UGREEN Nexode RG Review Robot GaN Fast Charger

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Meet the UGREEN Nexode RG - the cutest robot-shaped charger crafted for both him and her. This special bundle brings together playful design, strong charging power, and the convenience of multiple charging ports. It's the perfect match for couples who want a delightful and efficient charging experience.

The UGREEN Nexode RG Robot Charger is about 6.5 cm deep, 5 cm long, and 5.5 cm wide, weighing 180 grams. It has a cool screen on the front that shows different robot faces while charging. The charging ports are on top, and the robot's feet can be taken off – they're plastic and shield the prongs. It would've been cool if the feet were magnetic, so you don't lose them. Both the his and hers versions are made of plastic and have grips on the sides, making it easy to hold and pull the plug out. The hers version is matte with a rubbery bow at the back, while the his version has glossy accents.

The UGREEN Nexode RG charger has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, and it can give you a maximum of 65 watts of power. If you're only using one port, the first USB-C can give you the full 65 watts, the second USB-C gives you 30 watts, and the USB-A provides 22.5 watts. When you're using two ports at the same time, the first USB-C gives 45 watts, the second USB-C offers 20 watts, and the USB-A gives 15 watts, depending on which combination you're using. If you're charging three things at once, the first USB-C delivers 45 watts, while the second USB-C and USB-A each provide 7.5 watts.

The face of the UGREEN Nexode RG robot is a little screen that shows you how your device is charging. It lights up when your device is getting charged and even when it's just waiting to be used. This makes it easy to know what's going on and adds a cool touch to using the charger. 

Inside the UGREEN Nexode RG robot, there's a special system that keeps your devices safe, protecting your gadgets from problems like short circuits, overloading, getting too hot, and too much voltage. So, when you're charging your devices, you don't have to stress about anything going wrong.

The UGREEN Nexode 65W RG Robot Charger successfully marries functionality with a playful design. Thanks to its GaN (Gallium Nitride) magic, it can charge your devices faster and comes in a smaller size, making it easy to carry around. GaN chargers are great at using power efficiently, so you don't waste energy during charging.

With its 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, this charger is like a multitasking wizard – you can charge different devices all at once. The robot design is a cool touch, making it stand out from boring chargers. Plus, the LED display on its face tells you exactly what's happening during charging, making it user-friendly.

To keep your devices safe, the UGREEN Nexode RG robot has a built-in protection system. It's like a security guard against short circuits, overloading, heat issues, and too much voltage, making sure your charging experience is secure.

Now, here come the trade-offs. It's a bit bulkier compared to some chargers without GaN tech, and the prongs don't fold, which might be less convenient for carrying around. Also, while it doesn't come with a fast charging cable, it's not a big deal unless you really want to squeeze out that maximum 65W power. Oh, and the removable feet aren't magnetic, which could have been cool to avoid losing them.
In a nutshell, the UGREEN Nexode RG Robot Charger is a tech champ that makes charging fun and efficient, but it has a few quirks to consider.

Selling Points
  • Fast charging
  • Solid quality build
  • Multi-device charger
  • Easy to carry around
  • Display screen for real time charging status
  • Safety features
  • compact design

Potential Deal Breakers
  • Bulky
  • Prongs do not retract
  • Fast charging cable not included
  • Feet Not Magnetic
You can buy the Ugreen Nexode RG charger from UGREEN and amazon website and it's available as a 30W charger and 65W charger.

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