SJCAM C200 Pro Review 4K Action Camera with Superior Stabilization

Monday, June 24, 2024


The SJCAM C200 Pro Action Camera is a powerful and versatile tool designed for capturing high-quality videos and photos, whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a casual user, or a professional. Let's dive into the detailed features, specifications, and comparisons that set the C200 Pro apart from its standard counterpart, the C200.

Video and Photo Capabilities

The C200 Pro boasts impressive video recording capabilities with 4K/30fps, 2K/60fps, and 1080P/120fps options. This allows for stunningly sharp and fluid footage in a variety of settings. In comparison, the standard C200 offers 4K at 24fps and 2K at 30fps, which is slightly less robust. For photos, the C200 Pro supports a maximum resolution of 20MP, providing richer detail and clarity than the 16MP maximum of the C200.

Stabilization and Field of View

One of the standout features of the C200 Pro is its 6-axis gyro stabilization, ensuring smooth and steady footage even in dynamic environments. The standard C200 comes with a 3-axis stabilization system, which, while effective, doesn't offer the same level of smoothness. Additionally, the C200 Pro has a 135° wide field of view (FOV) with distortion correction, enhancing the quality and realism of the footage. The C200, on the other hand, has a wider 154° FOV but lacks distortion correction, which might result in some fisheye effects.

Low Light Performance

The C200 Pro is designed for excellent low-light performance, featuring an f/1.6 super large aperture, which is superior to the f/2.0 aperture of the standard C200. This larger aperture allows more light to enter the lens, making it ideal for capturing clear and vibrant images in darker conditions, enhancing night vision capabilities.

Additional Features

Both cameras offer a variety of video modes such as normal mode, timelapse, slow video, and car mode. However, the C200 Pro includes advanced features like pre-recording and face recognition, which are not available in the standard version. These additions make the C200 Pro more versatile for different shooting scenarios.

User Interface and Controls

The C200 Pro comes equipped with a 1.3" touch screen for intuitive control and easy navigation of settings and playback. The standard C200 also has a 1.3" screen but without touch functionality, which might be less convenient for some users. The C200 Pro supports up to 128GB memory cards - same as the C300 model which has similar specs to the C200 Pro but the C300 comes with dual screens, a removable remote control, a 60-second pre-record function to ensure you never miss the action, and a variety of shooting modes for creative applications.

Build and Accessories

Both cameras are built to withstand tough environments, featuring waterproof capabilities up to 98ft when housed in the included waterproof case. The C200 Pro and C200 share a similar compact design, with dimensions of 68mm34mm26.5mm, making them easy to carry and mount.

Included in the box are a variety of accessories to enhance usability:

  • Waterproof case
  • Back clip
  • Protective frame
  • Buckle base mount
  • Extended locking screw
  • Flat adhesive base
  • Arched adhesive helmet case
  • 3M stickers (x2)
  • USB cable (USB-A to Type C)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 128GB Micro SD memory card

These accessories ensure that you are well-equipped for a wide range of shooting conditions right out of the box.

Battery Life

The C200 Pro is powered by a 1200mAh replaceable Li-ion battery, providing up to 120 minutes of recording time, which is less than the 180 minutes offered by the standard C200. This difference is likely due to the Pro's higher performance features which consume more power.

Connectivity and Control

Both models support the SJCAM Zone app for remote control and management via 2.4G/5G WiFi. They also feature Type-C ports for charging and data transfer, with external microphone support available separately.


The SJCAM C200 Pro Action Camera is a significant upgrade over the standard C200, offering enhanced video quality, better stabilization, superior low-light performance, and additional features like face recognition and pre-recording. Whether you're capturing extreme sports, documenting travels, or simply enjoying outdoor activities, the C200 Pro is equipped to deliver exceptional results. Its comprehensive accessory pack and user-friendly interface further cement its position as a top choice for action camera enthusiasts. You can buy the C200 Pro action camera from amazon.

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