How To Make Your Existing Intercom Smart

Monday, November 02, 2015

A new solution on the market called "monkey" allows you to make your existing intercom smart. With monkey you can:

1) Enter your home keyless & hands-free. Great when carrying a lot of things: monkey detects your smartphone as you approach your main entrance door or gate and automatically opens it for you. You can also combine monkey with any smart lock on your apartment door to go completely keyless.

2) Remote control your intercom. Open your main entrance door through the monkey app, from your couch or anywhere in the world.

3) Enjoy unattended deliveries or let in guests conveniently. Simply set a time window and your main entrance door will open automatically when a person rings at the right time.

4) Go completely keyless. You can seamlessly combine monkey with any smart lock on your apartment door for a maximum keyless experience for you, your family & friends, service personnel, Airbnb guests and others.

How it works
Monkey automatically opens your main entrance door upon detecting your smartphone´s position via GPS. Simply approach your main entrance door with your smartphone in your pocket, bag or anywhere close to you.

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