Mifo FiiTii HiFIDots Review Snapdragon Sound IEM Bluetooth Earbuds

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Mifo FiiTii HiFiDots are an intriguing and aesthetically pleasing pair of true wireless earbuds, brimming with an abundance of useful features. Their standout feature is the triple-driver arrangement, which elevates them to the status of Bluetooth in-ear monitor (IEM) earbuds.

Let's begin with the ANC feature. The HiFiDots' Adaptive ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) effectively reduces background noise like traffic but struggles with human voices. The transparency/ambient mode can sound somewhat muted, impacting situational awareness. However, the wind mode works effectively, making it suitable for windy outdoor calls. In terms of sound quality, it shines thanks to a triple driver setup comprising two armature drivers and one dynamic driver.

The sound profile offers an expansive audio stage with a prominent focus on higher frequencies, including vocals and instruments, at the expense of bass. The sound separation is excellent, making the HiFiDots ideal for audio monitoring and gaming, particularly in first-person shooter games that rely on audio cues. In terms of microphone performance, the earbuds' microphones capture your voice distinctly and naturally, even in noisy environments. However, the noise suppression isn't particularly strong, allowing some background noise to seep into calls.

Regarding the design, the HiFiDots feature an elegant aesthetic, with a charging case resembling a smooth pebble, adorned with a sparkling glossy finish. The case boasts a robust metal (zinc alloy) build and a distinctive lid opening mechanism that responds to a simple button press. The lid itself takes on the appearance of a shield, evoking thoughts of a convertible car's retractable roof when activated.

The spring-loaded hinge mechanism responsible for the lid's movement is also constructed from metal, and the charging port benefits from added reinforcement with a metal ring. However, the docking area is made of plastic. It's worth noting that opening the case lid doesn't trigger an automatic Bluetooth connection, requiring you to manually remove the earbuds to initiate the pairing process.

Now, let's focus on the earbuds themselves. They are constructed from plastic and feature a compact stem design, reminiscent of transformers, complete with built-in LED lights. These LEDs serve a dual purpose, functioning both as captivating light effects and providing essential battery and Bluetooth status information. Once the earbuds are successfully paired and connected, the LED lights remain steady and do not blink.

To remove the earbuds from the case, you'll need to gently push them out at an angle, as they can't be simply pinched out with two fingers. The earbuds sport a plastic build with a sleek matte finish. Their touch controls offer a wide range of options, including single tap, double tap, triple tap, long tap, and quintuple tap, providing a total of five gestures for managing volume, skipping tracks, handling calls (answering/ending), and activating voice control.

You have the flexibility to customize your preferred functions through the FiiTii mobile app, which is free to use and doesn't require email registration. Within the app, you can monitor the battery status of each earbud and the case, control ANC settings, switch between mild and strong ANC modes, perform earplug tests, adjust the EQ, manage light effects, and remap touch controls.

Regarding touch control remapping, for single and double taps, you have a choice of five options each. With a triple tap, you can only select between adjusting volume and skipping tracks. With five taps, you're limited to remapping for play/pause or activating low latency mode. However, it's worth noting that when switching between modes, there are no voice alerts – you'll receive tone feedback instead, which may not be as intuitive as voice alerts. Additionally, when transitioning between earbuds for mono and stereo sound, there's a brief 3-second reconnection delay.

The Mifo FiiTii HiFiDots feature a Bluetooth chip (Qualcomm 3071) that boasts support for Snapdragon sound, absolute Bluetooth volume, multipoint connectivity, and various audio codecs, including aptX Adaptive, SBC, and AAC. They also offer a low latency mode for gaming with a remarkable 68ms response time, activated by tapping the earbuds five times.

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, these earbuds are well-prepared to endure rigorous workouts and daily commutes without a hitch. When operated at 50% volume, the earbuds themselves provide up to 6 hours of playback with Moderate ANC and 4.5 hours with Strong ANC. Charging the earbuds to full capacity takes approximately 50 minutes, while the case requires about 1 hour to charge completely. Additionally, the earbuds support a quick 10-minute charge, which grants you 1 hour and 40 minutes of playtime. It's important to note that they do not support Qi wireless charging.

When you have the charging case with the lid open, its dimensions measure 10cm in length, 5cm in width, and 3cm in height. The case itself weighs 98 grams, while each individual earbud weighs 4 grams.

To sum it up, the Mifo FiiTii HiFiDots present a remarkable blend of exceptional sound quality, versatile noise cancellation, comfort, and user-focused features. While not without some minor limitations, their overall performance and practicality position them as a compelling option in the market.

Selling points
  • Exceptional CD-level sound quality.
  • Adjustable ANC with transparency mode
  • Comfortable fit and premium design.
  • FiiTii App for personalized settings.
  • Snapdragon sound
  • Low latency
  • IPX7 resistance
  • Adequate mic quality for casual calls
  • Wind mode
  • Multipoint point support
  • Highly responsive touch controls
  • Multiple codecs supported: aptX Adaptive, SBC and AAC
  • Multipoint pairing for versatility.
  • Quick charging for on-the-go users.
  • N flashing bluetooth status light
  • Premium box packaging
  • Metal charging case durable and premium looking
  • Stem illumination

Potential deal breakers
  • Charging case lacks wireless charging capability
  • Heavy due to metal charging case
  • Multipoint connection cannot be turned off
  • ANC can't be used in mono mode
  • Opening the case doesn't trigger bluetooth connection automatically
  • Limiting touch control remapping
  • No voice prompt alerts
  • Average ANC performance
  • Not the loudest volume
  • Lacking bass
  • Under performing transparency/ambient mode

The accessories comprise a Mifo-branded thick, flat rubber cable with a noticeable green finish, ensuring easy identification. Additionally, the package includes silicone eartips featuring built-in mesh to reduce the risk of earwax accumulation. You can buy the FiiTii HiFIDots earbuds from Mifo and from amazon

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