Liiton Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass Review A Grand Drinking Adventure!

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

A grand adventure from Liiton - the Grand Canyon Whiskey Glasses - your very own grand mountain range inside a glass! A lot of research and thought has gone into the design of the Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass - probably more any other whiskey glass currently on the market.

To the untrained eye, there is nothing scientific about a whiskey glass but actually there is - if you are a whiskey lover! The Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass design has been inspired by the Grand Canyon mountain range, featuring jagged rock edges on either side on the glass and the Colorado River river valley in between splitting the Grand Canyon range. The jagged rock edge rises half way up the glass 5cm high. The Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass is very thick (4mm) and measures 8.6ccm tall. It has a 7.8cm inner diameter, 8.6cm outer diameter and 296ml volume capacity.
The Grand Canyon whiskey glass has superb ergonomics, thanks to the weightiness (457 grams) and open mount which makes the glass feel great drinking from the hand. One may say, why bother with a whiskey glass when the whiskey is already in a glass. 

Taking a pull of straight out of the whiskey bottle is definitely an option but, unless you're a pirate or cowboy, taking a swig out of a whiskey bottle is probably not the most optimal solution when sharing with friends. With the Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glasses, you can share the sweet nectar of the gods "we call whiskey" without taking a swig at anyone's backwash!

Potential deal breakers
the Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass: it won't really make your whiskey taste any better than any other whiskey glass but this really goes for all whiskey glasses, unless of course you have supernatural palate taste buds! The Grand Canyon mounting range design is a cool factor but also takes away from the full potential volume capacity of the glass.

Selling points
Aimed at whiskey drinking aficionados who love to savor their whiskey (bourbon or scotch) as much as their whiskey glass collection. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait and whiskey is one of those things you take your time with slowly savoring it. Whiskey is a classy drink - not a spirit shot glass that you slam back real quick to get as much alcohol into your system.
The Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass is made of premium crystalline glass with crafty craftmanship, lead-free and bomb-proof so, it won't break easily. The Grand Canyon whiskey glass is also dishwasher and microwave friendly and can be put into the freezer to cool down and will then chill down the drink.
The Grand Canyon design has a cool selling factor incorporating the old fashioned rocks glass heavyweight design - weighty solid base, wide mouth opening and thick straight sides that minimize heat exchange between your hand and whiskey and minimize the whiskey evaporating too fast.
Each Liiton Grand Canyon whiskey glass come nicely wrapped with thin gift wrap like packing paper and protected with a thick protective cardboard insert to prevent any damage in transit. You can buy the Grand Canyon whiskey glass set from

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