Edifier G5000 Review Gaming Speakers With Analog EQ On-board!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Step up your gaming audio setup with Edifier's Hecate G5000 - a phenomenal 2.0 gaming speakers built like a tank!

The G5000 gaming speakers have a peculiar elongated hexagon design with a striking presence - truly mammoth size and weight compared to the average 2.0 channel gaming desktop speakers. The G5000 are solidly made of wood reinforced with thick metal side panels, heatsink styling and large bass port openings on the back. 

Each speaker is a equipped with a 19mm titanium dome tweeter (12 watt) and 4 inch mid-bass driver (32 watt) with a total combined RMS output of almost 90 watts. The G5000 speaker enclosure has a slight upward firing standing, exposing the 4 inch rubber cone driver and tweeter dome which is protected by a hard metal grille cover.

The Edifier G5000 gaming speakers can be wirelessly connected via bluetooth and wired via AUX , optical, coaxial and USB, making the G5000 speakers extremely versatile. Coaxial connection provides greater bandwidth and, therefore the best audio, making it the best connection method out of the four.

Via coaxial connection, the G5000 is able to handle the maximum 24bit/192kHz. Optical handles up to 24bit 96khz, while 3.5mm connection typically handles 16 bit/48kHz. USB computers and laptops (e.g. MacBooks) also support up to 24bit 96 kHz sample rate. Bluetooth aptX HD handles up to 24bit 48 kHz provided that the device you connect to also supports aptX HD.
The main active speaker, housing the electronics and connectivity ports, weighs 4.2kg, while the passive speaker weighs 3.9kg. You can use the main speaker standalone or connected to the passive speaker for stereo sound. 

On board the main speaker, there are two physical buttons and a momentary rocker switch for volume step control. The volume is gradually adjusted in step increments (~15 steps). The buttons are plastic and clicky and designed to toggle between sound modes (game mode, music mode and movie mode) and connection modes. You will hear a voice prompt for each mode. There is no voice prompt when switching the volume up and down, which would have been useful.

The RGBs are located front facing and side facing on the logo, which also illuminates. RGB effects include single solid colors, breathing single color, single color changing, RGB color changing and OFF mode.

Potential deal breakers
  • Does not support aptX LL (low latency) which is best for gaming, reducing latency down to about 40ms
  • Big and bulky - weighs 8kg total. Each speaker measures 15cm wide x 24cm deep x 27cm high
  • Exposed woofers - no grille covers
  • Coaxial cable not included
  • Voice prompt announcement cannot be disabled
  • No master volume control in wired mode. This means, you cannot control the volume of the audio source via the G5000 volume rocker
  • No bass/treble tone control knobs
  • No low latency game mode
  • Do not support bluetooth AAC audio. If the connected device does not support aptX HD, the G5000 speakers default automatically to SBC bluetooth. 
  • Mains powered only - no internal battery
  • Gaming price tag makes the G5000 expensive - a lot less affordable than other good sounding  Edifier speakers, namely the P12 bookshelf speakers, D12 self-contained speaker and R1850DB bookshelf speakers.
  • No sub out for subwoofer connection. Would have been neat if the G5000 could be hooked to the Edifier T5 subwoofer for boot-shaking bass!
  • No 7.1 surround sound support
  • MDF wood, not real wood

Selling points for the Hecate G5000
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip supports SBC, aptX and aptX HD
  • Supports Hi-res audio up to 24 bit/ 192kHz audio playback via coaxial connection
  • Beefy premium construction with wood and aluminum
  • Built-in analog EQ sound presets
  • 5-way connection modes: 3.5mm wired, bluetooth wireless, USB wired connection, optical wired and coaxial wired
  • RGBs work in bluetooth and wired modes
  • Detachable stereo cable connection
  • 4mm thick rubber anti-vibration feet
  • Audible beep tone when reaching 100% volume
  • Absolute volume support in bluetooth - the volume button on the G500 speaker controls the volume of the audio source.
  • Clear, rich and full body punchy (controlled) bass sound
Accessories included are a velcro strap, a 1.2 meters auxiliary audio cable (3.5mm male to male), a 2.5 meters optical cable, a 2.6 meters RF audio cable and a USB-A to USB-B cable which supports USB 2.0 high speed (up to 480Mbps). The USB cable is made with double shielded 28 AWG wiring with a cool silver translucent finish. The RF audio cable is made of thick rubber  and uses 9 pin connection with arrow markings to indicate plug-in orientation (very handy!).The Edifier G5000 is sold under Edifier's Hecate sub-brand so, you will also see it listed as Hecate G5000. You can buy the Hecate G5000 gaming speakers from amazon or Edifier Online.

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