Oraimo OSV102 Review Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Monday, September 18, 2023

Introducing the Oraimo OSV102 Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Your Compact Cleaning Companion! Experience the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency with this versatile cleaning powerhouse.

Designed with a host of features to make your cleaning tasks a breeze, the Oraimo OSV102 promises to be the ideal solution for quick and efficient cleaning throughout your home. From its lightweight design to its innovative suction power, join us as we explore the exceptional capabilities of this stick vacuum, redefining the way you clean your living spaces. Say hello to hassle-free cleaning with the Oraimo OSV102!

The extendable tool is crafted from a combination of aluminum alloy in the middle section and plastic connectors. It includes a secure plastic button with a spring-loaded mechanism to firmly fasten the tool in place. This adjustable tool has a weight of 320 grams and can vary in length, ranging from 30cm when fully compacted to 54cm when fully extended.

The floor head has a weight of 769 grams and includes a fixed, non-removable short stick neck with a flexible joint. It also features an incorporated ducting hose, which is strengthened by a plastic u-shaped piece. This flexible neck allows you to easily steer the floor head at various angles during cleaning.
Constructed entirely from plastic, the floor head boasts a range of practical elements, such as a removable roller brush, miniature rubber wheels (two in the front and two in the back), a small transparent window on the top for inspecting the roller brush, and velour lint strips positioned beneath to catch hair and dust efficiently.

The detachable roller brush consists of two sections with soft bristles and one section with harder bristles. To remove the roller brush, simply release the side clip, and it can be easily taken out for maintenance or cleaning.

The main body of the vacuum is constructed entirely from plastic and houses the motor, grab handle, and the dirt container. It weighs a total of 821 grams. One notable feature is the integrated design of the dirt container, which is not detachable from the vacuum. This means that if the dirt container (0.8 litres capacity) happens to break or become damaged, it cannot be replaced separately.

To empty the dirt from the container, you simply open the bottom lid, which is controlled by a built-in spring-loaded button. The dirt container features a two-step filtration system. It includes a washable HEPA filter, resembling paper, enclosed within a plastic casing that incorporates a stainless steel fine mesh filter secured by a twist-lock mechanism. Both filters can be effortlessly removed from the dirt container for cleaning.

If you ever need to replace the HEPA filter, spare parts are readily available at an affordable cost. However, it appears that spare parts for the stainless steel filter are not currently accessible.
The battery pack is enclosed in a plastic casing, weighing 369 grams. It incorporates button controls and LED status indicators, along with a DC input port for charging. You have two charging options: you can charge the battery pack while it's inserted into the vacuum, or you can remove it from the vacuum for charging separately. If needed, you can purchase replacement battery packs.

In terms of power, the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum has a motor that's rated at 160 watts. This means it uses approximately 160 watts of electricity per hour, indicating low power consumption. However, it's important to note that motor power and suction strength don't always directly correlate. If you've previously used a vacuum with high suction power, you may find that the suction capability of the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum feels less impressive.

Because it lacks strong suction power, the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum may not be ideal for deep cleaning tasks. However, it proves to be quite suitable for supplementing your primary vacuum for quick cleaning tasks, light surface cleaning, handling stairs, and easily transporting it from your home to your car for car interior cleaning.

The vacuum offers two cleaning power modes, designated as low and high. Although these modes are intended to provide different levels of suction power, the difference may not be very noticeable in practice. The high-power mode provides approximately 12 minutes of runtime, while the low-power mode offers around 24 minutes of usage on a single charge.

The battery pack is equipped with a 2200mAh battery capacity and requires approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge. It's essential to use the provided charger, as the battery pack relies on a high voltage of 22.2 volts for optimal performance. The dust tool has a weight of 62 grams, and the crevice tool measures 23cm in length and weighs 50 grams. The crevice tool includes a plastic button with a spring-loaded mechanism.

Regarding user comfort, the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum offers a significant advantage over upright vacuum cleaners due to its lighter weight, making it easy to maneuver on the floor. It's also possible to handhold the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum for cleaning ceilings and high areas, although it can be a bit cumbersome to hold for extended periods.

However, it's worth noting that the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum lacks a trigger for power control and mode changes, which is a more convenient feature when gripping the vacuum. Instead, it relies on a power button for on/off control and utilizes capacitive touch technology to switch between low and high modes. While the capacitive touch control functions adequately, it may not be the most responsive, but it is conveniently positioned at the front for easy access. Nevertheless, using it with your thumb can reduce your grip strength when handholding the vacuum in mid-air.

Potential deal breakers
  • Not powerful enough for deep cleaning
  • No quick charge support
  • Non detachable dirt canister
  • Not wet and dry
  • Cannot be used whilst charging
Selling points
  • Motorized roller brush head
  • Crevice tool
  • Dust tool
  • Floor head lights
  • Suitable for short and tall people
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Flexible head
  • Wall mountable
  • Replaceable battery
  • 2 year extended warranty
  • Height adjustable
  • LED notification
  • Portable - convenient for cleaning cars
  • Stands upright
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Quality construction

The accessories encompass a versatile 2-in-1 brush and cutting tool, screws, and wall plugs for securing the plastic bracket in place, an additional HEPA filter for replacement, a dust tool, a crevice tool, a 13-watt DC power adapter complete with a 1.3-meter-long cable, and a retractable telescopic tube. You can buy the Oraimo OSV102 stick vacuum from amazon US and get 5% OFF using promo code: GADGET102. You can also buy it from amazon UK.

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