BeoPlay H6 Over The Ear Headphones Review

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

 BeoPlay H6 by Bang & Olufsen

My first review of Bang & Olufsen and I am happy to be reviewing the BeoPlay H6! The BeoPlay H6 are stylish-looking over-the-ear headphones boasting aluminium-made earcups, cushiony leather pads filled with memory foam and a solid headband which snugly sits on the head. A couple of neat features of the BeoPlay H6 are the 3-button remote control removable cable and a 3.5mm port on one of the earcups, which lets you plug in another set of headphones. The removable cable feature is always great because replacing a faulty cable is far cheaper than replacing the headphones entirely.

As far as the sound performance of the BeoPlay H6 headphones, they deliver a warmly-rich and well-balanced mid-range sound. The Bass is subtle and well-controlled with a firm and clear treble. The sound signature of the BeoPlay H6 headphones is clear, distinct and crisp (certainly not bass-heavy). The BeoPlay H6 headphones deliver one hundred per cent of what is recorded, with absolutely no booming bass or high-pitched sounds.

The Verdict
At £300, the BeoPlay H6 are elegant, stylish and good-sounding headphones which audiophiles who love lows, mids, and highs will appreciate. If you are looking for a more refined and crisp mid-range sound, the BeoPlay H6 will not disappoint. The BeoPlay H6 are superb, and worth the money if you truly appreciate honest and accurate sound. Check it out BeoPlay H6 Over The Ear Headphones

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