LK Charging Station Review Multiple Device Charging Dock

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A multiple device charging dock such as the LK Charging Station provides a tidy and practical way to store smart devices and their cables neatly in one place, whilst charging them at the same time!

The LK Charging Station is ready to use out of the box. The only minor assembly required is slotting the included divider kickstands into the charging station to separate and support the devices during charging. The dividers are also made of plastic with a smoke tinted finish and they are easy to remove and attach by simply snapping them into place.

The LK Charging Station dock is made of lightweight plastic with a black matte finish on top and bottom and glossy plastic accent all-around. On the right side of the LK Charging Station dock, there is a figure8 port to connect the charging station to an electrical wall outlet. The LK Charging Station is designed to run on mains (wall electricity) power in order to power all the devices at the same time. 
On the bottom of the LK Charging Station, there are thin rubber feet pads and a removable lid to give access to an internal compartment containing a cable opening passthrough, a USB-C port, a USB-A port and a small plastic reel in the middle of the compartment for neatly routing the Apple Watch and Apple Pencil (Gen 1) Lightning cables.
On the front side of the LK charging station, you will find a USB-C PD port, a quick charge USB-A port and two standard USB-A ports (each capable of 5V/2.4A = 12W). The USB-C PD port supports 5V/3A (15W), 9V/2.22A (~20W), 12V/1.67A (~20W). The QC 3.0 port supports 5V/3A (15W), 9V/2A (~18W), 12V/1.67A (~20W).
On top of the charging station, there are four rubberized docks for phones/tablets, a dock for AirPods wireless charging case, a rubber stand for Apple Watch and pen slot for Apple Pencil. Dimensions of the LK Charging Station are 22cm long, 12.5cm deep and 3cm high. The spacing between the dividers is 2.5cm wide, which is wide enough to accommodate thick tablets and phones. The earbud case dock area measures 5cm long x 3.5cm wide. Each divider weighs 10 grams.

The included accessories are also made of plastic with the exception of the Apple Watch rubber piece stand. The LK Charging Station dock can accommodate up to 7 different devices to be charged at the same time, including an Apple Pencil (First Generation), Apple Watch and Apple AirPods at a maximum charging output of 5W (5V/1A). 
The second pen hole slot next to the Apple Pencil charging slot is for storage only. The Apple Pencil (1st Gen)  charges via Lightning connector; whereas the Apple Pencil 2 (2nd gen) only supports inductive charging.

Potential deal breakers
  • The glossy plastic accent is a fingerprint magnet and marks easily with oily smudges 
  • No inductive charging (wireless) support for 2nd Gen Apple Pencil
  • Simultaneous QC 3.0 and Power Delivery fast charging gets limited/capped to 18W; hence the LK Charging Station is not capable of delivering more than 40W total at one time.
  • A bit expensive
  • The charging dock for AirPods case does not work with other earbuds wireless cases

Selling points
  • Supports 100V-240V mains power; hence the LK Charging Station can be used in different countries
  • Compatible with Apple devices and Android
  • Lightweight (340 grams)
  • Cable management 
  • Markings on each port make it easy to identify each port 
  • Supports Quick Charge 3.0 (20W max) and Power Delivery (20W max)
  • Convenient way to charge multiple devices at the same time
  • Supports AirPods 2, AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro cases
  • Compatible with iPhone 11/12/13/XR/XS/8/Galaxy S22/S21/S20 
  • Can be used to charge other devices such as a power bank, wireless mouse, Nintendo Switch
  • Eliminates cable clutter
  • Saves wall socket space, taking only one socket to charge 7 devices
  • Compact and portable - perfect for traveling/ vacation

Accessories include: charging station dock, four dividers, a rubber support piece for detachable figure8 power cord (1.6 meters) with UK plug and three 18cm long (unbranded) charging cables (1x USB-C to Lightning, 1x USB-A to Lightning and 1x USB-A to USB-C). You can buy the LK Charging Station (model WC402) from amazon

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