preserve your phone's battery. The only drawback with the Spotify Connect method is that it doesn't work with a Spotify Free account. You will need to have a Spotify Premium account (costs around £10 per month. 
The Edifier MS50A is a classy, non-flamboyant speaker perfect for minimalists. Some potential deal breakers with the MS50A include the limited connectivity options. The Edifier MS50A is a wireless-only speaker so, it has no AUX or USB wired mode; hence you cannot wire the Edifier MS50A speaker to a phone or computer for wired listening. In that regard, the MP230 speaker is a much better choice if you are looking for a stylish speaker with variety of connectivity options. 
The MS50A has no built-in microphone either; hence you cannot use it as a speakerphone for taking calls. The Edifier Home mobile app is very basic and doesn't feature an equalizer and no sound preset modes. The only features you get with the app is volume control, player functions (e.g. play/pause), TWS mode and connectivity mode.

The premium construction of the enclosure is a nice plus for the Edifier MS50A speaker, which looks very stylish and more expensive than its price tag suggests. The biggest deal breaker for the Edifier MS50A speaker is, undoubtedly, the lack of internal rechargeable battery for bluetooth mode. Despite bluetooth support, you cannot use the MS50A like a portable battery-powered speaker; hence the MS50A has the same limitation as a Wifi-only speaker which must be tethered to an electrical outlet at all times. 

On the plus side, Wifi gives you the benefits of better wireless range and stronger wireless signal. Also, because the MS50A is mains-powered the internal DAC gets a constant boost of power which in turn translates to better sound.  It would have been neat if the MS50A had a port for connecting an external DAC too. The only accessory included is a figure-8 power rubber cable (1.6 meters). You can buy the Edifier MS50A speaker from amazon. Check out the review of the Edifier D12 bookshelf speaker.

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