JOBY Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit Review Vs. Joby Beamo Reel Color

Thursday, August 17, 2023


In the world of content creation, light isn't just a source of illumination; it's a canvas upon which creators paint their narratives. Enter the dynamic duo that's poised to redefine your visual storytelling – the JOBY Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit and the Joby Beamo Reel Color. These cutting-edge lighting solutions are essential tools that will enable to transform ordinary content creation into video production masterpieces.

At the forefront of the JOBY Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit, we find the Beamo Studio Key Light, meticulously designed for enhancing talking head videos. The Beamo Studio Key Light boasts a plastic shell construction, equipped with a GoPro-style adjustable buckle featuring a tripod mount and a rubberized thumbscrew to facilitate effortless adjustment of the lighting angle. 

The Beamo Studio Key Light is accompanied by a non-detachable USB-A power cable and an inline remote that grants control over 10 distinct brightness levels (max 345 lumens) and the ability to toggle between 3 color temperatures. The cable remote is ingeniously equipped with a magnetic backing, ensuring a tidy attachment to the table stand. Crafted from plastic, the remote houses four clicky buttons. As for the Beamo Studio Key Light's dimensions, it spans 25.5cm in diameter, stands 30cm tall, and boasts a thickness of 2cm, with a weight of 579 grams.

The Beamo Studio Key Light arrives with a table stand, complete with a phone mount and a flexible GorillaPod Arm. This arm introduces a realm of possibilities for shooting angles and framing, catering to the capture of content from diverse perspectives. Additionally, it serves as a platform for attaching accessories such as the JOBY Wavo POD microphone to elevate the audio quality of your recordings.

Crafted from plastic, the phone mount shell exudes durability. The cradle area, meanwhile, features foam padding backing and robust rubberized clamping arms, ensuring a secure grip on your phone. This non-branded phone mount also boasts a tripod thread on its backside, complemented by spring-loaded clamping arms that facilitate swift attachment and release. With a maximum payload capacity of 350 grams and a depth of 1.5cm, it accommodates phones ranging from 5.5cm wide, providing both security and adaptability.

The provided flexible GorillaPod Arm (measuring 10cm in length and weighing 27 grams) bears the JOBY logo and features four ball rotating joints. It boasts rubberized rings and rubber cold shoe mounts on both ends, each equipped with a double-ended tripod male thread.

The table stand showcases a robust 18cm diameter base that rests atop a thick layer of foam. Crafted from solid metal, the table stand encompasses the thread for securing the telescopic pole to facilitate height adjustment. The telescopic pole cleverly incorporates a velcro strap for efficient cable management, alongside a knurled metal twist lock mechanism for securing the telescopic adjustments in place. Within the pole itself, a height-adjustable tripod mount with a thumbscrew is positioned, enabling smooth vertical movement. When fully retracted, the pole measures 38cm in length, extending to 62cm when fully extended. The combined weight of the table stand and pole totals 1.05kg.

The Beamo Studio Background Light propels video production to the next level by introducing an array of 12 colors and 10 levels of adjustable brightness (max 45 lumens). This empowers you to craft a distinct visual identity that sets your work apart.

For easy setup, the Beamo Studio Background Light includes a plastic stand designed to accommodate the Beamo Background Light. Connecting the light to the stand is facilitated through side thumbscrews, ensuring a secure attachment. The Beamo Background Light itself boasts an octagonal plastic shell, housing four audible and tactile clicky buttons (also constructed from plastic) and a USB-C charging port on the rear side. Its physical dimensions measure 7cm in diameter, 2cm in thickness, and 7.5cm in height, with a weight of 53 grams.

Selling points (Beamo Lighting Kit)

  • Quality lighting
  • Intuitive cable remote for seamless brightness and color temperature control.
  • Table stand and GorillaPod Arm for versatile angles and framing.
  • Inclusion of cold shoes for mounting a microphone
  • Multi-color options
  • Can be powered via portable power bank
  • Compact and lightweight

Potential deal breakers (Beamo Lighting Kit)

  • Plastic shell construction
  • No internal rechargeable battery

Sold separately, the Joby Beamo Reel Color harmonizes perfectly with the Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit, offering an intuitive touch-controlled interface and versatile angles. Sharing a similar size with the Beamo Studio Background Light, the Beamo Reel Color distinguishes itself with RGB functionality and a built-in rechargeable battery. This self-sufficiency liberates you from relying on external power sources for operation. Battery life is 3 hours at maximum brightness (250 lumens), 6.5 hours at medium brightness and 19 hours at lowest brightness.

The standout feature of the Beamo Reel Color lies in its captivating rim rotation brightness control, akin to operating a camera's zoom focus lens. Effortlessly power the light on or off and fine-tune brightness levels by smoothly rotating the front rim in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Additionally, an easily accessible clicky plastic button is integrated onboard, allowing seamless toggling between 12 preset RGB colors and 3 distinct color temperatures (3200k, 5600k, and 6500k).Crafted entirely from plastic (without any rubber components), the Joby Beamo Reel Color boasts dimensions of 5cm in depth and 6.5cm in diameter, with a weight of 125 grams.

Selling points (Beamo Reel Color)

  • Intuitive touch control rotating rim
  • Ability to switch between 12 preset RGB colors
  • Versatile Angles: 0°, 15°, and 30°
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Compatible with phone mounts with cold shoe attachment
  • Compatibility with JOBY tripods through the ¼”-20 thread
  • Capability to stand independently on tables or the ground
  • Built-in diffuser
  • Camera lens styling
  • Three color temperature options

Potential deal breakers (Beamo Reel Color)

  • Limited Battery Life for longer recording sessions
  • Plastic shell

In summary, the JOBY Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit and Joby Beamo Reel Color perform exceptionally. They deliver portable and high-quality illumination that significantly enhances content creation endeavors. The Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit encompasses the Beamo Studio Key Light with an attached 180cm/5.9' cable and table stand base, along with the Beamo Studio Background Light featuring a detachable USB cable (1.2 meters) and a flexible gorilla arm (10cm).

You can buy the JOBY Beamo Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit from amazon. While the components within this lighting kit are available for individual purchase, opting for the complete kit offers a significantly more cost-effective solution. Accompanying the Beamo Reel Color are additional accessories, including a dual-sided cold shoe adapter and a USB-A to USB-C Cable. Check out the reviews of JOBY Wavo Boom ArmJOBY GorillaPod Kit and JOBY GripTight PRO TelePod

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