Depstech DS380 Review Portable Fiberscope Camera With Viewing Screen

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Search and retrieve hard to reach places with the Depstech DS380 - a portable fiberscope inspection camera with viewing screen and lights - useful for a host of purposes! 

The Depstech DS380 consists of a 5 meter long probe lead with three 2MP cameras built-in. The cameras have a 70 degree field of view (FOV) and are located on the front and side respectively. The cameras have fixed (non-adjustable) focus, meaning you cannot shoot close-ups. In terms of picture quality, the front facing camera performs better, thanks to its bigger sensor and longer focal length, which allows the front camera to capture more scene. You can shoot 1080p and 720p photo and video capture at 15/30 FPS, which is enough frames to capture a clear image, while minimizing storage size.
The Depstech DS380 works without a phone and/or software app. It is equipped with a handheld monitor, which makes real time examination possible. As well as a viewing screen, the Depstech DS380 handheld integrates a built-in microSD card slot and dual purpose USB-C port for charging and file transfer via a PC/laptop. The probe lead connects to the handheld monitor via USB-A connectivity. The probe lead is made of flexible memory wire so, you can bend it at specific angles. Unfortunately, the USB-A plug connector is not standard - it has a raised notch designed to fit only into the Depstech device. 

The Depstech DS380 handheld monitor body is made of plastic, while the display has a bright colorful LCD screen. The user interface (UI) is simple to use and navigate by anyone. You can change photo/video resolution (1080p and 720p) and access other settings such as factory reset, micro SD card formatting, photo album, brightness adjustment and user interface languages.

The Depstech DS380 handheld body has curved edges so, it cannot be placed upright. There is no kickstand either so, you cannot recline it. The physical buttons are made of rubber and have a loud clicky actuation. The protective cover concealing the charging port and micro SD card is also rubber and integrates a swivel hinge, which allows you to move the rubber cover out of the way to prevent bending it back awkwardly. 

The Depstech DS380 measures 16cm long x 10cm wide x 4cm thick. The viewing screen measures 9.5cm horizontal x 5.5 cm vertical. The weight is 206 grams (handheld) and 231 grams (probe lead). The included hardshell EVA zip case weighs 366 grams and measures 26cm long x 20cm wide x 7.5cm high. Total combined weight is 803 grams. the internal rechargeable battery takes 3 hours to recharge via 10W charger and provides up to 3.5 hour battery life runtime.

Compared to other Depstech endoscopes such as the Depstech DS450, there is not much difference between them in terms of specs and performance. The only couple of differences are the battery life (longer for the Depstech DS450) and USB-C charging connection for the DS380. The Depstech DS450 uses micro USB.

Potential deal breakers
  • No adjustable focus
  • No grabber/claw
  • Low resolution - only 2 MP resolution
  • Not wide angle - only 70 degree FOV
  • No built-in internal storage
  • Low capacity storage (32GB max)
  • No name brand micro SD card included
  • Cannot switch between cameras whilst recording
  • Dual port for charging and data
  • No microphone - no audio
  • No wireless connectivity
  • No kickstand
  • No touch screen
Selling points
  • Triple camera setup 
  • Hook attachment
  • Detachable probe lead
  • Physical viewing screen 
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • 32GB micro SD card included
  • Can record video 
  • Can shoot still photos
  • 1080 photo resolution
  • On-board USB reader for PC use
  • Adjustable auto power off
  • Dimmable led lights
  • Ability to rotate screen 180 degrees
  • IP67 dust and water resistant
  • View photos/videos in real time
  • Physical screen - no phone required
Accessories included are a Depstech branded zip case, charging/data cable, pin tool, velcro strap (for cable management) spare ring spacer and two probe attachments (magnet and hook) made of non-magnetic metal. 

The included Depstech zip case is well padded. It has a clamshell opening via a single metal slider with rubber pulltab. The outershell is hard and made of water resistant fabric. The zipper is fully water resistant but the teeth are hidden, minimizing water and dust ingress. 
Internally, the Depstech zip case is lined with soft micro fiber fabric and features a zippered mesh pocket and thick pre-formed insert, which is non-detachable. A rubber protective case (similar to a smartphone) would have been useful to have been included to prevent bumping and scratching the device. You can buy the Depstech DS380 from amazon.

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