Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangle Shapes Review Smarter Kit Limited Edition

Monday, February 27, 2023

Spice up your walls with Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangle Shapes - a smart modular lighting solution for creating your own RGB wall light pattern!

The Nanoleaf triangle shapes seen pictured, it's the Ultra Black limited edition that comes with a black plastic back frame and front facing black diffuser. The backside integrates a small cable reel for cable management and 6 connection ports to connect the panels via the included bridge connector clips, which easily snap on and off. The connection ports are located strategically along the perimeter of the triangle shape, allowing you to arrange the panels anywhere you want.

To mount the Nanoleaf Ultra black Triangle Shapes onto a wall, you use the included adhesive pads - which are Nanoleaf's version of 3M doublesided foam tape. The Nanoleaf mounting tape is not marketed as "reusable" but could be reused at least once if the mounting surface is smooth and clean. Removing the adhesive from the wall is easy and doesn't leave any residue, which is a plus.

The Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangle Shapes can be physically controlled via the included 6-button (capacitive touch) controller which connects to the master triangle shape. The master triangle is easy to identify. It has has a semi transparent white coating to differentiate it from the other triangle panels.
The Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangles can be used right out of the box via the controller but, you will want to download the Nanoleaf Smarter Series mobile app to be able to access advanced settings such as auto-brightness, touch gestures, firmware update, Nanoleaf cloud, schedules, custom RGB, light color temperature, scenes and more. The app connects to the Ultra Black Triangles controller 3 ways: 1) QR code, 2)NFC 3) Manual (manually entering Wifi credentials). 

The Nanoleaf app also shows a step by step how to set up the Ultra Black Triangles, as well as "layout creation", which allows you to create a light pattern on the app (via drag an drop) in real time. The Nanoleaf Smarter Series mobile app doesn't require an account registration, it's easy to use and compatible with Android and iOS. The only potential drawback with the app, it only supports 2.4Ghz networks.
The RGB lighting performance  is decently bright, although like an RGB gaming keyboard if you want the RGB to pop it is best in low light or dark room. You can choose between solid (static) RGB, single color, or dynamic color changing. Along with the Ultra Black Triangles, you will find a 42W led driver power supply to power the triangle lights. The power looks like a normal power supply but it isn't. It is a power supply specifically designed to power the Nanoleaf lights via a proprietary Nanoleaf connector that only works with these lights, which is, both a disadvantage and advantage.
From a safety point of view, the proprietary Nanoleaf power supply will prevent anyone from accidentally using any power adapter and damage/cause a fire. The Nanoleaf power adapter automatically converts mains electricity (120-240V AC) to the correct DC level (12V/24V) for the Nanoleaf lights. 
Some disadvantages with the power adapter: 1) the cable is non-detachable so, you cannot increase cable length 2) if the power adapter stops working you cannot use a third party power adapter. The Nanoleaf power supply supports up to 28 triangle shapes, while the button controller supports up to 500 panels.

Dimensions of each triangle panel: 23cm (each side) x 1cm thick and 147 grams in weight. The power adapter measures 9cm x 6cm deep x 3cm thick and weighs 200 grams. The button controller measures 1cm long x 2cm wide x 1cm thick. The bridge connectors measure 4cm x 2cm.

The Nanoleaf lights are a cool way to light up a nice room ambience and will appeal gamers and non-gamers alike. Once mounted on the wall, the Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangles become and automatic focal point - a neat way to get a conversation going when bringing people around the home. One obvious drawback with the Nanoleaf lights though, it's repositioning - which is fiddly and can be off putting when wanting to change the wall pattern. That said, this can be easily fixed by buying Velcro command strips, which are a lot more convenient to use than double-sided tape.

Potential deal breakers
  • Assembly & re-position can be fiddly
  • App not compatible with 5Ghz networks
  • Adhesive tape not suitable for porous surfaces 
  • Bulky power brick 
  • Non-detachable power brick cable
  • Proprietary power supply
  • Non-USB connectivity 
  • Panels mark easily with oily smudges but wipes off easily


Selling points

  • Versatility - choose any wall layout you want
  • Physical controller
  • Versatile RGB lighting
  • Work with Apple Homekit
  • Wifi enabled
  • Interchangeable wall plug
  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Works with Razer Chroma
  • Power supply can power up to 28 panels
  • Works with Alexa
  • Can control up to 500 panels with one controller
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Supports Wifi routers and Wifi powerline adapters
  • Wall mountable
  • Works with SmartThings
Included in the box are 9 triangle shape panels, 10 double sided adhesive strips, a power supply (PSU) with 3 meter long cable. You can buy the Nanoleaf Ultra Black Smarter kit from Nanoleaf. There is also a white triangle version you can buy from amazon and a Nanoleaf squares version

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