Trekitt Fjallraven Singi 28 Backpack Review Polycotton Hip Belt Pockets

Monday, October 31, 2022

A portal into wildlife nature - the Fjallraven Singi 28 by Trekitt - a stylish and hardwearing backpack for hiking and commuting to work!

 The Fjallraven Singi 28 shoulder straps offer superb comfort, thanks to the width and thickness of the shoulder straps, which are made of thick closed cell foam padding. The straps measure 42cm long x 6cm wide x 0.8cm thick and feature breathable mesh on the underside, as well as front facing webbing loops for hooking things externally and an adjustable chest strap with built-in whistle.
Right above the shoulder straps, there is a long grab handle on top, which is made of thin webbing and measures 10cm across to accommodate big large hands. The Fjallraven Singi 28 backpack is also equipped with a thick hip belt to help load up the weight of the pack onto the hips. 

The hip belt is made of the same material as the shoulder straps - thick closed cell foam padding. Dimensions of the hip belt are 54cm long x 11cm wide and 1.2cm thick. What's nice about the Singi 28 hip belt is that it can be removed by undoing the hidden velcro fastener attached to it.

As well as being removable, the hip belt has an adjustable buckle clip webbing strap that can be extended up to 74cm. The hip belt also features zippered pockets that turn the hip belt into a functional bum bag. The hip belt pockets have non- waterproof zippers with hidden coil teeth. The pockets are small but roomy measuring approximately 13cm long x 13wide. 
The hip belt also has a compression (load tension) strap on either side to help bring the lower part of the pack closer to the body. The hip belt compression strap is attached to a ladderlock buckle with quick release clip to help speed up the removable of the hip belt.
Moving to the top and front side of the Singi 28 backpack, we find a top loading quick stash zippered pocket, roomy and with a large mouth, making it super accessible to retrieve gear from. Dimensions are 18cm high x 23cm long. There aren't any side pockets on the Singi 28 backpack. Instead, we find side compression straps and a bunch of daisy chain loops made of non-elasticated fabric. 
On the side, there are 9 daisy chain loops on each side to secure bulky gear such as a rolling matt or small tent via a bungee cord tie. On the front of the Singi 28 backpack, there are more daisy chain loops. Five on each side of the hood lid and 11 daisy chains across the front side of the backpack. A 1.3 meter long bungee cord tie with spring loaded cord lock is included. 
The main compartment of the Fjallraven Singi 28 backpack has a suitcase style opening that opens up via two large YKK metal zippers that can be unzipped all the way down the backpack. The suitcase style opening makes packing and reaching the bottom of the Singi 28 backpack super convenient. 
Inside the main compartment, we find two storage pockets, as well as a large elastic sleeve for a water hydration bladder and a clip on top for hooking up the water bladder. The elastic sleeve pocket measures 23cm wide x 32cm high so, it is big enough for storing a laptop. The elastic pocket isn't padded on the front but has padded protection from the backside padding and, it's suspended  2 inches above the bottom of the backpack. 
The internal storage pockets include a zippered pocket (24cm wide x 16cm high) and a mesh zippered pocket (18cm wide  x 19cm high). The outershell of the Singi 28 backpack is made of recycled polyester and organic cotton which makes the backpack tough and durable but also breathable and soft to the touch. The entire backpack, including the base, has been made water resistant naturally by using paraffin/beeswax based wax. The lining material is made of 100% polyamide 500 denier weight.
The Fjallraven Singi 28 backpack can be flatten down to about 10cm thick, although if you remove the hip belt you can further reduce the footprint of the pack down to about 4cm thick. The chest strap, whistle, ladderlocks and buckles are hard plastic and branded by Woojin Buckles. The zippers are all metal YKK branded. The hip belt pockets zippers are smaller (YKK 5NO)

Potential deal breakers facing the Singi 28
  • No load-lifter straps, which are useful for bringing the upper part of the backpack a bit closer to the back. That said, load lifters are typically found on larger tall back packs (e.g. 85 liters)
  • A bit heavy (1.5kg) and large to be carried inside a suitcase as a day bag
  • No side pockets
  • Limited colorways: dark olive and stone grey (pictured)

Selling points for the Singi 28
  • Comfortable shoulder straps (even with heavy loads)
  • Emergency whistle 
  • Quick stash top pocket on the hood
  • Adjustable rain cover with cinch cord and reflective material
  • Water bladder compartment with hooking clip
  • Passthrough opening for a drinking pipe
  • Elastic fabric bands for managing excess webbing 
  • Strong sturdy stitching throughout
  • Comfortably hugging hip belt
  • Long chest strap adjustable up to 30cm
  • Reinforced, waterproof base in nylon
  • Fjallraven fox logo embroidery
  • Detachable hip belt with built-in pockets
  • Bottom compression straps
  • Side compression straps - can be adjusted up to 32cm
  • External daisy chain loops
  • Thick lower back padding
  • Made of polycotton fabric (65% poly + 35% cotton)
  • Available in 20 liter, 28 liter and 48 liter
  • Greenland wax water resistance - non chemical water resistance and fluorocarbon-free.
 You can buy the Singi 28 backpack via Trekitt, as well as waterproofing spray on products such as Nikwax to make the Singi 28 backpack fully waterproof. 

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