Novostella Blink 25W Review Smart Bluetooth RGB LED Flood Lights

Monday, June 20, 2022

Transform an ordinary area into a unique and stylish space with Novostella Blink - a set of smart RGB flood lights controlled via phone bluetooth! 

Novostella Blink works similar to Novostella Bloom (Wifi version) and, it even uses the same Smart Life - Smart Living mobile app. The main difference is Novostella Blink uses bluetooth so, you don't need a Wifi router to make the Blink flood lights work. Simply turn on bluetooth on your phone, run the app and connect. That's it. 

The Novostella Blink flood light enclosure is made of semi translucent diffused glass and a graphene rear back panel with a heatsink fin design.
 Novostella Blink features a thick waterproof bluetooth antenna (with 25 meters wireless range) and a 1.4 meters long heavy duty neoprene insulated power cord with thick 17 AWG wire. It is a H05RN-F flexible rubber cable - the same exact type of harmonized cable used in kitchen equipment like electric ovens.

The Novostella Blink flood light unit weighs 673 grams (including the cable). The dimensions are 21cm tall (including the antenna), 14cm long (side to side) and 10cm deep with the mounting bracket, which can be detached using a standard adjustable spanner. The metal mounting bracket is about 9cm deep, 13cm long and 2.5cm high. 

As far as the Smart Life - Smart Living mobile app, it works flawlessly without glitches. An account registration is not required, which is nice. The app lets you connect up to 128 single flood lights together and sync them too so, you can control the lights as a group. You can create scenes, schedule operation times and select a variety of light effects and modes including "music light show", which makes the lights dance at the beat of sound. 
Music light show mode works using the microphone of the source device the app is installed. If the app is installed in your phone, the app will access your phone's internal microphone and listen out for sounds such as music or just people talking and make the lights dance.

As well as being dimmable, the Novostella Blink floodlight has a 120 degree wide beam angle and 50,000 hrs lifespan runtime. From a 19 feet distance (~5 meters), the Blink floodlight is capable of a 15 meter (49ft) beam spread so, it can illuminate a wide area. Another plus with the Novostella Blink light is that it is weatherproof. It can operate in hot temperatures (up to 40C) and freezing weather (up to -20C). 

Novostella Blink runs on 50Hz/60Hz at high voltage (between 200V and 240V) so, you can use them almost anywhere in the world, including USA, UK, Europe and Australia. The Blink leds are built-in so, they are not user replaceable. 
The enclosure is IP66 rated, which means the Blink flood light has been designed to prevent dust and water ingress. It can handle rainfall but not water submersion; hence you cannot use the Novostella Bluetooth RGB Flood Light inside a swimming pool. You also have to be mindful of water puddles developing when placing the Novostella Bluetooth RGB Flood Light at ground level.
The Novostella Blink works well and does what it says on the tin. One possible drawback with Blink is the low waterproof IPX6 rating, which may or may not be a potential deal breaker depending on where you plan to use the lights. For outdoor use, IPX6 seems low and could be a safety concern. IPX6 is above average but considering that Blink has to be powered via high voltage mains electricity it would be more reassuring having a higher waterproof rating (IPX8). 
Novostella Blink could be improved by, perhaps, making the power cord longer or including a power cord extender in the box. There is no hardware included in the box either; hence no wall plugs or screws for mounting Blink on a wall.

As far as energy consumption, Novostella Blink has an A energy rating. It draws very little power (150mA) so, it consumes very little energy. A rough estimate of cost is around £16 per year (£1.30 per month) based on 6 hours daily usage, making the Novostella RGB Flood Light extremely affordable to run. You can make these lights also work via Alexa/Google voice command but for this feature to work, you need to purchase the Novostella hub which is sold separately. You can buy Novostella Blink (model NTF71 RGB) from amazon and Novostella.

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