EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Review Gaming Headset With Low Latency Dongle

Friday, August 26, 2022

"Crafted to last, designed to excite" it's the slogan of EPOS' new H3PRO Hybrid Wireless - a vastly improved successor to the original EPOS H3 headset with more features but similar design!

The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless retains the same flat volume control and matt glossy plastic earcups, which are joint to the headband via a dual sided articulated L hinge that allows the earcups to swivel and tilt (up to 45 degrees). There is one physical button (power) front facing the left earcup, while on the rear of the right earcup there is the bluetooth button and flick switch to control the ANC function. The flat volume control is located on the front side of the right earcup.  
Despite being flat, the volume dial is easy to operate. It sits on top of an encoder with very little resistance so, it moves freely continuously, making it very easy to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise. Being an encoder, it has no stops for max volume and min volume. Luckily, a voice prompt alert has been implemented to alert when you have reached max volume. The volume control sensitivity is tactile so, you're able to gradually adjust volume in subtle increments. 

The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless magnetic boom arm microphone is one of the highlights of this headset. It detaches via magnetic connection, making it stand out from most gaming headsets which detach via a 3.5mm jack connection. 
The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless boom arm measures 14cm long and weighs 20 grams. It is made of plastic with a flexible rubber mid section which allows the boom arm to be adjusted closer or further from the mouth. The boom arm cannot be bent up or down due to its flat construction. The magnetic connection of the boom arm is strong enough that it will not come off accidentally. 
The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless has ergonomic removable earpads made with soft suedette (on-side), cloth fabric (inner rim) and PU leather (outer) - same as the headband which is a combination of fabric (top side) and PU leather (under side). The top side is slightly padded, while the underside of the headband has thicker springy foam padding. 
The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless earcups have thick soft cushion and are very comfortable over the ears, thanks also to the ear-shaped design, low weight (290 grams) and soft suedette, which makes the earcups less sweaty than PU leather earpads. 
The dimensions of the H3PRO earpads inner hole is 7cm high, 3.5cm wide from the middle side to side. The bottom (3cm) is narrower than the top (3.5cm), just like an ear. The depth to the driver is 2cm. The top of the drivers are flat (no protruding bits) and covered with a thin layer of fabric.

The sound quality is the main feature set of the H3PRO Hybrid and does not disappoint. Superb wide soundstage, clear midrange for accurate retrieval, huge low end (sub-bass + mid-bass) and bright treble. The stock sound signature can be tweaked via the Gaming Suite, which is a huge plus.
As far as the H3PRO Hybrid battery performance, it takes 1.5 hours to charge. Runtime is around 28 hours via the 2.4Ghz dongle with ANC OFF and 18 hours with ANC ON. Via the bluetooth connection, you get the best battery performance - around 36 hours with ANC OFF and 20 hours with ANC ON. The 3.5mm wired connection is unfortunately active, which means it requires the use of the internal battery to work. You can get around 27 hours with ANC OFF and 16 hours  with ANC OFF.

 Potential deal breakers
  • No hard shell carry case, which would have been a good addition since the boom arm mic is detachable and has a cover plate, allowing you to wear the H3PRO headset outdoors.
  • Boom arm mic is not dual sided - you can only have it on the left earcup
  • Flat volume control not as intuitive as a volume knob or volume wheel
  • Short swivel range - cannot rotate earcups flat
  • The boom arm cover plate can be easily misplaced
  • No bluetooth AAC codec support
  • Does not support absolute bluetooth volume
  • Does not have a 3.5mm audio port
  • The H3PRO uses a 2.5mm mini jack connection on the earcup
  • Can simultaneously connect to two bluetooth devices at the same time but can only play once source at a time
  • Bluetooth call quality not as good as the 2.4Ghz wireless dongle
  • Does not support classic bluetooth multipoint
  • There is no transparency/ambience/talk-through
  • Cannot be used in wired mode (via 3.5mm connection) with the battery empty, unless it is via wired USB connection
  • No quick charge

Selling points for the H3PRO Hybrid Wireless
  • Can be worn outdoors
  • Equipped with feedback ANC (active noise cancellation) - most gaming headphones do not come with ANC
  •  Flip to mute microphone
  • Looks and feels well made
  • Detachable and breathable earpads
  • Detachable boom arm microphone turns the H3PRO into a cool looking pair of headphones, thanks to the included plastic cover plate.
  • Low latency wireless dongle reduces lag when gaming on PC and compatible games console (PS4 and PS5)
  • Noise cancellation
  • Onboard battery led indicator
  • Immersive in-game experience
  • Available in different colorways 
  • Wired connectivity makes the H3PRO compatible with Nintendo Switch, Playstation (PS4 and PS5), Mac, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection to a bluetooth enabled device (e.g. phone and tablet).
  • Premium cables 
  • The wireless dongle has a nano footprint - small and compact - so it sticks out very little
  • Recessed USB-C connectivity
  • Detachable audio cable
  • Magnetic boom arm microphone
  • Suitable for tall heads - Total height adjustment is up to 3.5cm of extra height adjustment.
  • EPOS Gaming Suite desktop software has tons of features. It gives you access to settings such as 9-band audio EQ with 5 preset souns + custom, microphone EQ with 2 sound modes+ custom), sidetone, gain, noise gate (background noise adjustment user adjustable), adaptive mic noise cancellation (AI powered), auto sleep, notifications, power button second fucntion remapping (surround sound or preset switcher)
  • Can be used in bluetooth mode and wired mode whlist charging 
  • High passive noise isolation - low sound leakage
  • Superb mic quality for conference calls
  • Medium clamping force
  • Supports stereo sound (2.0) and surround sound (7.1)
  • The USB-C port supports audio - USB-A or USB-C with adapter
The EPOS H32PRO headset comes packaged inside a thin lightweight cardboard box with removable protective foam insert. Accessories include a H3PRO 2.4Ghz dongle, boom arm cover plate, 2.5 meters long USB-A to USB-C cable (36 grams), 1.4 meters long USB-A male to USB-A female extension cable (34 grams) and 2 meters long 3.5mm audio cable made (20 grams). 
Two of the cables are unbranded but they all have a nice premium feel to them with rubber plug connectors and thick strain reliefs. The 3.5mm audio cable is made with medium stiff fabric cable and has a straight plug connector (hard plastic) and right angled plug connector (rubber).
If you're wondering whether to buy the the H3 headset or the H3PRO headset, it is worth going with the H3PRO because of the extra features. The H3PRO is basically an upgraded version of the H3, which has a non-detachable boom arm mic and no ANC. 
If you don't need these extra features, the H3 might just do it for you since the H3PRO has a similar construction of earpads and and ratchet style headband with metal band reinforcing the plastic ratchet slider. The weight is very similar too with the H3PRO weighing 290 grams (12 grams heavier than the H3 headset). You can buy the H3PRO Hybrid Wireless and Currys.

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