TRETTITRE TreSound Mini Review Bluetooth Speaker Warhead Pendulum Style

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

The alluring branding and attention-grabbing cone shaped TRETTITRE TreSound Mini instantly piques curiosity! In this comprehensive review, we delve into the heart of the TreSound Mini's offerings, critically examining its practicality, real-world performance, and overall user experience. With both its spotlight features and potential pitfalls in our crosshairs.
As a speaker enclosure constructed from metal, there's typically a concern about potential unwanted vibrations. Nevertheless, the TreSound Mini's enclosure seems adequately solid and effectively dampened to counteract any adverse impact on sound quality from vibrations. Notably, the enclosure of the TreSound Mini is composed of oxidized aluminum alloy, a factor that enables a thinner wall thickness compared to a wooden enclosure of equivalent interior volume. Consequently, the TreSound Mini achieves a more compact exterior volume.

Crafted from aluminum alloy, the TreSound Mini's cone cabinet showcases a refined design with discreetly etched branding. The oxidized aluminum alloy construction not only ensures resistance to corrosion but also enhances durability when compared to cast aluminum. Moreover, the inclusion of acoustic insulation and bracing effectively mitigates resonance, contributing to improved sound quality.

The central portion of the speaker features an open design with vents, lending a visually appealing aspect, although it lacks a mesh covering. This characteristic might potentially permit the ingress of dust or lint into the electronics. Additionally, the base at the bottom is ventilated and constructed from plastic, boasting a rubber ring and rubberized feet. Furthermore, it incorporates a recessed USB-C port and three physical buttons for managing speaker functions. While these buttons offer tactile feedback and a satisfying click, their placement along the bottom edge might be deemed slightly awkward.

Another notable feature of the TreSound Mini is the orange beacon at the top tip of the speaker. The orange beacon light integrates a capacitive touch button for power and RGB control. The beacon light serves the dual purpose of ambient lighting and providing battery status feedback. From an electronic standpoint, the TreSound Mini incorporates a Bluetooth 5.3 chip that accommodates aptX and SBC codecs, along with TWS mode allowing wireless stereo pairing with a second TreSound Mini speaker. On the flip side, it's worth noting that the Bluetooth chip lacks support for AAC and absolute Bluetooth volume, which means remote volume control from the connected device is not possible.

Regrettably, the TreSound Mini exclusively caters to Bluetooth wireless audio and doesn't extend compatibility to wired audio, resulting in the absence of an AUX audio port. It would have been a valuable addition if the USB-C port also supported wired audio, though it is, unfortunately, limited to charging functions only. On the topic of charging, it's important to mention that the TreSound Mini does not support quick charging or pass-through audio while charging, thereby ruling out the option to listen to audio during charging.

The dimensions of the TreSound Mini stand at 26.5cm in height, while its base has a diameter of 16.5cm. With a weight of 913 grams, it boasts a sound capacity of 30W RMS, facilitated by a 10W tweeter, a 20W woofer, and a passive radiator arranged in a spherical configuration to generate a 360-degree sound experience. When evaluating its RMS output, the TreSound Mini could potentially have greater power given its larger size, especially in comparison to a 30W portable Bluetooth speaker that is smaller. Nevertheless, the larger enclosure of the TreSound Mini yields advantages like amplified bass, enhanced separation, and an expanded sound stage, contributing to a more intricate auditory experience.

In practical usage, the battery life is approximately 8 hours when operated at 50% volume and around 4.5 hours at maximum volume (100%). To recharge, it takes about 2 hours using a 15W (5V/3A) rapid charger, although it's important to note that the charger isn't included. It would have been a highly beneficial aspect if the TreSound Mini allowed for simultaneous use during charging and supported a power bank mode for charging external devices. Regrettably, there's only a single connectivity port (USB-C) available, and it's exclusively meant for charging purposes.

To sum up, the TreSound Mini speaker stands out as an impressive device, featuring an appealing aesthetic and remarkable sound quality. Its design is astutely crafted, appealing to all genders. On one side, it bears a resemblance to a galactic warhead missile, and on the other, it exudes the elegance of a healing crystal pendulum. While it surpasses the average cost of Bluetooth speakers, the TreSound Mini is far from ordinary. It represents a luxurious option that is comparably more accessible than alternatives like the B&O Beosound and Louis Vuitton Bluetooth speaker.

Potential deal breakers
  • No built-in mic for calls
  • Awkward button placement
  • No absolute bluetooth volume
  • No AAC codec support
  • Possible dust/water ingress
  • No wired audio support
  • No passthrough audio whilst charging
  • Only 30 RMS output
  • No mobile app support

Selling points
  • Multiple color options
  • Rich bass
  • RGB lighting
  • Cheaper than other luxury speakers
  • TWS stereo mode with 2 TreSound Mini
  • Supports quick charge
  • 360° surround sound
  • Multiple codec supports aptX, SBC, and AAC
  • Metal construction
  • Works in wired mode when the battery is dead
  • Latest bluetooth chip

The package comprises several accessories, including a high-quality 1-meter long male-to-male USB-C cable constructed from stiff fabric. This cable boasts the Trettitre branding and is engineered to support fast charging. Crafted with stiff fabric and enhanced with rubber strain reliefs, the cable exudes a premium feel. Additionally, a Velcro strap is provided as part of the accessories. There are two ways to purchase the TreSound Mini speaker. You can buy from amazon and buy from TRETTITRE and get 10% OFF discount using promo code NP10OFF. 

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