UAG BTGF Trucker Hat + Ration Hip Pack Review

Friday, September 23, 2022

Putting celebrity acceptance aside, the classic trucker hat and hip pack have always been in style because they are too darn useful and practical to ever fade into the background!

The trucker hat and hip pack, seen pictured, are the BTGF Trucker Hat and Ration Hip Pack by Urban Armor Gear (UAG). The BTGF Trucker Hat is actually a collab between UAG (phone case manufacturer) and Yupoong (fashion sports brand), making the BTGF Trucker Hat a special edition. 

The BTGF Trucker Hat is a 6 panel snapback that features a sandwich bill (a.k.a. peak or visor), 2 eyelets (for ventilation), top button and 6 mesh panels stitched together to form the crown. The side and back mesh panels are plastic (polyester), while the front panels are made of buckram fabric (stiff cotton cloth). The UAG BTGF Trucker Hat uses a plastic adjustable snapback closure and no front panel foam, making the BTGF Trucker Hat more of a hybrid baseball cap snapback with mesh panels. 
The BTGF Trucker Hat features a sweatband made of softer cotton fabric with a plastic snapback closure that features 9 adjustable notches for a snug or loser fit. The BTGF Trucker Hat features a Yupoong brand sticker on on the bill and a Yupoong engraving on the backside of the snap closure. The UAG logo has been embroidered (sewn) on to the front panel with lovely fiery orange stitching and features UAG's slogan ("Built To Go Further 2012"). Interesting enough, the "established 2012" year was also the year that Ford released their "Go Further" brand message. 
Another fun fact about the trucker hat is that it was used by truck drivers, ranchers and farmers to advertise their suppliers for free.Trucker caps are cooler (literary) than baseball caps, which are made entirely of non-mesh fabric. The mesh panels makes the UAG BTGF Trucker Hat more breathable to use in a hot day or whilst exercising (e.g. running, gym, hiking, etc). Another noticeable difference between the trucker Hat and baseball cap is the fit. 
The UAG BTGF Trucker Hat has a broader front panel that makes the fit more comfortable and looser than the typical narrow front panel of a baseball cap. Thanks to the mesh panels, the UAG BTGF Trucker Hat is also more lightweight (70 grams) to wear than a baseball cap, which typically weighs 100 grams.

Potential deal breakers
  • Not as rugged and durable as a baseball cap
  • Has no foam which is a classic trademark of a trucker hat
  • Single plastic snap closure not as durable as the fabric snap buckle closure of a lot of baseball caps
  • Features an itchy style clothing tag on the sweatband. It's really itchy but some people find them a real nuisance. 
  • Limited colors - available only in black and army colorways

Selling points for the BTGF Trucker Hat
  • Utilitarian look and feel
  • Celeb appeal makes the BTGF Trucker Hat more appealing to fashionistas
  • Can be used just like a baseball cap to keep sun and rain away from eyes
  • Flexible visor (peak) lets you mould it into a triangle, round shape or square, depending on the fashion statement you're after
  • Can be worn sideways or backwards for an urban hip hop look
  • Looks like a trucker hat, feels like a baseball cap
  • Universal fit of adjustable closure
  • Helps you hide a bad hair day
  • Feels like it will last a long time

The second item on this review is the UAG Ration Hip Pack - a dual purpose carry bag solution that doubles as a modern cross-body bag and good old fashioned waist bag. There is no naming convention regarding waist bag. In fact, there is about a dozen or so names people use to refer to it such as fanny pack, waist wallet, belt bag, belly bag, chaos pouch, buffalo pouch, hip sack, butt pack and moon bag.
The UAG Ration Hip Pack outershell is made of thick (840D) polyester fabric material and lined with thinner blue liner fabric. On the front section of the Ration Hip Pack integrates a double layered webbing strap with a passthrough daisy chain design for hooking things externally. A UAG fabric tag sewn in the centre of it.

The main waist strap is made of slightly thicker webbing material and cannot be detached. It is tethered to the sides of the Ration Hip Pack via a single-step ladderlock. The waist strap integrates a large plastic fastening buckle (KnickKnack branded), as well as an adjustable ladderlock to manage the length around the waist. Fully retracted, the waist strap measures 57cm long. Fully extended, it measures 100cm (1 meter long). The UAG Ration Hip Pack has two external pockets and one internal back facing open pocket with a fabric fly over, which neatly conceals the pocket. It is non-zippered but the fly works well at keeping the items from falling out of it. 
The external pockets are both zippered and feature fabric cord pull tabs and hidden teeth, which offers some water resistance but not a lot since the zippers are not waterproof. The front facing external pocket has a narrow opening and opens up via a single metal slider. The pocket measures 15cm high and 12cm long with an outward depth of 5cm.
The top loading external pocket is the roomiest with the largest volume capacity. It has a wide horseshoe style opening via dual metal sliders, which run side to side half way down. The dimensions of the top external pocket are 24cm long, 15cm high and 11cm deep (outward).
The UAG Ration Hip Pack weighs 230 grams - about the same as a smartphone - and has compact external dimensions (34cm long x 17cm high x 3cm thick), making it very easy to transport inside another bag.

Potential deal breakers
  • No zippered pocket on back panel 
  • Non-removable waist strap
  • Non-pvc coated zippers for waterproofing
  • The outershell fabric has no DWR treatment for water resistance
  • Generic no-name zippers
  • Seen as unfashionable, dorky

Selling points for the Ration Hip Pack
  • 2-in-1 solution - can be worn around the waist or across the chest like cross-body sling bag
  • Light colored liner brightens the interior, making it easier to find your gear.
  • Useful front facing daisy chain provides additional external storage 
  • Internal secret pocket
  • More convent to access your things (with both hands) than a backpack 
  • Straps to the waist or across the chest closer to body than a backpack 
  • Does not stick out like a backpack 
  • Utilitarian appeal of practicality 
  • Perfect for travel and festivals
  • Nice hip pack for MTB (mountain biking) and gravel 
  • Useful when wearing tight clothing (e.g. cycling shorts/jersey)
  • Better way to keep your EDC (everyday carry) together than in trouser pockets
  • 1 year limited warranty
You can buy the BTGF Trucker Hat and buy the Ration Hip Pack from Urban Armor Gear website. 

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