1MORE Penta Driver P50 Review 5 Driver IEMs

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The 1MORE Penta Driver P50 goes beyond typical earphones. It's a careful mix of design, tech, and comfort, giving you an audio experience that not just meets but surpasses expectations. If you want earbuds that sound amazing and easily fit into your daily life, the Penta Driver P50 is a smart choice.

The 1MORE Penta Driver P50 is a stunning pair of in-ear monitors (IEMs) that feature an advanced hybrid multi-driver configuration. This setup includes five individual drivers—1 dynamic driver and 4 planar diaphragm drivers—working together to manage specific frequency ranges. The result is a more precise and detailed reproduction of sound.

The 1MORE Penta Driver P50 earphones feature a detachable 1.25m MMCX cable crafted from silver-plated OFC copper wire. The cable hosts a lightweight 3-button remote made of a slim, elongated plastic barrel (3cm in length). This design ensures it doesn't pull or weigh down uncomfortably, which is a nice touch.

The remote buttons, also plastic, offer a satisfyingly loud click, are responsive, and raised for a tactile feel. However, they do produce a bit of a rattle, somewhat detracting from the otherwise solid and premium construction of the Penta Driver P50 earphones. Positioned around 10cm down the right Y cabling, the inline remote provides control over calls (answer/end/reject), voice assistant, play/pause, volume adjustment, and track skipping. Additionally, it houses a MEMS microphone on the backside. For perspective on weight, the stock cable weighs 13 grams, while each earphone weighs 4 grams, resulting in a combined total weight of 21 grams.

The stock cable of the 1MORE Penta Driver P50 has a premium look and feel. It's constructed with a thick rubber sleeve, opting not to be braided, which minimizes tangling and has the added benefit of reducing stethoscope effects. Similar to many in-ear monitors (IEMs), the Penta Driver P50 cable incorporates pre-formed silicone ear hooks. These hooks allow you to wear the cable over and around your ears rather than straight down, providing a more secure fit. This design ensures that the earphones stay in place even if you accidentally pull on the cable.

The MMCX connection adds to the security and durability of the design, offering a more reliable connection than the IEM 2 pin design. It's also easier to attach and detach without concerns about pin orientation polarity. To simplify the process further, there are red dot and blue dot markings on both the earphones' shell and MMCX plugs, making it effortless to connect the cable to the earphones in the correct orientation. The stock cable terminates in a 3.5mm right-angle connector and includes a Y barrel splitter (30cm down the cable) with a cinch to manage the Y cabling, adding to the overall convenience and practicality of the Penta Driver P50.

The Penta Driver P50 earphones showcase a faceplate adorned with a marble bubble glitter pattern, featuring the embedded 1MORE branding. While the design is visually appealing, the prominent branding on the faceplate might be a deal-breaker for users who prefer more subtle branding. The earphones' body shell, made of matte plastic, is relatively compact, ensuring they don't protrude excessively from the ears, especially for those with average-sized ears, though slightly on the larger side.

The nozzles of the earphones are long and naturally angled, providing a comfortable and secure fit for most ears, unless your ear canals are entirely straight. Additionally, the nozzles are equipped with a built-in metal mesh guard, serving as a protective barrier against the ingress of earwax. In terms of sound and audio performance, you can connect the Penta Driver P50 earphones using the wired option to either a 3.5mm headphone jack or the USB-C port of a smartphone, courtesy of the provided USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. Notably, the audio performance stands out when connected to the USB-C port, delivering superior fidelity and volume.

The sound signature is characterized by an energetic yet controlled mid-bass punch with extended bass into the sub-bass range. The treble is non-fatiguing, offering plenty of detail. The Penta Driver P50 can be easily fine-tuned using a third-party EQ app without compromising performance. The included silicone tips are of high quality, featuring a built-in mesh guard to prevent earwax ingress. They have a soft, thin flange and a narrow inner bore, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. However, the foam tips outshine them, minimizing sound leakage, enhancing passive noise isolation, and boosting bass response.

Selling points
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Beautiful design
  • 5-driver hybrid system
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Pre-formed ear hooks
  • Built-in MEMS mic
  • 32Ω low impedance
  • MMCX detachable cable
  • Wireless connectivity via bluetooth MMCX adapter (not included)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Low impedance for easy driving
  • Powerful sound
Potential deal breakers
  • Expensive
  • Prominent 1MORE branding on faceplate
  • No wireless built-in
  • Inline remote rattling buttons
  • The variety of ear tips might be overwhelming for some users.

The box packaging exudes a premium look and texture, resembling a thick book or bible. Upon opening the box, you'll find three sets of foam tips in various sizes, along with five sets of silicone ear tips. Additionally, there's a compact USB-C male to 3.5mm female cable adapter and a nylon fabric drawstring pouch adorned with 1MORE branding. You can buy the 1MORE Penta earphones from amazon.

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