KAIWEETS HT208D Review Autoranging AC DC Clamp Meter

Friday, November 25, 2022

The KAIWEETS HT208D is best of both worlds -  a multimeter and clamp meter rolled into one! The main advantage of a clamp meter such as KAIWEETS HT208D is that you can measure AC current without having to break the circuit, making it more convenient to use than a traditional test lead multimeter. 
The clamp function is super easy to use. Open the spring loaded clamp jaws, circle in the live wire and close. The clamp will measure the AC current in the live wire by detecting the magnetic field emitted by the current flowing through the wire.  
KAIWEETS HT208D can perform basic pure sine wave readings too such as voltage, continuity, resistance and current (amps), making it ideal as a basic multimeter for electronics hobbyist and beginners. 
The HT208D is also designed for professional level. It is a true RMS multimeter capable of resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature and current/voltage measurement up to 1000A/1000. With the  KAIWEETS HT208D you can carry out more complex measurements such as the RMS value of a square wave or output of a half-wave rectifier.
Design wise, the KAIWEETS HT208D comes with detachable test leads, a sizeable display screen to view data reading in real time and rotary switch for switching between parameter functions (e.g. AC voltage, DC voltage, continuity check, resistance, capacitance, current, etc). The rotary switch is rubberized with a notched actuation. The red and grey buttons on front are rubber with a mushy (non-clicky) actuation.

KAIWEETS HT208D weighs 310 grams - about the weight of a smartphone - and measures 24cm long x 18cm wide x 5cm thick. The clamp jaws measure 7cm long and have a 4cm max opening. The meter is comfortable to hold in the hand for long periods and, you can even use the clamp jaws to hang the meter so, you can use it hands-free. 

The HT208D enclosure is made of rubberized plastic to help withstand drop impacts. The rubber is soft touch and non-slip so very grippy in the hand. 

 The KAIWEETS HT208D comes with a comprehensive user guide, outlining every function. These include:

  • High impedance and low impedance (LoZ) voltage testing - a function you won't find on all multimeters. Low impedance testing is very useful for troubleshooting whether electrical wiring (e.g. electric outlet) is wired correctly. HT208D integrates a thermistor inside so, when you flip to the low impedance function it sends a load.
  • Inrush current function lets you measure whether a load (e.g. electric motor, lights, computer) draws more current that it should after being powered on. Examples of an Inrush current problem include flickering lights, a computer crashing or a tripping circuit breaker.
  • Autoranging function lets you automatically find the correct voltage, resistance or current of anything you are testing without having to flip the rotary switch to different settings. Autoranging is very useful when testing electrical components such as the resistance of a resistor to check whether the color code matches.
  • AC zero input detection for measuring pure sinwaves and distorted waveforms. This allows you to detect the zero crossing for an AC input signal of a system that sends digital data over AC circuits. Useful for testing modems, X10 home automation and remote control model train/railways.


  • AC/DC current and voltage measurement useful for checking whether a device is drawing the rated current and voltage such as a battery or a sensor hooked up to an Arduino.
  • Frequency measurement for checking the frequency of an electrical outlet. Some electronics are designed to work with 50Hz or 60Hz. If you travel a lot this is also important because the grid frequency is different in some places. The UK power grid is designed to run on 50Hz, whereas the the grid in North America is set to 60Hz. Japan is one of the few places where the grid runs on both 50Hz and 60 Hz. 
  • Duty cycle for troubleshooting power quality problems - useful for checking the % of pulse width of a DC motor speed control and servo motor angle control.
  • Resistance useful for checking resistance of electrical component such as the resistance of a resistor


  • Continuity testing for quickly checking to see if a circuit is open or closed
  • Diode test function lets you find out whether a diode is good, open, or shorted
  • Capacitance measurement for testing capacitors
  • Temperature function to measure temperature using the included thermocouple
  • Non contact ac voltage detection useful for checking live current without physically probing. All you need to do is place the multimeter a few cm away from source. If current is detected the multimeter led light will light up. 
  • NCV live test for detecting live wires
  • REL button useful to zero out a reading such as capacitance and prevent the test leads from interfering with the measurement

Potential deal breakers

  • Continuity buzzer does not work touching leads. It appears to only work with resistance greater than 30 ohms
  • Battery operated - no USB charging
  • No overload protection above 250V
  • Clamp jaws trigger makes squeaky noise
  • Location of flashlight led not the best. The clamp jaws partially obscure the beam light
  • No mobile app support for distance bluetooth meter reading - useful when trying to find a parasitic draw on a car by yourself


Selling points for HT208D clamp meter

  • True RMS 1000A AC/DC clamp meter
  • Low battery indication 
  • Notched rotary switch
  • Capable of reading temperatures between -20C (-4F) and 1000C (1832F)
  • Overload protection up to 250V
  • Professional meter - ideal for a tradesperson electrician working in CAT III and CAT IV areas
  • RoHS/CE compliant
  • Very bright display screen
  • 3 year warranty
  • High impedance voltage function up to 10M Ohms
  • Low impedance function up to 300k ohms
  • VFD voltage mode
  • VFD current mode
  • Inrush current capture
  • Automatic power off to preserve battery power
  • Autoranging
  • AC zero input detector
  • AC/DC current function
  • AC/DC voltage function up to 750V (AC) and up to 1000V (DC)
  • Frequency (Hz) function
  • Duty cycle function 
  • Resistance function
  • Continuity test
  • Diode test mode
  • Capacitance measurement
  • REL mode
  • Temperature measurement
  • Non contact AC voltage detector
  • NCV live test
  • Comes with a hardshell case 


Accessories include with the HT208D are an EVA hardshell case for transportation, 2 test leads (1.5 meters), K-Type temperature bead probe thermocouple (1.1 meters ) and 3 AAA batteries. The test leads come with protective plugs to prevent dirt ingress when unplugged from the multimeter. The test leads support 10A current and CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V voltage.

The EVA hardshell case is a massive selling point for the KAIWEETS HT208D. A lot of meters do not come with a hardshell case which is super useful for storage and transportation. The KAIWEETS hardshell case is made of coarse water resistant fabric material, although the metal zip slider is non-waterproof. 
The case is branded with a stitched rubber tag. Inside it, it is lined with soft fabric and features a large mesh pocket and elastic band to keep the meter securely strapped. You can buy the KAIWEETS HT208D clamp meter from amazon and KAIWEETS website and get 15% off (sitewide) when using promotional code GE15.

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