Trust GXT 1125 Quno Review Laptop Cooling Stand With Phone Holder

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The portability and convenience of a laptop are great. What's not so great is having to hunch your neck because the screen is too low. This is one of the main drawbacks of using a laptop, especially when working long hours. 

If you use your laptop as your daily driver desktop computer, it's worth investing on a laptop stand with a cooling solution.The one seen pictured is the Trust GXT 1125 Quno laptop cooling stand, which consists of a raiser stand to hold and elevate the laptop and fan blades to cool the laptop down. The GXT 1125 Quno cooling stand is mostly made of plastic including the back panel and adjustable base support.
The adjustment lever (U shaped rod) is made of metal. The top plate is made of perforated aluminum, which makes the top plate lightweight, as well as increase the passive cooling performance two ways: 1) letting air pass through for ventilation 2) draw heat away from the laptop. 
 Aluminum has fantastic heat conduction properties and it is cheap. This is why aluminum is a popular heat sink material, although copper is way better (but more expensive) being able to conduct heat twice as fast as aluminum. That said, aluminum is able to release the heat much faster than copper can, which is why some heatsinks have a copper/aluminum combination. 

There is one large 130mm fan and four smaller 50mm fans surrounding the larger fan. The larger fan has a prominent top facing position and, it is more easily accessible than the smaller fans which are hidden below the top plate. The larger 130mm fan comes with a detachable plastic guard (16cm in diameter), which gives easy access to the fan, allowing you to replace it should it need replacing. 

On top of the aluminum top plate, there are two tall rubber stoppers (2cm high) to hold the laptop in place and three long rubber strips (0.3cm high) for the laptop to support the laptop without touching the top plate. The dimensions of the the Trust Gaming GXT 1125 Quno cooling stand are 28cm deep and 40cm long. The base of the cooling stand has a thick foam rubber pad on each corner to cancel out vibrations from the fans. On the front right corner of the GXT 1125 stand, there is a latching push button (to turn off the fans) and USB-A power port to power the cooling stand.

Height adjustment of the Trust GXT 1125 Quno cooling stand is done via the integrated adjustment bar, which lets you raise the rear side of the stand at five different heights: 19cm (highest), 17cm high, 15cm high, 10cm high and 4.5cm high (without the adjustment bar). The height of the front side of the stand 3cm high.

Potential deal breakers
  • Feels flimsy due to the plastic body and thin aluminum top plate
  • USB-A connectivity not as convenient as USB-C, which is dual sided and can be connected upside down or downside up. 
  • Cannot adjust the fan speed from the constant 800 RPM speed
  • No on/off button to turn off the lighting independently of the fans
  • Limited blue lighting - no RGB effects
  • The included power cable isn't very long -only 1 meter
  • No passthrough port for charging phone
  • No air filters to prevent dust building inside the laptop
  • Cooling is not as efficient as a proper cooling pad with high speed blowers (not fans)
  • Under-powered fans

Selling points for the GXT 1125 Quno laptop stand
  • Detachable phone stand holder can be attached on right side or left side of the stand
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Encourages better sitting posture 
  • Creates a better viewing angle
  • Universal design big enough for a 17.3 inch screen laptop
  • Easy and quick to adjust height
  • Right to Repair appeal, thanks to the the user friendly construction with standard star-head screws that you can easily remove to access for part replacement
  • Easy to use - plug and play
  • Weighs only 949 grams and can support a heavy laptop (up to 9.4kg) 
  • Whisper quiet fans
  • Best for laptops with bottom ventilation - not ideal for fanless laptops

Accessories included with the GXT 1125 Quno: a plastic removable phone holder (measures 9.5cm wide x 2.5cm high x 1.8cm deep) and a male to male USB-A cable (1 meter long). You can buy the GXT 1125 Quno cooling laptop stand from amazon.

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