TwoTrees TTS-20 PRO Review Laser Engraver

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The TwoTrees TTS-20 PRO Laser Engraver emerges as a powerful and versatile tool, offering a rich set of technical specifications. This cutting-edge model, identified as Model No. TTS-20 PRO, showcases a sleek Black+Blue color scheme and boasts a robust construction featuring Aluminum Profile, Sheet Metal, and Injection Molded Parts, ensuring durability and longevity.

The heart of the machine lies in its 20W laser power, employing advanced Compressed Spot (COS Technology) for heightened precision. The integration of Spot Compression Technology enhances the overall efficiency of the laser, making it a standout feature. Operating at a wavelength of 450Nm±5Nm, the laser produces a focused spot size of 0.08*0.08mm.

For optimal flexibility, the TTS-20 PRO includes a manual Lifting Module Adjustment for height and a Focus method for precise engraving. The machine's dimensions, measuring 695x620x125mm, provide a generous engraving size of 418x418mm. Maintaining XY Axis Positioning Accuracy at 0.1mm ensures meticulous attention to detail in every engraving task.

Impressively, the engraving speed reaches up to 30,000mm/min, reflecting the machine's efficiency in handling various materials. Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, and Sponge Paper are among the materials this engraver can adeptly carve. 

You can also engrave glass surfaces (curved, rounded and flat) but keep in mind that you will need a roller kit (not included) and you will  have to paint the glass black to be able to carve on to it. , and of course there is a colored paper that you can stick on and wash off with water after the carving is done.

The software recognition formats include NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and Gcode, offering compatibility with a range of design files. Continuous operation for up to six hours is supported, and the engraving modes cover Graphic Engraving, File Engraving, Scan Engraving, Contour Engraving, and Pixel Engraving. The control system is managed by a 32-Bit Main Control Board, supporting multiple languages such as Chinese, English, Italian, French, and German.

In terms of portability, the TTS-20 PRO weighs a manageable 3.2kg, with a package size of 745x648x170mm and a total weight of 9.05kg. Power is supplied through a 24V 4A DC source, making it suitable for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Compatible software includes Laser GRBL (Open Source Free Software) and LightBurn (Paid Software), providing users with options based on their preferences and needs.

Creating an optimal working environment, the recommended temperature range is 5-40 degrees Celsius, with humidity ideally maintained between 20-60% RH. A proper ventilated area is always important too when using the laser machine, which also comes with air assist pump designed to hep you get cleaner engraves by dispersing smoke and debris to avoid charring. 

The air assist pump features a metal knob to regulate air flow, as well as suction feet. Included with the air assist pump, you also get a honeycomb laser bed designed to absorb and deflect the laser beam, as well as debris and prevent over burn. The laser bed has a plastic frame construction with reinforced corner protection, as well as an aluminium back plate and aluminium mesh.

Additionally, the laser module is rated at 20W, and the machine features a semi-enclosed structure. The engraving speed can reach 30,000mm/min, showcasing the machine's efficiency. Its dimensions are 695x595x125mm, providing ample space for various engraving tasks within the 418x418mm engraving area, extendable to 600x600mm. The electrical requirement is 24V 4A DC, and the electrical power is 40W. 

The laser wavelength is 445+5nm, with a spot size of 0.05*0.1mm and a square spot mode. The focal distance is 50mm, and the main material used is aluminum+PC. Operating as a Class IV laser, it boasts a service life exceeding 15,000 hours and safety protections. 

Supporting various functions, including USB, APP, ONLINE, and SCREEN OPERATION, this machine stands as a comprehensive and reliable laser engraving solution.

Selling points
  • Precise and powerful engraving
  • Fast and efficient performance
  • Capable of engraving Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper, and Glass
  • Wide engraving area, extendable to 600x600mm
  • Compatible with Laser GRBL and LightBurn
  • 98% pre-assembled structure
  • Protective cabling sleeve
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy transportation and setup

Potential deal breakers
  • Laser light bleed
  • No bump protection
  • Limited continuous operation - up to 6 hours
  • Temperature and Humidity Restrictions (5-40 degrees Celsius, 20-60% RH)
  • Not suitable for cutting or marking.
  • Not suitable for ultra-fine detailed work
  • No endstops/limit switches

You can buy the TTS-20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver Machine from TwoTrees website.

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