HIKMICRO B01 Review Wifi Thermal Imaging Camera

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The HIKMICRO B01 is a portable thermal camera designed for detecting small changes in temperature in real-time. It creates clear thermal images with precision, displaying them on the screen. Notable features include live streaming, capturing images, and the option to mount it on a tripod. This versatility makes it handy for various applications like wildlife monitoring, plumbing inspections, building assessments, detecting air leaks, and addressing insulation issues.

The HIKMICRO B01 thermal camera comes equipped with a rear-facing thermal optical lens, a detachable 16cm lanyard strap, tripod mount, and a red plastic trigger with a distinct and responsive click. The thermal optical lens is safeguarded by a manually activated plastic lens cover, controlled by a wheel dial, enabling quick exposure and concealment of the lens. Positioned on the top of the B01, a USB-C port for data and charging is shielded by a robust rubber cover with a swivel hinge, allowing you to conveniently move it out of the way during usage.

In terms of design, the B01 thermal camera resembles a robust supermarket scanner, featuring a sturdy body and a thick handle made of durable rubber construction. This construction not only safeguards against bumps, drops, and dust but also provides protection from water splashes. Positioned on the front of the B01 is a 3.2" LCD screen display, accompanied by four responsive rubber buttons with a subtle and tactile click. In terms of portability, the B01 is portable, although not as convenient to carry around as the Pocket2 thermal camera.

These buttons and the screen are slightly recessed beneath a rubber edge lip designed to shield against frontal impacts. The overall dimensions of the camera are 22cm in length, 7cm in width, and 7cm in thickness. The textured handle measures 10cm in length with a diameter of 13cm. 

The LCD screen display measures 6cm vertically and 4.5cm horizontally, boasting a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This high resolution, coupled with 25Hz frame rates, ensures a clear and smooth display, making navigation through screen menus and thermal viewing seamless without any image disruptions.

Using the B01 thermal camera, you have the capability to configure temperature parameters ranging from -4°F to 1022°F. Additionally, you can adjust Level & Span, modify image settings, set time and date, cast the screen, and customize auto power-off settings within a range of 10 to 60 minutes in 10-minute increments. 

Other features include changing the interface language, formatting memory, updating firmware, configuring temperature alarms, capturing, exporting, and viewing snapshots and video recordings. Notably, direct video recording is only possible via the HIKMICRO Viewer App rather than directly through the B01 camera.

The B01 thermal camera supports a 2.4GHz WiFi connection and WLAN hotspot through the HIKMICRO Viewer App. This feature enables you to remotely control the B01 thermal camera using a smartphone, and it allows simultaneous live streaming to up to three devices. The B01 is equipped with the capability to improve or upscale the resolution of thermal images from 256x192 pixels to a higher 320x240 pixels. 

 Temperature measurements are highly precise, with an accuracy specified as ±2 °C and a deviation of ±2%. Furthermore, the camera demonstrates a thermal sensitivity of less than 40 millikelvins (mK), indicating its exceptional sensitivity in detecting even subtle temperature differences.

The B01 thermal camera Li-Ion rechargeable battery is operational while charging, enabling the use of a power bank to sustain its power supply, when outdoors. Battery life is 7 hours of continuous operation with 4 hour charging time. There is no quick charge support. As far as warranty, HIKMICRO provides a comprehensive warranty structure—2 years for the battery, 3 years for the entire device, and an impressive 10 years for the sensor. Lifetime firmware updates and technical support are also included.

The HIKMICRO B01 Thermal Camera is particularly useful for HVAC applications, including pinpointing air leaks in ducts and insulation, ensuring optimal insulation performance, and swiftly detecting issues in heating or cooling equipment for minimal downtime. Its versatility extends to electrical inspections, where it identifies overheating components and faulty wiring, while also facilitating preventive maintenance in industrial machinery by detecting friction, misalignments, or overheating.

During general building inspections, it detects moisture intrusion, structural defects, and areas with poor insulation. In plumbing systems, it aids in locating water leaks behind walls or under floors, minimizing damage. For wildlife monitoring, the B01 proves valuable in researching or conserving efforts by detecting body heat in complete darkness. In search and rescue operations, it assists in locating missing persons by detecting body heat in various environments.

 Additionally, in firefighting scenarios, the B01 supports firefighters in navigating smoke-filled environments and identifying hotspots within burning structures. The HIKMICRO B01 Thermal Camera proves indispensable across diverse industries for optimizing performance, enhancing safety, and providing efficient diagnostics.

Selling points
  • Superb resolution and accuracy
  • Seamless connectivity with Wi-Fi and HIKMICRO Viewer App
  • Compact design without compromising features
  • 2 meter drop resistance
  • IP54 water and dust resistance
  • Long-lasting battery with high/low-temperature alerts
  • Versatile applications for various thermal inspections
  • Comprehensive warranty and support structure
  • 256 x 192 IR Resolution
  • 25Hz Refresh Rate
  • Wifi connectivity
  • 3.2" LCD Screen
  • Works whilst charging
  • Handheld
  • USB-C charging connection
  • < 40mK thermal sensitivity
  • wide temperature range from -4°F to 1022°F
  • HIKMICRO Viewer App
  • Multiple live streaming support
  • built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Potential deal breakers
  • Doesn't support 5Ghz Wifi
  • Macro mode requires the use of an external macro lens (sold separately)
  • Non touch control screen
  • Maximum video recording time (2 minutes)
  • Video recording only supported via the HIKMICRO Viewer App
  • No on-board memory storage
  • No built-in microSD card slot
  • No quick charge support
  • 00:00 intro
  • 00:01 review
  • 00:24 Trigger/camera lens slider test
  • 01:04 Screen display test
  • 02:22 Temperature alarm
  • 02:53 Thermal test (app recording)
  • 06:54 HIKMICRO Viewer App
  • 07:30 Unboxing with user manual

Accessories included are a USB-A to USB-C cable (1 meter), calibration certificate, 10W USB wall charger with interchangeable country plugs (EU/UK/US) and stickers. You can buy the HIKMICRO B01 Thermal Camera from amazon UK and amazon US.

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