Keyport Pivot 2.0 Silver Essential EDC Bundle Review

Monday, February 20, 2023

Make your EDC (everyday carry) better with Keyport's Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle! A neat way to upgrade your EDC setup with extra tools - without extra bulk. The Keyport Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle includes a key organizer (Pivot 2.0), rechargeable flashlight (Pocket Flare) module, a 2-in1 tool insert (SIM card clip), a 7-in-1 multi tool insert (Rush tool), ParaPull Lanyard and a 10-in-1 multi tool insert (Moca tool). 
Like all Keyport modules, the Pocket Flare flashlight module attaches to the outer side of the Pivot 2.0 chassis; hence you can attach up to 2 modules - even stack them on top. The Pocket Flare flashlight module doubles as a handy mini flashlight/lantern. Pocket Flare is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and, it has similar brightness lumens to a smartphone flashlight. 
Pocket Flare has a metal backed plastic body with three basic modes: lantern, flashlight and OFF mode. Pocket Flare could benefit from an upgrade, which could include an all metal body casing with, water proof resistance and extra light modes (e.g. SOS, turbo mode), as well as USB-C charging connectivity. Pocket Flare currently uses micro USB connectivity which could be a drawback, although a free micro USB cable is included. 

The Keyport Moca tool and Rush tool have a flat key style form factor, so you can slide them in and out of the Pivot 2.0, just like a pocket knife. Speaking of pocket knife, Keyport also sells a pocket knife module, which comes with the Anywhere Tools bundle.

The Moca tool and Rush tool inserts provide a total of 17 tools between them, including a cord cutter, box opener, ruler and bottle opener. Moca tool, Rush tool and Pocket Flare have been Keyport's staple tools since inception. Moca tool, Rush tool and Pocket Flare are all sold separately, alongside a few other inserts and modules such as NEBA pocket knife, Brass Pinkey, Moca II (11-in-1 multi tool) and KO Pocket Clip, which is pictured. 
KO Pocket is made of hardened stainless steel and its main function is to clip the Pivot 2.0 key organizer onto a trouser/ shirt pocket, just like a pen. You can also use the KO Clip Pocket as a money clip.
The centerpiece of the Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle is, no doubt, the Pivot 2.0 key organizer - which makes Keyport's modular tool system possible. Pivot 2.0 is capable of holding multiple modules, inserts and keys, including a Moca tool and a Rush tool. 
The Pivot 2.0 chassis, seen pictured on this review, is made of anodized aluminium alloy but, you can also get it with titanium plated stainless steel and bead blasting titanium. The aluminum chassis version of Pivot 2.0 is only 20 grams - about half the weight of the titanium coated stainless steel version. While not as durable, the Pivot 2.0 aluminium chassis is resistant to corrosion and scratches. The Pivot 2.0 chassis is joined together via a flexible piece of TPU rubber, which integrates a handy D ring for clipping things on to it such as a car keyfob. 

Along with the Pivot 2.0 chassis, you get a few spacers, retaining screw and a KeyportID Card, which is Keyport's lost and found tag system. KeyportID works similarly to a luggage tag but safer (from a privacy stand point) because your personal details aren't written on it. The KeyportID Card doesn't show any of your personal details. When someone finds your lost Pivot 2.0, all they have to do is enter the serial number laser engraved on the underside of Pivot 2.0 chassis. KeyportID's "reward" feature is a clever way to get people to return lost Pivots.

Moving on to the last two items in the Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle - the Popl x Keyport Digital ME Key and ParaPull Lanyard, which is a miniature lanyard made of a short nylon cord attached to a small rubber grip with a passthrough hole opening. While simple, the ParaPull Lanyard design is quite clever. It doubles as a zipper pulltab replacement and keyring extension cord.
The Popl x Keyport Digital ME Key is one of the newest additions to the Keyport family. Digital ME Key is a virtual business card with NFC functionality. Digital ME Key works just like an NFC tag on a phone so, in order for someone to view a Digital ME Key information, they need an NFC enabled phone. Digital ME Key also integrates QR code functionality, allowing an alternative way to view the information on the Digital ME Key.
Keyport Digital ME Key works via Popl - a digital business platform. To register and/or edit the information on the Keyport Digital ME Key, you need to register an account with Popl, which is free and also includes one free basic card creation. Popl also offers a paid service via a monthly/yearly fee for multiple cards with advanced functionality.

Most Keyport modules and inserts are about 7cm long, although not all. For example, the ParaPull Lanyards and SIM Card Clip are 4.5cm long. The SIM Card Clip functions as a handy pin tool for ejecting a phone's SIM card tray or pin hole reset, as well as a paper clip. 

In terms of weight, the heaviest items in the Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle are the Pivot 2.0 chassis (17 grams), Pocket Flare (12 grams), Moca tool (12 grams), KO Pocket Clip (10 grams), Rush tool (6.5 grams) and  The other items weigh less than 1 gram each.

Potential deal breakers
  • Not suitable for car key fobs
  • Micro USB charging Pocket Flare

Selling Points
  • Flat key style form factor multi tools
  • Modular system 
  •  titanium plated stainless steel
  • Wide range compatibility with flat keys (e.g. Yale and Weslock keys)
  • Customizable
  • Modular with interchangeable tools
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Snap-on attachment
  • Free 2 year subscription to KeyportID lost & found service
  • Swiss style key organizer based on the original Pivot 1.0 (1st gen)
You can buy the Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle from My Keyport website and amazon.

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