Trust Trezo Comfort Review Silent Membrane Keyboard Mouse

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Trust's new Trezo Comfort is as quiet as a mouse - perfect for those looking for a keyboard and mouse set for casual typing, office work and gaming!

The Trezo Comfort keyboard is a full size rubber dome keyboard with 110 keys and resistant against water spills, thanks to the rubbery film underneath the plastic top plate designed to protect the circuit board from spills. The rubbery film acts as a canopy rolling spilled liquids down the film and out of the keyboard drainage holes. This said, it's worth keeping in mind that spill resistant keyboards do not have any IP resistance so, they are not certified to be waterproof/water resistant. 
On the top left corner of the Trezo Comfort keyboard, there are 6 dedicated buttons for media controls. These buttons are made of plastic with a mushy like (subdued click) switch actuation. As far as  keycaps goes, pad printed single shot ABS plastic keycaps are the least desirable because the legend will wear out quicker and the keycaps will develop a permanent greasy shine, which makes the keyboard look dirty. 

The Trezo keyboard keycaps are made of single shot ABS plastic but coated with silkscreen printed legends. This means, the legends (e.g. letters, numbers, and symbols) printed on the Trezo keyboard keycaps have been UV cured which makes them more durable than pad printed and will wear wear out very little. The absolute best type of keycaps are double shot keycaps because the legends are injected (not printed) which is why double shot legend keycaps never fade.

The Trezo Comfort mouse is equipped with 4 buttons - left/right click buttons, rubberized scroll wheel centre button and DPI button with a loud clicky actuation. The left/right click buttons and scroll wheel centre button have a subdued (noticeably quieter) switch actuation.

The Trezo Comfort keyboard and mouse makes a great combo but lacks the versatility of a lot of keyboards and mice on the market which can be connected via cable, bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless. The Trezo Comfort can only be connected one way (2.4Ghz). If you lose or misplace the included 2.4Ghz dongle, you cannot use the keyboard and mouse any other way. Being as limited as it is, the addition of a spare 2.4Ghz dongle would have made up for this shortcomings. 

One of the main selling points of the Trezo Comfort offering is the silent actuation which is quieter than gaming switches (e.g. red linear switches). On the bottom of the Trezo Comfort keyboard, there are feet risers to elevate the front of the keyboard at two different heights. The feet risers have a strong hinge and they are rubberized too, keeping the keyboard still at any height. 
The short feet risers elevate the top row of keycaps to 3.5cm high, while the taller feet risers elevate the keyboard to 4cm high. With the feet risers retracted, the top row height is 3cm. The bottom row of keycaps remains at the same level - 2cm high. The length of the Trezo Comfort keyboard is 45cm. The depth is 18cm. The weight is 666 grams (with two AA batteries included).

The Trezo Comfort keyboard and mouse work simultaneously off of the same 2.4Ghz dongle so, you plug in the 2.4Ghz dongle into a computer, power on the keyboard and mouse and they automatically connect to one another. It is a quick and seamless connection method but with a drawback. You cannot use the keyboard individually with separate computers. This means, you cannot lend or borrow the keyboard and mouse from a friend because the Trezo Comfort keyboard and mouse do not use separate 2.4Ghz dongles. The addition of a second dongle would have made sense.

The Trezo Comfort keyboard and mouse are a nice looking combo but as an entry level solution, it is a lot more limited than the competition. If you own or have used a midrange/premium keyboard before, the Trezo Comfort will feel "cheap", which is mainly due to the thin lightweight plastic construction and rattling noise from the media buttons on the keyboard. The mouse makes no rattling noise.

The Trezo Comfort mouse has a soft touch matte plastic finish throughout with a 3.5cm high soft hump towards the back end of the mouse. The width is 5.5cm wide a the front and 6.5cm wide at the back. The length of the Trezo mouse is 8cm, making it a small mouse - better suited for small/medium hands. The Trezo mouse weighs 72 grams (including one AA battery). 

As far as battery performance, the Trezo Comfort keyboard has a rated battery life between 3-4 years
with 6 hours daily use.The Trezo mouse battery life is 12 months. The 2.4Ghz wireless dongle has a 10 meter range in direct-line-of-sight with ultra low wireless latency - just 8 ms.

Potential deal breakers
  • No charging ports, which would have been useful for recharging batteries in situ
  • Feels flimsy
  • Single shot keycaps - not as good as double shot
  • No side buttons - useful for gaming and Internet navigation
  • No RGB lighting
  • No wired connection- hence you cannot connect the keyboard or the mouse via cable to a console or computer
  • A bit expensive compared to the competition
  • No bluetooth support - keyboard/mouse cannot be connected via bluetooth to any device - only via the included 2.4Ghz dongle
  • The media buttons aren't all compatible with with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS
  • Not suitable for FPS (first person) shooter games due to lowest DPI being 1000 DPI and optical sensor not designed for flicking fast
  • No software support; hence buttons/keys cannot be remapped and the stock DPI settings cannot be changed
  • Non-hotswappable switches
  • Keycaps are detachable but not compatible with third party keycaps
  • Non-standard bottom row ratio, Ctrl key is a bit bigger.
  • No sleep mode for mouse to help extend battery life

Selling points for Trezo Comfort
  • Gift appeal - keyboard and mouse bundle
  • Spill resistance
  • Shortcut/hotkey buttons for media functions
  • Long battery life
  • Suitable for MMOs and RPG games (anywhere between 1000 DPI to 1600 DPI)
  • Duracell dry batteries included
  • Perfect combo for beginner PC/computer user
  • Built in wrist rest
  • Full size keyboard with arrow keys and numpad
  • 2 years warranty
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS
  • Anti-interference cable included to connect the 2.4Ghz dongle and prevent noise interferance in the signal
  • The keyboard and mouse integrate a master switch to turn off the mouse and prevent the batteries from draining in standby mode. 
  • Silent actuation - ideal for office work
  • Dual feet for height adjustment
  • Both keyboard and mouse use the same 2.4Ghz dongle to operate
  • The 2.4Ghz dongle can be safely stored inside the mouse and keyboard for transportation and traveling
  • Status light indicator on-board the keyboard and mouse to feedback battery and DPI level between 1,000 dpi, 1,400 dpi and 1,800 dpi
The Trezo bundle includes the keyboard, mouse, 2.4Ghz wireless dongle, 3 Duracell AA batteries and 12cm long anti-interference cable. You can buy the Trezo Comfort from amazon when it becomes available. 

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