CIDOO V65 Keyboard Review Vs Epomaker HS84, TH66 & TH80

Thursday, July 27, 2023

In the world of mechanical keyboards, durability, precision, and style come together in the magnificent CIDOO V65 - built like a tank and standing strong against the test of time, just like the legendary Amstrad keyboards of old.
The CIDOO V65 is an impressive 65% mechanical keyboard that comes packed with features and customization options. With its VIA programming support, compact layout, and hot-swappable mechanical switches, the V65 stands out as a versatile option for both work and gaming scenarios. Let's delve into its practical aspects, user-friendliness, and standout features, while also comparing it with its EPOMAKER counterparts: the EPOMAKER HS84, EPOMAKER TH66, and EPOMAKER TH80.

The CIDOO V65 features a casing crafted from solid aluminum, ensuring exceptional durability at the expense of its weight (1.3kg). The bottom side lacks feet risers but showcases elegant groove lines. With dimensions of 32cm in length, 12cm in depth, a top row height of 4cm, and a bottom row height of 3cm, this keyboard exudes a substantial presence. The built-in media knob, measuring 1.5cm in diameter, boasts a smooth finish and notched silent infinite rotary actuation, providing seamless control.

With a 65% layout form factor, the CIDOO V65 houses a total of 66 switches with PBT dye-sub double shot keycaps, which are durable and resistance to wear. The keyboard's plastic top plate incorporates a gasket mount design, accompanied by Poron dampening foam, offering a cushioned and smooth typing experience. 
Comparatively, the HS84 showcases a 75% layout with a metal top plate, while the TH66 shares the 65% layout but boasts an aluminum knob for media control. On the other hand, the TH80 embraces a retro-style design, featuring MDA profile keycaps and a robust steel top plate, catering to diverse user preferences with distinctive aesthetics.

The V65 keyboard provides compatibility for both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches and incorporates a hot-swappable PCB, eliminating the need for soldering when replacing switches. This grants users the freedom to personalize their typing experience by selecting from a diverse array of switch options. Similarly, the EPOMAKER HS84 also offers 5-pin hot-swappable sockets, along with a selection of Gateron switches to cater to user preferences. Meanwhile, the TH66 and TH80 keyboards feature hot-swappable Gateron Pro switches, simplifying the process of trying out different switch types and allowing users to experiment with ease.

The CIDOO V65 excels in offering both wired and Bluetooth connectivity, accommodating up to three devices simultaneously. You can effortlessly switch between different devices using the Fn + Z, X, or C key combinations. Moreover, it ensures compatibility with both Windows and MacOS, making it easy to switch between operating system layouts without hassle.

The EPOMAKER HS84 shares a similar versatility, providing both 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options, and seamless support for Windows and MacOS. In comparison, the TH66 and TH80 keyboards take connectivity to the next level by offering tri-mode options, including 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired connections. Additionally, they feature Bluetooth multipoint functionality, enabling users to connect up to three devices simultaneously, making them ideal for individuals seeking enhanced productivity in a multi-device environment.

The CIDOO V65 offers convenient control over its RGB backlighting and brightness directly from the keyboard. You have the option to select from dynamic multicolor effects, static single color effects, or even turn off the lighting altogether. For more extensive customization, VIA programming allows you to further tailor the RGB lighting to your preferences.

While the RGB performance is nice, it's important to note that the V65 keyboard uses south-facing RGB LEDs located at the bottom of the PCB. Consequently, the illumination isn't as focused on the keycaps, resulting in a more diffused glow that fills the space between them. In terms of keycap compatibility, south-facing RGB LEDs are generally compatible with nearly every keycap type, making it a versatile option for users who want to explore various keycap styles without any limitations.

The VIA programming support on the CIDOO V65 allows for easy macro creation, brightness, effect speed, keyboard layout remapping, and the ability to switch between up to six different layers. Via software is compatible with Mac computers and Windows computers but has to be downloaded form a third-party website (

The CIDOO V65 offers varying battery life depending on the mode used. In 2.4Ghz wireless mode, it provides around 10 hours of battery life with RGB lighting turned on, extending to approximately 35 hours with RGB off. In Bluetooth mode, the battery life is approximately 3 hours with RGB lighting on and 10 hours with RGB off. To fully charge the V65, it takes approximately 9 hours, and quick charging is not supported.

On the other hand, the EPOMAKER TH66 boasts a significantly quicker charging time of just 1 hour and offers a battery life of 25 hours with RGB turned on. Meanwhile, the EPOMAKER TH80 impressively provides an extended battery life of around 100 hours with RGB lighting turned off, taking approximately 90 minutes to charge. The EPOMAKER HS84 is a wired-only keyboard; hence no battery life.

V65 Selling points
  • Compact and Powerful
  • Software support for macros and remapping keys
  • Onboard memory
  • Vibrant glowie RGB effect
  • Gasket Mount Design - same as Epomaker RT100
  • Onboard battery status led
  • Wired & Bluetooth connectivity
  • No rattling noise from keys
  • South-Facing RGB LEDs
  • Multipoint connect for up to 3 devices
  • Hot Swappable Switches
  • Aluminum CNC Casing
  • Customizable RGB lighting (via software)
  • PBT dye-sub double-shot keycapsKeyboard knob
  V65 Potential deal breakers
  • Limited Battery Life
  • Long Charging Time
  • No 2.4Ghz wireless connection
  • Heavy keyboard
  • Non-premium packaging boxing
  • No feet risers
  • Lack of Quick Charge Support
  • Non user-friendly software is only compatible only with Windows 10 computers

In conclusion, the CIDOO V65 is a powerful and feature-rich 65% hot swappable mechanical keyboard, excelling in its VIA programming support and customization options. It stands out for its gasket mount design, metal board and rotary knob for media control. Accessories included are a metal keycap/switch puller, spare rubber feet with sticky adhesive backing, velcro strap and stiff fabric USB-C cable (1.7 meters). You can buy the CIDOO V65 from CIDOOTech website and buy from amazon.Check out the review of the EPOMAKER TH80 X keyboard.

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